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The Week Gone By

I keep meaning to update and then never actually do it. But now I will...

Firstly, my birthday was excellent. I had a great time and got some wonderful presents. The trip to Oxford the next day was fun too. There were a lot of people handing out religious literature but my companion was not as excited as I was about that...

More recently Dad and I took a walk down the field and over to the Pit. It's very pretty there and there are loads of blackberry bushes. We picked a lot and I plan to make blackberry crumble tomorrow. I also need to make banana bread again soon. I did some a couple of weeks ago and want to try out some small changes to the recipe.

The kitten continues to be adorable yet painful. He seems to have decided that my hair is a toy to be caught in claws and teeth, which is really not fun for me.

Lily is doing a lot better. We had another appointment with the vet today and found out that she's put on 20g! That's my girl!
Tags: baking, birthday, family, friends, kitty, ratties, religion

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