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He's Back!

On Saturday I went to London to see The Lord of the Rings musical. It was very good, although I really wish the theatre hadn't been so hot. Highlights included a Frodo whose make-up made him look like he had come straight from a nearby production of Rocky Horror and an extremely awesome giant spider.

This meant that I was not able to watch Doctor Who until today...

Captain Jack! I wondered if John Barrowman's name would be in the main credits, but dismissed that as wishful thinking, and then it was! The squee begins.

I was slightly disappointed by the Jack/Doctor reunion, but that was probably inevitable since it was such a big moment. I do wish a bit more had been made about the fact that this was a new Doctor that Jack was meeting though. Unless that was done deliberately in order to show that Jack already had some knowledge of Ten.

The last humans going to Utopia storyline was good too. Not as a plot in itself, but as a way to keep the focus on the actual characters that we care about. I think it did very well in its role - real enough to keep the story credible but not attention grabbing.

I predicted that the professor was the Master when he first started hearing echoes whenever people talked about time-travel. I feel quite proud about this as I have not been keeping up with press speculation or spoilers so I didn't actually know that the Master was coming back at all.

When he regenerated I knew he seemed familiar but I wasn't sure who the actor was. It was only when I read the credits that I found out it was John Simm. Cue lots of John Simm squee combined with a lot of "How could I not have recognised him!"

Then there was the preview for next week, which looks very exciting. My wondrous powers of premonition did not extend that far so it was one of those moments where everything suddenly comes together when I realised that Mister Saxon was the Master.
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