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Spring Weekend

I had a great weekend with Paul and Dwarfy. Saturday saw us in London, at the Tate Modern looking at things that are not art and Camden where I was very disappointed with the offerings. My bank balance is probably relieved though.

Sunday mostly involved films. I'd heard that the second Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't very good, so it was perhaps my low expectations that meant I really enjoyed it and thought it was possibly better than the first one.

Unfortunately the awesomeness of the weekend meant that Monday was pretty much lost to the inevitable post-happiness depression. Although I did start the process of organising driving lessons so the day wasn't a complete write off.

Today was back to the job hunting. Another application form, another desperate attempt to make myself not sound like a complete loser despite having to leave all the current and previous employment fields blank.

On the plus side; rum is good.
Tags: driving, friends, london, work

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