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A Pirate's Life For Me

I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was good.

It was also confusing. I kept having to stop and think in order to remember who wanted to do what and why. And still there were bits that didn't really make much sense and I'm not sure what happened with them.

I was disappointed with Keith Richards. I think I was expecting too much from him. I liked the soldiers becoming pirates at the end. I still love the undead monkey.

I also liked the way Jack's path of footprints swerved from side to side when the six characters all met up on the patch of sand.

Paul will be able to tell you that I spent much of the car ride back raging about the fact that Elizabeth is the fricking PIRATE KING, not someone who would be happy to spend ten years on an island waiting around for her husband. She's a PIRATE. And she's a good pirate. She took to it naturally, she made a commanding leader, she even gave the rallying speech before the big battle! She. Is. A. PIRATE.

HOWEVER! Since returning home I have read some other thoughts and reviews of the film online and as such have found out information that was not in the film but apparently has been confirmed by the writers, which is that if Will returns after his ten years of ferrying the dead and Elizabeth ("she who loves him") is still waiting for him, having been faithful all these years, he will be freed of his duty and be able to return to land and his mortal life. I still think Lizzie would have been driven crazy by ten years on an island but it makes a bit more sense than her waiting around to see him for a day before he buggers off again.

This, of course, makes Calypso a real bitch. I thought she just didn't want to be tied down to someone she could never really be with but actually she cursed him to a potential eternity tied to the Dutchman. And why? Because she's flighty.

It also raises the question, what if Jack had been the one to stab the heart? Would a bottle of rum have to be waiting for him upon his return? (I know he didn't actually want to be released from the curse, but the issue still stands for anyone who takes over the duties of the Dutchman and doesn't have a love to spend the day with and then hope remains faithful.)

In conclusion - Good film. Bit weird.

Edit: EVIL KIM! Evil Kim was a pirate! I knew he looked familiar!



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Jun. 10th, 2007 11:22 am (UTC)
Pretty film, very pretty, and great up to the end, which was disappointing...

and WTF this extra information? WTF? How the WTF are we supposed to know this ending altering information?

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