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Today Gave Me a Headache

This morning we went to church and some woman told the children that in an emergency they should talk to God. How fucking irresponsible. "Oh, my mother has fallen down the stairs and isn't moving. Should I call 999? No, I'll just have a chat with God, that'll sort everything out."

These are little children, who often take things literally. It's not right to use such a loaded and significant word in this sense. Tell them to talk to God when they feel down or lonely or whatever, but not in an emergency.

In other news, I got to feel smart, and more than a little shocked, at lunchtime when some of the teachers were discussing this woman who had done the prep work at home, emailed it to herself and printed it off at school. Or, as they seemed to see it, performed magic.

Yes, these people work with fancy new Smart Boards everyday but emailing themselves is too complicated for them.

And one final thing - Children, I don't care about your swimming pools. No, really, I don't. Stop trying to one-up each other.
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