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We have a tiny ball of black fluff in the house now. Otherwise known as a kitten. We don't know what sex she is yet, but I refer to her as a girl because it's easier. (Of course this means she will definitely turn out to be a boy.) She's my brother's cat and he's named her Fury, which seems so wrong when you see how unbelievably adorable she is!

She took a particular liking to my laptop last night while I was using it:

In other pet-related news, we took Lily to the vet today. Apparently there is something wrong with her but they're not sure what. Helpful. They gave her two injections and I have yummy Baytril to try and get her to take. I can see how well that will go over! We have another appointment in a few days to see how she's getting on and whether the injections solved the problem or not, which will determine the next course of action.
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