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A quick note on some TV finales.

Prison Break: I have watched the season two finale and a recap is coming. Honestly. It's just taking a really long time. Sorry about that.

Life on Mars: Excellent. There were a few moments where I was worried about where it was going, but ultimately I felt it had the perfect ending. Now I want to buy the DVDs to see all the episodes I missed but I really shouldn't spend any more money.

CSI: Won't be shown until mid-May but I've been reading spoilers for it and they leave my stomach in knots. On one hand it's one of my favourite story ideas and if it goes how I hope it will I feel it could possibly be my favourite episode ever. On the other hand if it doesn't go how I hope I'll probably hate it for the lost opportunity. And it has potential to be devastating, which I really hope doesn't happen.
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