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All Grown Up

"I don't eat Jaffa Cakes because they have a lot of fat and calories."

Dear god, child, you're eleven! And that's assuming you've had your birthday, you might still be ten. Far too young to be caring about how many calories are in those yummy orangey cakes. All you should care about is the fact that they are indeed yummy orangey cakes.

So, this is it folks. Today was my last day with the school. I really am sad about that. I was only there a couple of weeks and I'm already going to miss it.

Year 6 were ok I suppose. Not who I'd want to teach though, I don't think. I was working with a couple of them on a maths sheet and some of their answers were just so... stupid. I don't think they themselves were stupid though, they just didn't think about what they were saying.

Question: Find 25% of £40.00
Boy: £20! It's £20, isn't it.
Me: ...No.

Me: And how many times does three go into 27?
Girl: (after thinking about it for a minute or so) Eight.
Me: Really? What's eight times three?
Girl: 24
Me: So...
Girl: *blank look*
Me: *counting off three fingers* 25, 26, 27
Girl: Oh.
Me: So how many times does three go into 27?
Girl: Eight.
Me: No...
Girl: Seven!
Me: *stares*
Girl: Six!
Me: *stares*
Girl: Nine!
Me: Yes! (Finally)

Question: Find 80% of 200
Boy: 50% of 200 is 100.
Me: Yes, but that won't really help you here.
Boy: And 50% of that is 50
Me: Yes, but...
Boy: 100 plus 50 is 150
Me: But that only gives you 75%, the question asks for 80.
Boy: Oh.
There was also muttering about 1.5, but I have no idea why he went there in his workings out.

And my favourite one. By which of course I mean, the one that gave me the biggest WTF feeling:

Me: What's 90 minus 70?
Girl: 160
Me: No, 90 MINUS 70.
Girl: 380.
Me: Do you know what minus means?
Girl: Take away.
Me: Right, so 90 take away 70...
Girl: Ummm....
Me: Well, what's 9 minus 7?
Girl: *blank look*
My mind: *about to implode*
Girl: Oh, two.

Seriously, how do you do subtraction and end up with a number LARGER than the one you started with? I really wish I'd asked her how she arrived at that second answer since I have no idea where she was coming from.

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