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Who shares their age with the name of a hit TV show? I do.

Today is my birthday and, as long-term readers of my journal will be aware, it has become something of a tradition for me to write an epic poem of unparalleled brilliance in order to celebrate turning one year older.

This year I have struggled to come up with something that can compare with the genius of the last two years, but I think I have achieved it:

I spent a year being 23
But now I know it's not for me
And now I'm 23 no more
I hope I'll like being 24

I'm not sure if Fury liked it much though, considering she jumped on the keyboard and backed me out of this page then laid down on the keyboard. Fortunately she has now discovered something more interesting over with Dad so I am free to share my creation with the world.

Feel free to bask in its glory.
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