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The Good, The Bad and The Who

The Good: Friends, films, alcohol and snacks are always a winning combination. I had a great time last night.

The Bad: Normally I'd say getting a letter inviting me to a recruitment evening is a good thing, but when it sounds more like an audition for Big Brother I get slightly worried.

The Weird: Doctor Who. My disjointed thoughts about the finale are under the cut.

Last week's episode was excellent, so I had high hopes for this one. That was probably my first mistake.

It didn't start well with the 'One Year Later' notice. I don't like it when TV shows do this, you miss a load of information, everything is different and the characters have all changed. Except... it didn't. Apart from the Earth now being a Dystopian wasteland everything seemed pretty much the same. Martha wasn't hardened from her long travels in this world and up on the Master's air base everything seemed pretty much the same. A day or so had possibly passed. A week at most. Are we supposed to believe they've all been up there for a year and all the Jones family are alive and healthy? And has the Master just been dancing around like a lunatic for a year?

Lucy was the only character who seemed different, although it was never explained why. She had some marks on her face at the beginning, so perhaps the Master hit her, and later she seemed stoned when talking about going to the end of the universe, so maybe that traumatised her, but neither of those explanations make sense to me.

Firstly I don't see the Master hitting her, and I'm really annoyed by the very suggestion of it cos I loved their evil marriage. I think they really love each other and they seemed truly happy. He may be a Very Bad Man, but she's his loyal Very Bad Woman and together they make a Very Good Team.

As for the trauma theory, other people went to the end of the universe and other people back on earth discovered what the balls really were without going nuts. Did something more happen to her there? Did I miss something?

Martha's plan to save the world was... talking. Right. I can see how this might work once her legend was built up, but who the hell was going to listen to the crazy woman telling stories in the beginning? They're all going to have bigger things to worry about. And was she really able to convince them so thoroughly that they remembered exactly what to do when the time came months later?

When she was on the air base and explaining everything it sounded so ridiculous. Using the Archangel Network against the Master was an excellent idea, but the way the explanation was only mentioned at the end made it fall a bit flat. I suppose the idea was to build up suspense but it didn't really work for me.

I knew they'd have to reset everything so that didn't seem too bad.

Tiny Doctor was very weird. I really don't think it worked, not having the recognisable Doctor we all know and love there for pretty much all the episode.

Doctor/Master OTP. I did love the idea of the Doctor "keeping" the Master. But it was not to be. Very sad.

Jack = Face of Boe. I laughed.

When the Doctor invited Jack to go with him and he refused cos he wanted to stay with Torchwood I was mentally screaming at the TV "But Torchwood sucks and Doctor Who is awesome!" The only explanation I'll accept is that he missed Ianto.

At the end I was willing Martha to turn around and get back in the damn box already. One of the things I love about Doctor Who is the Doctor/companion relationship, and when you just put him with new people who are only around for the episode it doesn't work as well. The Runaway Bride sucked. I hope this one won't suck too.

Nine mentioned being on the Titanic. It would be fun if he and Ten met. I don't know how that would work with the rules of time travel but I do know Doctor's have met before. I think it would be a lot of fun. (Moreso if other characters we know and love were there as well.)

Overall, I am disappointed. Oh well. I still have cool icons.

Sorry if that rambling didn't make sense. I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'll probably think about it more later and realise I've said something completely stupid or missed out something important.
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