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Fairly Busy Few Days

Sunday - Saw Die Hard 4.0. It was pretty much what you'd expect from a Die Hard film - lots of explosions, wanton violence, complete disregard for human life (and the laws of physics) and a plot that made no sense beyond 'good guys vs bad guys'. It was fun.

Monday - My brother turned 21. He seemed very happy with the Oreos I gave him, which is good. Dad commented that he liked the mint things I got him before, so it looks like another trip to London is in order.

Today - Rativersary. Lily and Rose have now been here for a year, although I don't think they got names until a year ago tomorrow. Speaking of the darling rats - Last night we went out for a meal to celebrate Robert's birthday and brought back some salad for them. I put it in their cage and Rose was happily chewing on a lettuce leaf until Lily started nibbling a piece of tomato, at which point Rose jumped over, snatched the tomato and took it away to a corner of the cage. She is such a child! She wasn't even interested in the thing until Lily started eating it. (I solved the issue by taking it back and cutting it in half for them, like the wise and fair rat-mummy I am.)

Tomorrow - Mum's birthday. Not much to say since it hasn't happened yet.

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