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Any Dream Will Do with Bonus Ramblings

I'm so pleased Lee won the Joseph show. Mum and I have been supporting him since week three. Joseph is my favourite musical and I was kinda worried that it was going to be ruined by whoever won, but I think Lee can do it. In fact I kinda want to go to a performance and see if I'm right. Not just because of him though, also because I've never actually seen Joseph being performed. Which is a bit weird for something that I cite as my favourite musical, I know. I just base that on the Jason Donovan soundtrack that I used to listen to all the time when I was younger.

By the way, I am pretty drunk right now. In case you haven't worked that out yet.

Speaking of musicals, there are quite a few I want to see. Joseph, as I've mentioned. Beauty and the Beast, which is my favourite film and I'd like to see how it appears on the stage. Avenue Q, which looks really funny. I'm going to see Lord of the Rings next week, which should hopefully be good.

And I'll be able to get more Pocky. I was eating Pocky earlier but am now out. This makes me sad. There should always be Pocky.

I really hope someone else is drinking the rum here, because the new bottle's almost finished and if I'm the only one who's been at it then that doesn't bode well for me.
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