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The recap! It is finally here! Sorry for the nearly two week delay. I've had other things on my mind and found it really difficult to concentrate on writing this up. So it's probably a good thing that this is the last episode of the season.

Episode 2.22 - Sona

Last time on Prison Break:

Evil Paul turned up at Dr Sara’s trial to corroborate her story about the conspiracy
Pad Man asked Evil Kim what he knew about Sona
Evil Kim sent Crazy Mahone to Panama
Michael was lured to Panama by Crazy Mahone pretending to be Sucre, but once there he decided to help Sucre and Bellick anyway in order to save Maricruz
Bellick was shot in the thigh and arrested for T-Bag’s murdered hooker
T-Bag stabbed Sucre in the shoulder
Michael chased T-Bag to a house, stabbed him in the wrist and ran off with the money
Mahone got Lincoln handcuffed to a pipe and spoke to Michael on the phone, demanding the boat and the money in exchange for his brother’s life.

And now the exciting conclusion…


Christina Rose

Michael is pacing, looking handsomely distressed and flashing back through all those times he promised Lincoln he would save him.

Just as he’s about to go completely round the bend, a young man, boy really, approaches offering him alcohol and drugs. Michael does not go “Oh thank god, yes!” but rather tells the kid to beat it.

His phone rings, Mahone is on the other end asking if he’s going to do the right thing. Michael asks “Right for who?” which both Word and I think should be ‘whom’ since it is the subject of the sentence.

Mahone though doesn’t care about that, he just says that Michael has lost a lot and is about to lose a whole lot more unless he agrees to bring Mahone the money and the boat. Michael sceptically asks if Mahone will then let his brother go. Mahone agrees that he will.

Michael is all “Right, just like you let Tweener go, and Haywire, and Abruzzi.” Mahone says things are different now, the people he was working for have sold him down the river and now he wants to go out to sea.

Michael: “That’s funny; I’ll have to remember that one.”

Mahone points out that he faces more prison time than Michael since he has sorta jumped ahead of him a few spots on the public enemy list. He says that they’re both each other’s way to freedom.

Michael asks where he is, Mahone tells him the shipping yards just outside of Panama City. A big warehouse right on the water. Michael says it’s a long way and will take him at least 24 hours to get there. Mahone is all “Well, you better get moving then.” and hangs up.

Lincoln asks him how it feels being on the run. Mahone says he’ll survive. Lincoln’s all “Not if they catch you, dude.” He says they’ll send him to the chair, which Mahone thinks Linc would find ironic. Linc says actually he would find it justice.

Mahone calls Evil Kim and leaves a message before cryptically saying “Justice will be served.”



Evil Paul is on the stand. He prefaces his testimony with a guarantee that what he’s about to say will get him killed. Doctor Defender asks why he’s doing it then. Evil Paul puts on his patriotic hat and says that this was supposed to be about country, loyalty and what’s right. But it didn’t quite turn out that way. He says he wronged people who should not have been wronged. Sara looks at him as the screen fades out.

It then fades back in, obviously to indicate that some time has passed. Evil Paul is still speaking, finishing off whatever he had been revealing by saying that those orders had given by Evil Caroline, who was vice president at the time. He says that under those orders he planted evidence, procured a body and lured Lincoln into the parking garage that evening under the auspices of a different hit. There is a flashback to Linc in the garage, because we’re so slow we can’t remember that far back.

Evil Paul: To round up, we framed him.

There is another flashback, this time of the photoshop guys doodling pretty gunshot-related things on the video of Linc in the garage.

Evil Paul concludes his tale, saying that Lincoln gets executed, people forget about Terrence Steadman and the controversy surrounding him and the president and nobody knows about the conspiracy.

Wait, what controversy? Is that why they faked Terrence’s death? I don’t remember any controversy, apart than the incest but that wasn’t revealed to the public.

One Evil Paul finishes speaking, Prosecution Lady stands up and begins in such a disbelieving tone it makes you want to hang your head in shame. She mockingly repeats the idea of the conspiracy, a shadowy cabal of corporations that pretty much influence everything that happens in this country. But she fails to see how any of this is relevant to Sara Tancredi and the fact that she aided and abetted and jumped bail.

Evil Paul interrupts to say that Sara did so because she feared for her life. Which was appropriate as he has orders to kill her. (I love that line!)

Dramatic music starts up as everyone reacts to this news. Sara looks slightly shocked, although I can’t imagine she didn’t realise this. Maybe she’s shocked that he’s actually admitting it. We see the jury and judge and is that Bruce in the spectators area sitting behind Sara? Prosecution Lady looks uncomfortable. Probably seeing her case go weeeeeeSPLAT.

The gavel bangs.



Michael is on his boat when he hears laughter and sees two young women buying some illegal substances from the kid from earlier. Suddenly he is struck with an idea and approaches the boy, asking if he’s still in the magic business. The boy is, and his name is Chaco.



The judge is flipping through some papers. He says that everything Evil Paul said is corroborated in his documents. Are we seriously supposed to believe that Evil Paul has copies of everything the conspiracy did? Or that shadowy underhanded organisations even keep records? Or that these papers couldn’t possibly be faked in any way?

Apparently, yes. The judge asks if, in light of this new evidence, the prosecution wants to bother continuing with the charges against Sara. Prosecution Lady says no, they’ll drop all charges effective immediately, but she would like to prosecute Evil Paul for all his evil deeds.

As Evil Paul is being handcuffed, Sara turns and says she literally doesn’t even know what to say to him. Well, that’s not true is it Sara? You just said that.

Evil Paul walks past her and says “It was good knowing you, Sara.”



Mahone’s phone rings. It’s Evil Kim asking where they are. Mahone replies that he’s in Panama – nice place, good weather, cool breeze.

Evil Kim does not appreciate this attempt at humour and asks where they are with the brothers. He says he wants to be there when they’re caught, for visual confirmation. Mahone says he better get on down then, since that’ll happen very soon and this whole thing will be over.

More dramatic music as we see shots of Mahone and Linc waiting in the warehouse and Michael getting the boat ready to set sail.


Christina Rose, out to sea.

Michael is on his handy satellite phone, leaving a message for his beloved Sara.

Michael: “Sara, it’s me. It’s a strange thing, leaving a message for someone you know is never gonna get it. I can only assume the worst so this’ll be the last message I leave for you. I just wanted you to know that I made it, but it’s no good without you. Anyway you remember when I told you about those 50c beers in Baja, in Happy Hour? Well they’re even cheaper down here and if by some miracle you do get this, I need you to listen close…”

The camera pans up to the sky. (What? We’re panning up now? Okay.) And we don’t hear the rest of the message.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the Baja beers were 50c normally, 25c during Happy Hour, but I’ll forgive Michael for this lapse since he seems so devastated that she’s not there. Poor baby.



Sara is still sitting there in shock. Bruce suggests they leave now since there’s a media circus outside that will only get bigger.

In the hallway they pass a reporter talking into camera about the trial and how the new testimony implicates Evil Caroline in the falsification of her brother’s death. The fallout of which is that reported killer, Lincoln Burrows, who has led the country on a nationwide manhunt will be exonerated of all charges effective immediately.

Sara: “Oh my god, Bruce. Lincoln’s a free man.”


Opening Credits. Nine minutes in!



Sara looks at her phone and sees that Michael left her a message. She appears to go to listen to it, but stops after only a few seconds. She realises that he doesn’t know and is still planning on running.

She calls him, willing him to pick up.

But down in Panama the satellite phone rings unnoticed as Michael and Chaco discuss their plan, which involves Chaco doing the introductions and Michael doing the talking. Michael looks over at the phone but walks away. Did he not realise it was ringing? Or did he assume it was Mahone calling to taunt him some more?

Back in the hallway, Sara says he has to go to him. Bruce asks “What’s that, about 3000 miles?” Sara says it is, so he’ll have to take her to her hotel and then the airport because Michael has to know he doesn’t have to run any more. She says what he’s doing is going to get him killed.



Evil Kim waxes poetic, saying that the stars are aligned, Mahone has Burrows and Scofield is on his way.

Pad Man shows him his pad, the word “Sona?” on it. Methinks he’s just a tad bit obsessed with this thing.

Evil Kim says he’ll make it happen, in fact he’s going down there himself. Pad Man writes that just one is needed. Evil Kim says he assumes they both know which one that is.

Pad Man gives him such a withering “duh” look that I feel a bit stupid for not knowing the answer myself.

Evil Kim says he’ll call when he gets down there and goes to climb out of the car. Pad Man grabs his arm, glares at him for a bit then lets him go. Pad Man is weird.



Mahone is talking to Pam on the phone about getting back together and meeting up now that both Pam and Cam have summer break approaching. Lincoln is tutting him from his position by the pipe.

Mahone suggests Columbia, saying that Pam’s always wanted to go there. Pam’s all yes, I did but you didn’t. Mahone says he does now. He’s so happy and flirty.

Pam agrees to a two week holiday. Mahone is so happy at her acceptance. Pam cautions him that it might not work out and he has to be prepared for that, it can’t be like it was before. Mahone says it’ll never be like before cos he knows what’s important now. I wonder if Mahone has thought this through, how does he think Pam’s going to react when she gets to Columbia and Mahone tells her “Surprise, darling! This isn’t a two week trip after all, in fact we can never return to the States as I am now a wanted fugitive so say bye bye to your life and Cam’s school, but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere nice to live with all this stolen cash I’ve acquired!”

As Mahone is working on his ex-wife, Lincoln is working on unscrewing the pipe that he is handcuffed to.


Panama City Hospital

Sucre leans over the sink flashing back through memories of Maricruz. Possibly because he misses her so much, possibly because of the massive blood loss.

A medical woman comes in and asks in subtitled Spanish what “Mr Gonzales” thinks he’s doing. Sucre says he’s leaving. The woman says that’s ridiculous, he’s hypovolemic. She says he’s down three pints of blood, which is thirty percent of the blood that’s in his body! Aww, poor Sucre. I’d give him some of my blood. I could too, I’m a universal donor.

Sucre doesn’t pay her much attention though and leaves, ignoring her warnings of possible kidney damage, brain damage and even death.

Out in the street, while still bleeding through the gauze over his wound, he finds a payphone and calls the American Embassy looking for his missing American friend Brad Bellick, who may be in hospital or jail.


Panamanian Prison

Bellick is in fact in a cell with a load of other guys, shouting about being allowed to call his lawyer. When his pleas fall on deaf ears he mutters about freaking banana benders. I don’t think that’s the best way to convince them to help you.

The guards approach with T-Bag in tow, who is looking very well for someone who was just stabbed all the way through the wrist. Bellick perks up at this sight, congratulating the guards for finally finding the guy who killed the hooker. But the guards just put T-Bag in the cell and walk away.

Bellick tells T-Bag he’s busted and asks where the money is. T-Bag says pretty boy’s got it. He then decides weird poker metaphors are the way to go:

T-Bag: “He’s out there with a royal flush and you’re in here with a busted straight. Hardly seems right, does it?”

Bellick points out that T-Bag’s hand ain’t much better, but T-Bag assures him he has an ace up his sleeve. Bellick asks if he knows something he doesn’t, but T-Bag just tells him to rest his leg.


Some Boat, with pretty swimsuit-clad young men and women sitting and strolling about.

Chaco climbs aboard to greet DeJesus; he says he has a guy for him with a ton of money and motions for Michael to join him.

DeJesus is not happy about this.

Michael says he was told they could make a deal, but DeJesus says he’s a long way from home and there’s no deal for him here. He also says that a guy looking like him coming here is only offering jail time.

DeJesus hits poor Chaco and shouts at him for bringing a cop there. Michael says that he’s not a cop and tells them to check online for “Michael Scofield.” DeJesus says that name means nothing to him. Michael says it could mean a hundred grand.

DeJesus nods to the guy with the laptop and a few seconds later is shown Michael’s Wanted poster, including a $100,000 reward by the FBI.

He points out that Michael just gave him 100,000 reasons to turn him in. Michael agrees and says he guesses he’ll just have to give him a few more not to. We see he is holding a wad of cash in his hands.



Lincoln points out that Mahone knows he’s innocent. Mahone is all yeah, probably but I don’t really care about anything other than getting my life back. Wow, Pam is so lucky to have such an honourable and caring man in her life.

Lincoln is obviously thinking along the same lines since he asks Mahone if his wife knows who he really is. Mahone says Linc knows how it is, good men doing bad things because of circumstance. Excuse me? This is a little beyond “bad things”, this is slap bang in multiple-murder territory. You are not a good man, Mahone.

Lincoln tells him to call her back, tell her to forget he was even born and stop the cancer of his life from spreading to theirs. Hmm, there’s that cancer analogy again.

Mahone says it’s all Lincoln’s fault that’s he’s begging her to meet him in some third world country anyway. I really don’t see how that works. Surely if you’re going to blame someone for all this it would be the conspiracy.

Linc decides to be Mr Sunshine and tells Mahone that there’s no way out for any of them. I guess that rooftop conversation with Evil Paul had more of an impact than he thought. Mahone says there is for him while Linc fiddles with the pipe.



Bellick asks T-Bag how much of the money he has spent. T-Bag estimates one or two hundred thousand, adding that down there it’s more like a million. He then compares himself to Louis XIV, Sun King of Panama. T-Bag is odd.

Bellick says that he won’t see much sun where he’s going and tells him that out of all eight of the escapees, T-Bag was the guy he was hoping to go down in a blaze of gunfire.

T-Bag taunts him to finish the job and smirks in his smiky way. Bellick says that his Siamese cat smile is just making him want to open him up even more. T-Bag corrects him that it is a Che-SHIRE cat smile.

But before this pissing contest can get any weirder a guard approaches and calls Bellick over. Bellick, ever the optimist, asks if this means he’s free. No. The guard handcuffs him. Bellick asks what about T-Bag, he’s the one that did it. And he says this in such a sad, pathetic little voice it almost makes you feel sorry for him.

The guard just says “Buena suerte” as he leads him away. Bellick asks over and over again what that means. T-Bag stands by the cell bars looking at the retreating forms and quietly says “Good luck.”


Panama City

Sucre is doing his best to scare the locals. He’s stumbling around, covered in blood asking for directions to the station and refusing offers of help.

Conveniently he sees Bellick being taken to a transport cage. That’s really the only way to describe it since it really is a cage on the back of the vehicle.

Sucre calls his name and begs him to tell him where Maricruz is while flashing back to images of the woman in question.

Bellick shouts back that if Sucre wants to know where she is he should get him out of there. He keeps calling for “Sucra” to get him out as the cage drives away.

Sucre falls to his knees and the image of a smiling Maricruz fades away. Sucre, lying on the ground, whispers “Maricruz” as the camera spins away upward and fades out.


Christina Rose

Nothing happens, but the clouds are shown flying past in an indication that time is passing. I’m amazed - Prison Break has never worried about time continuity before.


Panama City Shipping Yards

Michael is jogging along wearing the backpack, which he leaves behind some bushes. Mahone looks out the window and sees the boat waiting.

Michael enters the warehouse. Mahone compliments him on the beautiful boat. Michael asks him to change the name when he takes it since he doesn’t think his mother would approve. Slash fans everywhere squee with delight at the idea of Mrs Scofield not approving of her son’s new boyfriend.

Mahone agrees to the renaming. However he does not agree to Lincoln’s request to be uncuffed. Michael asks if this is the part where Mahone goes back on his word.

Mahone says no, since as of now they want the brothers alive. Michael asks why and Mahone agrees that that’s a good question and suggests he figure it out on his own time.

Mahone tells him to give him the money. Michael tells him to cut Linc loose, he says Mahone’s’s already got the boat so he could show a little faith. Mahone is not so much with the faith, he wants the money now.

His phone rings. It’s Evil Kim asking where Mahone is. The answer is inside the warehouse and Evil Kim says he’ll be right there.

Mahone then calls the police and reports that a well dressed Asian man has just been shot by two Americans. There’s something so very amusing about the way he words that.

Michael exposits that the plan is to kill Evil Kim and frame the brothers. He asks why. Mahone says so that everyone will leave him alone, which is really all he wants. Well, that and the money.

Michael says that’s not going to happen so he should just let them go. Crazy Mahone makes a return as he thrusts the gun in Michael’s face and screams at him to hand over the money.

Michael just stares calmly into Crazy Mahone’s crazy, crazy eyes.

Evil Kim appears behind him and says he is dumbfounded. Crazy Mahone turns and eyeballs him crazily too before saying that the brothers are all Evil Kim’s now.

Evil Kim points out that he said “right where we want them” and this isn’t right where he wanted them. Mahone says that’s his job now and this is as far as he goes.

Evil Kim asks if it isn’t something else, another reason they’re all here. Crazy Mahone turns and points the gun at him. Evil Kim leans back and calmly says “Like that. Like a double cross.”

Just as Mahone tells him to say goodbye, the door opens and gunmen run in. Evil Kim says that great minds think alike. Fortunately for Lincoln he manages to free himself of the pipe just as the shooting starts.

There is a lot of running, shooting and hiding behind boxes. Michael and Lincoln manage to get out. Mahone overpowers the guy trying to kill him and also gets out but via a different door. Evil Kim runs out of the first door and leans on it, looking annoyed.

Mahone runs to the boat, unties it and jumps on board.



Evil Paul is being transported and looking quite flash in orange. The guard tries to explain the procedure but Evil Paul says that he knows the drill. He looks resigned to his fate, just waiting for something to happen.

As the van drives along the two guards chat about the chosen route before the driver reports that the engine light has come on and they’ve got to pull over. In a very concealed area. Evil Paul is almost smirking by now.

The driver goes to check out the problem while Evil Paul talks to the guard in the back with him. He says that in the French Resistance it was a high honour to face a Nazi firing squad cos it meant you’d done you job, and the highest honour was to smile as they shot you.

The van doors open to reveal guys in ski masks holding guns. Evil Paul looks at them and calmly says it took them long enough. We move to outside of the van and see them shoot into it repeatedly as the camera jumps back.


Lake Gatun, Panama Canal

A sailor is giving Mahone directions on how to get wherever he’s going. Columbia I guess. He says it’s a very nice journey this time of year. Looks like everything’s going well for Mahone.

But then a policeman comes up asking whose boat it is. He says they’ve had a report that it was involved in some illegal trafficking. Mahone says that’s ridiculous and protests when he sees police searching the boat, saying they can’t do that.

The policeman disagrees, suggesting that Mahone get acquainted with the law in Panama.

Another policeman comes up with a couple of large packets of cocaine. The first policeman says that yes, he definitely thinks Mahone needs to get acquainted with it. Mahone looks so defeated as they arrest him.



Lincoln and Michael are walking and talking about Mahone, wondering if the police got him. Linc points out that it was a lot of cocaine and if they found it while Michael was at the helm…

Michael agrees that he would have been in a lot of trouble. At least ten years worth.

In case the audience has forgotten what happened a few minutes ago, Lincoln reminds us all that they lost the boat but at least they have the dead man’s money. Michael agrees, saying that it should last them the rest of their lives, minus what he’s sending to Westmoreland’s daughter. Oh, so you haven’t forgotten about her. But you apparently have forgotten that she only had a couple of weeks to live and that was about a month ago.

Chaco walks up to meet them. Michael seems slightly surprised that he actually showed up but Chaco says they had a deal. Michael introduces Lincoln and Chaco leads them through the trees.

Linc says that they get out of there and never look back. Michael agrees, repeating the “never look back” part. I’m very disappointed in you Michael. What about Sara and Sucre and Maricruz? Are you just going to write them off and move on?

Lincoln thanks Michael for everything. Good to see he does actually appreciate all this.

Chaco leads them to a boat. He says it’s the best he could do with the money they gave him but Michael says it’ll work. He gives him some more money and his thanks.

As he begins to walk away, Chaco says she’s very pretty. Michael says she’ll get them where they need to go. Chaco smiles and says “Not the boat, senor.”

The brothers quickly look towards the boat in confusion and see Sara emerge onto the deck, shaking out a cloth. She looks up at them and gives a slight wave. Michael looks on in shock and awe.

The guys make their way to the boat silently. Sara climbs out to sit on the side, smiling. Michael looks at her reverently.

Sara says she got his message and thank god she found them. Michael just hugs her before anything else then says thank god is right. And when her shirt rides up it’s really obvious that the actress is pregnant.

Sara then breaks the big news, telling Michael that Lincoln’s free. Lincoln, who had been behind them trying to pretend he wasn’t there, looks up in shock and asks “What?”

Sara says it’s all over the news. Evil Paul came forward, he had everything documented and made a full confession.

Michael and Lincoln seem to find this pretty hard to take in, asking if she’s sure and confirming that Linc’s been exonerated of everything, all charges. Lincoln blinks and sits in shock, uttering that catch all word for situations like this: “Whoa.”

Sara points out that this means they don’t have to run any more. Lincoln asks what about Michael. Sara says that a friend of her father’s, Bruce I assume, is working on it and is pretty confident that under the circumstances nobody is going to pursue him.

She says this while stroking Michael’s top with her thumb. So cute.

Lincoln says he needs a drink. Sara lightly laughs and says she’ll go see what she can find. At this point Michael has his hand on her shoulder. There’s so much casual touching between these two, I love it.

After Sara disappears into wherever the booze is kept on this ship (presumably Chaco supplied them with that too?), Lincoln goes into the main area to grab something while leaving his gun on the table. The camera lingers over it long enough to let us know that this is significant.

He gives the small metal thing (Paper clip? Fish hook?) to Michael, asking him to get him out of the cuffs. Michael quietly says that they did it. He seems amazed.

But suddenly! Evil Kim is there, with a gun pointed at them, saying “No, you almost did it.” Ah, that Evil Kim. Always there to ruin the day.

Lincoln throws the bag of money at his feet and shouts that if he wants the money he can have it. Evil Kim sneers that five million dollars is pocket change and kicks the bag into the water. After all the trouble that bag of money has caused, this is how it ends!

Michael asks what it’s about then. He points out that Lincoln’s been exonerated, the president has stepped down and they’re not a threat to the conspiracy any more.

Evil Kim says that while they may be done with the conspiracy, it doesn’t mean the conspiracy is done with them. He tells them that the police are on their way.

Lincoln says to let his brother go. Kim says that’s sweet, you don’t see that sort of family loyalty much nowadays, two brothers that will go to the ends of the earth for each other. He then says that it’s too bad only one will survive.

As he swings the gun around to Lincoln, Michael shouts out and a shot is fired. Blood appears on Evil Kim’s chest and he falls down and into the water. We see Sara on the other end of the boat, holding a gun in her shaking hands. Whoa. Out of the three of them I’d never expect her to be the one to actually kill someone. Despite what happened with Evil Paul.

Michael says they’ve got to go. Sirens can be heard as police cars approach. Rather than setting off in the boat, since the police don’t have magic aqua-cars capable of following them over water, the three run off into the woods.

Lincoln runs in one direction, Michael and Sara in another. The police split up to follow them.

Lincoln runs into an area full of boats, lots of places to hide. Michael and Sara run through greenery and end up in a house. How familiar.

Sara begins having a bit of a nervous breakdown about having killed a man while Michael looks out the windows and sees the police surrounding the house.

One of the policemen shouts that murder is not something they take lightly here on Panamanian soil. Was this episode sponsored by the Panama Anti-Defamation League? A way to show the world that it’s not all drugs and murder down here in Panama!

The policeman then says they should come out and there will be no more death. Sara whispers that she took a man’s life. Michael touches her face and tells her not to think about that now. Easier said than done, I think.

Michael: You and I have got a date, remember? Two limes and a couple of beers, don’t forget that.

The policeman shouts his last warning. Michael asks Sara to give him the gun but she’s still busy freaking out over the whole killing thing. Michael says that they’re going to walk out of there together and tell the police exactly what happened.

Sara cries. Michael repeats his plan and says he’s going to do whatever he can to help her. Sara tearfully agrees and gives him the gun.

They stand and she hugs him desperately, saying “I love you.” He replies that he loves her too and they kiss. I love this couple.

Sara walks out with her hands up, Michael behind her. Suddenly he grabs her around the neck and holds the gun to her head, shouting that nobody should move or he’ll shoot her. Sara asks what he’s doing and he says that she sacrificed everything for him once, now it’s time to say thank you.

He steps out in front of her, hands up, and shouts that it was him. Sara shouts that he’s done nothing wrong.

Michael continues to proclaim his guilt while Sara continues to protest his innocence and the police arrest him. Sara shouts for Michael to tell them the truth.



A hand slowly picks up the phone and wearily presses the numbers, shaking slightly before the last one.

Pam picks up and Mahone weakly greets her. Pam laughs that he’s getting impatient and says it reminds of when they were in college.

Mahone sadly asks if she’s bought the tickets yet and she replies that she’s still looking. He tells her not to and, his voice really shaky, says to forget about them and forget he ever existed. Then he slams the phone down.

On the other end, Pam sighs in disappointment. Back in Panama, Mahone is led away. I actually really feel for Mahone here. He’s completely broken and devastated.


Panama City

Suited people emerge from a building. Lincoln comes running up and, after confirming the woman he has approached speaks English, asks about Sara. The woman says she was brought in to give her statement then released and he has just missed her.

Lincoln looks around and catches sight of her retreating figure. He calls out her name. The camera then focuses on a man leaning on a car who stands up and walks away, glancing over his shoulder. Ooh, is he following our favourite doctor?

Lincoln jogs down the street but can’t see her any more.



T-Bag sees the guard approaching with another man, the one from the warehouse I believe. He says he thought he’s never show up and asks when he’s getting out of here.

The man says there’s been a hiccup. T-Bag laughs and says that the man’s guys caught him fair and square in Mexico and he did what they asked so now it’s time to cut him loose like they agreed.

The man says that getting caught wasn’t part of the agreement. T-Bag says he got caught running their set up, being their bait. He says he got Scofield down there, he got them what they wanted.

Man: You got caught, Bagwell.

The man walks away while T-Bag shouts after him, asking where he’s going. He repeats that the got them what he wanted, he got the boys down there. He says he did what they told him to do.

The man just looks back before walking round the corner and out of sight.



A Policia Nationale van is driving up to a building in the pouring rain.

Michael is brought out of the van and a guard undoes his cuffs. Mahone is also brought out from a different van. He stares at Michael and his cuffs remain on.

Mahone is led one way, Michael another. Michael is brought to an entrance and the guard tells him this is as far as they go. The large imposing doors open and Michael walks inside.

The camera pans up and we see the sign above the doorway says “***NCIARIA FEDERAL DE SONA” with the beginning of the first word off camera. Presumably it says “penitenciaría”, which is Spanish for penitentiary. Although I didn’t think there was that much room at the start of the sign.


Long Island, New York. Research Facility

A young man in a lab coat approaches Pad Man, also in a lab coat, and addresses him as “General.” He tells him “It’s Scofield. They got him.”

General Pad Man turns and the two walk through an Authorised Personnel Only door.



Michael is taking in his new home – dark lighting, graffiti on the walls. Not the most inviting of places. He’s in a long hallway full of people, some of whom are very large and staring at him.


New York

The young man says he’s gotta be honest, he didn’t think they’d see Scofield back in the pen. He also tells General Pad Man he has to know he’s going to break out, it’s in his blood. General Pad Man says that’s exactly what they want.

The two of them approach a door guarded by military personnel and pull up their face masks before they walk through it.



Michael walks through the hallway, seeing people in various states of distress – the women, or possibly men dressed as women, staring at him, the junkie lying passed out or dead with his drug paraphernalia all around, the man lying naked and shivering on the floor…


Michael pauses as the man looks at him and he realises it’s Bellick lying there. The large man standing over him looks at him menacingly.

Michael continues on until he reaches a door at the other end of the hallway. He looks back down the hall then out into the rain. He walks through the doorway into bright, white light.


What the hell?

My Thoughts:

Ok, this was the perfect place to wrap everything up. Michael did what he set out to do, Lincoln is a free man. The original concept of the series has been resolved. And it wouldn’t have been too difficult to wrap up the other storylines too. But instead new elements are added just to make everything more complicated and keep things going for another season. And we get to spend the summer full of questions.

What exactly is Sona? It appears to be a prison, but what is its significance? Obviously there’s a reason why all those people in the hallway haven’t gone through that door that apparently leads back outside, so what is it? And how is Michael expected to break out? He was only able to do it at Fox River because he’d helped design the place, and even then it required months of planning and research beforehand.

The “in his blood” comment seems weird. Almost like Michael was genetically engineered as a child and that’s why he’s a genius who sees things that other people don’t and can formulate plans to break people out of prisons and evade the authorities for weeks. Will this be like Alias and Project Christmas? I mean, that idea makes about as much sense as a lot of storylines in season two. And it could explain his Low Latent Inhibition.

Or maybe it’s a reference to his parentage. Maybe his parents were both spies and his mother isn’t really dead after all, but is in fact a Russian agent who was send to marry his father in order to discover the conspiracy’s secrets and faked her death when she was a child but will return in season three to cause problems and angsty family issues. If so I really hope she’s played by Lena Olin…

Ahem, anyway. Back to episode discussion:

What’s happening with Sara and Linc? She’s apparently being followed, but by whom? The conspiracy? Will Lincoln find her? I hope so, and then they can work together on freeing Michael. While I’ve pretty much given up on my Michael/Mahone team up theory, I really would like to see Lincoln and Sara spending more time together.

I liked Sara and Evil Paul’s interaction. How much must that mess with your head? This guy tortures you and tries to kill you so you feel pretty safe in hating him, then he comes and saves you at his own expense and treats you like a friend as he says goodbye.

Sucre. Is he alive? He’s bleeding heavily and lying in the middle of the road in Panama. Unless he gets help soon, I don’t think his chances are very good. And what about Maricruz? Bellick doesn’t seem to be in a position to tell anyone her location. Unless of course this is all a bluff and all he did was steal her necklace. Perhaps she’s back at the farm, wondering why Sucre is taking so long with those cherries she asked for.

And what about Evil Paul? His death seems deliberately ambiguous. I think the writers did that so they can decide later if they want to bring him back or not. If they do decide he should return, they can just say that the ski-mask men shot the guards and faked Evil Paul’s murder. If not, they can just say they killed him like it appeared.

I’m pretty sure Evil Kim is dead. Being shot in the chest and falling into the water seems pretty final.

Where is Mahone? My theory is that he and Michael were taken to a real prison and while Michael was put in the weird experimental side, Mahone was taken to the normal area. So he’s just in a Panamanian prison and that’s all. Although in that case I don’t know why Bellick was put in the weird side.

What’s going to happen to T-Bag now? Apparently he’s going to stay in prison but is it just me, or is there nothing to charge him with? He was found stabbed to the floor in a house so they could probably get him for breaking and entering, but as far as I can remember his only major crime in Panama was killing the hooker and they’ve blamed Bellick for that.

Presumably C-Note has indeed headed off into the sunset with his family. That’s nice.

My favourite lines:

“She did so because she feared for her life, which was appropriate as I had orders to kill her.” – Evil Paul

“There’s been a murder. A well-dressed Asian man has just been murdered by two Americans.” – Crazy Mahone

“I love you.”
“I love you too, Sara”
- Sara and Michael
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