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Prison Break Recap

A bit shorter than usual because I was feeling lazy, and I didn't think it was a particularly good episode so I didn't feel drawn in enough to go into too much detail.

Episode 2.21 - Fin Del Camino

Last time on Prison Break

Michael and Lincoln planned to sail away on their brand new boat.
Evil Paul went to visit his sister Kristy to freak her out by telling her that he was a bad man who had done bad things and was about to do a Very Bad Thing.
The Very Bad Thing being sniping the president, although he never actually pulled the trigger.
Michael and Lincoln made their way to Panama via freighter. Sara lied about being on board as well, right before giving herself up so the FBI wouldn’t catch them.
Mahone told his ex-wife Pam that if he could do everything all over again, he’d do it different.
Evil Paul shot Mahone in the shoulder.
Sucre and Bellick tracked T-Bag down to Panama, where he was busy picking up a prostitute while the guy with the gun looked on approvingly.
Michael checked the Europeangoldfinch message board to find a message from Sucre, really Mahone, inviting him to Panama City to apprehend T-Bag.

And now…

Onboard the Christina Rose

Lincoln continues to shout out Michael’s name but that guy’s long gone. Apparently without his PDA, which Lincoln grabs and turns on in order to read the message board.


Fin Del Camino Hotel

Despite picking up a hooker at the end of the last episode, T-Bag is sitting on his bed playing solitaire and pacing around his room. He looks at a piece of paper on the nightstand that says “312 Ave Olivera. Second Floor. Red door” then heads out onto the balcony to observe the street below.

The very street in which Michael is lurking. Wearing his hoodie completely zipped up with the hood over his head. In the middle of June. In Panama. How is the man not roasting?

Michael flashes back through the past to remind us all of his guilty conscience and T-Bag’s evilness. We see their initial meeting in the yard, T-Bag’s cherry Seth asking Michael for help in the shower only for Michael to turn away, Seth committing suicide, T-Bag stabbing Bob the Guard during the riot and later on slicing Abruzzi’s neck. Which Michael wasn’t present for but apparently still remembers because he’s just that smart. This crime also had the side effect of getting blood all over the lovely Dr Sara as she rushed Abruzzi to the waiting helicopter, so Michael’s probably upset about that too. Then there’s T-Bag threatening the woman in the house when they dug up the money and shouting his revenge to Michael after another of his little boyfriends was stabbed in the race riot.

T-Bag doesn’t notice Michael but Michael notices his looks towards two armed men at a nearby table. One of whom is the man with the gun from the last episode. Michael then looks around at the children playing football and a metal dustbin. You can see the wheels turning in his head as he plots.


En Route to Panama City

Mahone is in a taxi, making his way to join the fun, and uses this opportunity to call his ex-wife Pam and tell her that he’s out of the country. He reminds her of the time that he said there would come a day when he would leave the FBI for good and today is that day. Right after he does this one teeny little thing. That’s never a good thing to say. It’s kind of like the police officers who take one last call-out before retirement that ends with them drawing their last breath in their partner’s arms.

But Mahone, working on the assumption that he will still be alive when all this is over, asks if there’s still a chance for them.

Pam is non-committal and just says that she’s not saying no. This is more than enough for Mahone to practically burst with excitement. He promises to make this right. I love the juxtaposition between him and Michael, who had previously promised Sara that he would make things right.

He then makes another call, asking the man on the other end if he’s in position. The man, T-Bag’s first stalker, is indeed. Mahone says he’ll be there shortly and hangs up.

Suddenly the calm Panama air is shattered by the sound of gunfire. Or at least that’s what The Stalkers think as they duck down and reach for their guns, only to realise that the sound actually came from the dustbin across the way.

Not too far away, a watching Michael is approached by a small boy who asks him if it was good. Michael says it was and hands him some cash. The boy then asks if Michael wants the rest of his firecrackers back but Michael says he can keep them, which the boy thanks him for before running off. At least that’s what I interpreted it to mean from their actions since I don’t actually speak Spanish.

Michael then heads around a corner, only to come face to face with Sucre. His face lights up at seeing his friend however he is confused by the fact that Sucre seems surprised and worried to see him. He asks what’s wrong and that question is soon answered by the appearance of Bellick at Sucre’s side.

Bellick escorts the two into a tent at gunpoint and mocks Michael for being just as shallow as the rest of them for coming after the money. Michael insists that his intentions are noble and he just wants to stop the murdering paedophile who happens to be in possession of said money at the moment.

Sucre mentions that he didn’t expect to see Michael, which of course puzzles Michael who points out that he was the one who left the message on the internet. Sucre is all nuh huh, wasn’t me.

Michael, genius that he is, figures out that something isn’t right. Bellick asks if T-Bag’s in the hotel and Michael confirms that he is but he’s also being guarded by the Stalkers.

While Bellick is getting antsy, Sucre regales Michael with his tale of woe, in which Bellick stars as the evil villain locking up the beautiful princess. He begs Michael to help him help Maricruz, which of course he does.

Michael then sums up their intended outcome quite neatly: Bellick will get the money, Sucre will get Maricruz and he will get T-Bag. Wow, you really got the raw end of that deal, didn’t you?


Courtroom, Chicago

Sara is alive and well and being tried for aiding and abetting the fugitives. Her lawyer, who I shall name Doctor Defender, is trying to submit Michael and Lincoln’s secret message tape into evidence, despite the objections of the prosecution.

The judge allows it and Sara gets to see her boyfriend’s face fill the large TV screen, announcing that she had nothing to do with their escape. Which we all know is a lie. And how much must it suck for Sara to watch this, the man she loves reaching out to her, knowing that she may never see him in person again.


Hotel Room

News of Sara’s trial is playing on the TV. So I guess they’re not keeping it quiet any longer. We also find out that her medical licence has been suspended pending the outcome. Evil Paul is sitting in the room and he turns the TV off disinterestedly. He is also polishing a ring, the big kind that usually signifies membership of some kind of group or team.

It’s probably a Special Forces ring, since his Special Forces uniform is lying on the bed, ready to be worn. After finishing with the ring, he flips open a velvet box with a medal in, which he sets on the dresser alongside several others. Looks like Evil Paul had quite a career.

Then he begins polishing his gun. No snickering back there!


Panama City

Sucre is playing with duct tape and announcing his intention to step up the criminal ladder to murder once he gets Maricruz back. Michael tells him to calm down and that killing Bellick won’t solve anything. Yeah, but at least we won’t have to watch him any more. Sucre snaps at him, asking if Fox River taught him nothing. It’s not about who’s guilty or innocent, it’s about who survives.

Michael reminds him that he’s doing this because he wants to help Sucre get Maricruz back, not kill Bellick. Sucre admits that it’s been a week and he’s scared. Michael assures him they’ll find her.


Fin Del Camino Hotel Room

T-Bag has moved on to flipping cards into his hat. Fun.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Bellick sets off a fire alarm, causing an evacuation. T-Bag looks around suspiciously before picking up the piece of paper from his nightstand. He tucks a gun into the waistband of his trousers then grabs his hat and bagful of cash before leaving.

After exiting the hotel he turns and walks down a street. The Stalkers see this and follow him. Michael, Sucre and Bellick wait a bit before joining in and no one notices when they walk past Mahone, hiding in a doorway, who then tags along.

I love this! It’s just a big procession of people! T-Bag is being followed by the Stalkers who are being followed by Michael, Sucre and Bellick, who are being followed by Mahone…

… Who is being punched by Lincoln.

Yep, just as Mahone was reaching for his gun a big Lincoln-shaped blur appeared and punched him in the face. They fall to the side and end up in a warehouse where they fight like the manly men they are.

Mahone suggests Lincoln back away. Lincoln is not inclined to do that, reminding Mahone about the whole Daddy Burrows killing thing he did not too long ago. There is more fighting and just when it seems that Mahone has the upper hand, Lincoln fights dirty by poking his fingers into the hole in Mahone’s shoulder caused by Evil Paul’s bullet a few episodes ago.

He grabs Mahone’s gun and demands he hand over his handcuffs.


Panama City

T-Bag passes his reading test and arrives at a building with a red front door, number 312. He enters and hurries up the stairs while his Stalkers wait outside.

Bellick passes them before looking back and asking if they’re American. When they confirm that they are he sighs in relief and asks them if they can direct him to the cathedral. The Stalkers do their best to ignore his ramblings about having to meet his wife an hour ago but Bellick is very annoying and not easy to resist for long. They tell him to move on and he acts all hurt at this cruel rebuff from his fellow countrymen.

But before the Stalkers can feel the full weight of their rudeness, Sucre appears behind them with a gun. Bellick disarms them and demands Sucre return the gun to him. After a brief hesitation, Sucre complies. They lead the Stalkers into the nearby alley.


Hotel Room

Evil Paul is now in his full Special Forces uniform, complete with cap, and he looks… ridiculous to be honest. I’m sorry, but he does. He tries to write his sister’s name on an envelope but his hands are shaking so much it doesn’t come out well. He screws it up then tries again. He is successful and, with the letter placed in the envelope, sets it on his row of medals.

He loads his pistol and stares at himself in the mirror. Possibly thinking about the things he’s done, trying to see if he recognises himself any more. Possibly psyching himself up for what he’s about to do. Possibly thinking about how devilishly handsome he looks in his greens.

Evil Paul puts the gun to his head and we focus on his hand as he pulls the trigger.


Wherever Kristy Kellerman works

Kristy is addressing a group of people about something unimportant when a woman steps in to tell Kristy “It’s your brother Paul.”

Kristy looks scared and quickly picks up the phone.


Panama City

Michael takes the Stalkers’ IDs while Sucre has fun duct taping them to some railings. Michael exposits that since they didn’t arrest T-Bag they’re probably not FBI and therefore are part of the conspiracy. The men are not very forthcoming with information.

Michael voices his concerns that something isn’t right here. Bellick cares not for things like caution and sense and heads into the building, gun drawn, shouting to T-Bag that they know he’s there. Michael adds that there are three of them.

T-Bag calls out from behind a closed door that he doesn’t want any trouble. And who agrees with me that this is so obviously a trap it is physically painful to watch the guys go through with it?

Bellick enters the room where T-Bag stands in the centre, holding his gun aimed at the ceiling. Bellick orders him to slide the gun over, which he does. Come on, when has T-Bag ever been this cooperative?

Bellick asks about the money which T-Bag indicates is through another closed door to his right. Bellick tells Sucre to check it out and he does so, only to find a dead hooker. T-Bag is just leaving a trail of those, isn’t he? She has a gunshot wound in her chest. Most likely caused that gun T-Bag had that Bellick just picked up.

T-Bag runs out the door behind him and locks it so the three can’t follow. Sirens can be heard getting closer as Michael finds that the door they came through is also locked.

Bellick realises it’s a trap.

As the police run up the stairs, Michael and Bellick try to use brute force to open the door to the fire escape which T-Bag is running down at that very moment.

They are successful and Bellick hurries out, shouting for T-Bag to freeze. T-Bag does not comply, rather he uses another gun to shoot Bellick in the thigh. And I think it shows just how much CSI I’ve been watching that my first thought is to wonder whether his femoral artery was hit. Cos that would be bad news for Bellie.

Bellick gives his gun to Michael and tells Sucre that if he wants the girl, he better get the money. I’d have thought Bellick would have bigger things to worry about at this point.

Michael and Sucre give chase. Their cause is helped significantly by the car that hits T-Bag as he runs into the road. Although not seriously injured, it is enough for Sucre to grab the money and Michael to hold T-Bag at gunpoint.

Meanwhile Bellick is being arrested by police, all the while screaming that Theodore Bagwell is the one they want. How many times is this man going to be accused of murdering people T-Bag has killed? Also, judging by the amount of blood visible I’m going to say the femoral artery was not hit.

Michael and Sucre move their party to somewhere a little less public. Michael sends Sucre out to get a car while he baby-sits T-Bag, who just wants to split the money and go their separate ways. It doesn’t take long for Sucre to find an unlocked vehicle and hotwire it for their trip.


Evil Paul’s Hotel Room

Kristy hurries into the room and her brother’s side. Evil Paul is slumped in a chair, gun in hand. He tells her it’s only the second time the weapon has ever jammed on him. The first time was during training and his commander got in his face, telling him that a jam on the battlefield might as well be called suicide. Ah, sweet irony. I bet the writers felt clever when they came up with that line.

Evil Paul again tells his sister that he’s done Very Bad Things ™ that he can’t actually tell her about. Kristy says that she loves him no matter what and that there’s a way out. Evil Paul says that all his life he’s followed orders and done terrible things because he believed they were the right thing to do. But now it turns out he did them over nothing, which is also what he’s left with now. Kristy says he has her and that it’s not too late to undo the terrible things he done. She suggests that maybe the gun jammed for a reason.

Evil Paul cries on her shoulder.



Sucre rejoins the other two with the stolen car as T-Bag begs Michael not to lock him up and tries to sway him with the promise of important information. Michael stays firm in his resolve to send the bad man back to prison, after which they can go after Bellick.


Courthouse, Chicago

Doctor Defender approaches Sara to tell her of the Prosecution’s offer of a deal that would have her serve twelve years. Sara is shocked by this and asks what about the tape; surely the jury can’t ignore that. Doctor Defender points out that all the jury will see in that is a man trying to protect a woman he obviously cares for.

It is obvious, isn’t it? *grins*

He also tells her that the justice system is looking for someone to go down for all this and since the other players are either dead or in unknown locations she’s the lucky one. From the look on Sara’s face I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting this.


Warehouse, Panama

Lincoln looks at his cell phone and tells Mahone “He ain’t answering.” He also observes that Mahone is looking just a tad crazy. Mahone says he just wants it to be over. Which I believe is what Haywire said. Right before he took a swan dive to the great Windmill in the Sky.

Lincoln tells Mahone that it was a mistake coming to Panama because he and his brother don’t back down. He says that this is going to end badly and that one of the things he’s good at is looking into a man’s eyes and being able to tell when he’s beat.” I wonder what the other thing(s) is/are? Obviously not buttoning shirts.


On the Road Again, Panama

Michael is driving while Sucre sits with the gun in the backseat next to T-Bag, who has noticed a conveniently placed screwdriver right by his feet. He manages to retrieve it while Sucre is distracted by panicking about what will happen to Maricruz now that Bellick’s been caught.

T-Bag stabs Sucre in the shoulder and attempts to get Michael, who is too quick for him. The car swerves off the road and down an embankment. Michael climbs out first while up on the road another car stops and a man emerges with his mobile phone. Michael shouts at him to call an ambulance.

He then pulls a bleeding Sucre out of the car and lays him on the ground. T-Bag makes his own way out and runs into the nearby greenery with the money. I love the fact that Michael doesn’t immediately follow him, rather he stays with Sucre, until Sucre himself tells Michael to go. Michael asks the stranger to take care of him then heads off.

T-Bag and Michael then race through the jungle, which I suspect may just be so that the producers can just show off all the pretty tropical trees and bushes.

Eventually T-Bag comes across a house, where he indulges in a spot of breaking and entering.

Michael reaches the same spot soon afterwards and enters the house. T-Bag has used his extra time to locate a knife, which he brandishes in front of himself. He asks Michael what exactly it is he wants. Why, redemption of course. And he’s going to get that by turning you in.

T-Bag asks “Is that it? Really?” in such a wonderfully disbelieving way. He thinks it’s far more likely to be about the money and tells Michael he can be honest about it, there’s no one around but them cons.

Michael just offers him the options of walking in or being dragged.

T-Bag is all, uh I’m the one with the knife here! He offers his own options – either they split the money and go their separate ways or Michael can be found dead slumped over a chair with his pants down around his ankles, something that T-Bag says has been a long time coming.

Michael responds by grabbing a bottle and smashing it. STELLLLLAAAAAA!!

T-Bag replies that he’s got his answer. Michael says “Whenever you’re done yakking” to which T-Bag replies “Bring it, bitch.”

And they do engage in something of a bitch fight, during which Michael uses the money bag to deflect the knife and I wonder how much cash was ruined in that one move.

In the end, T-Bag is on the ground and Michael has the upper hand, holding the knife at the other man’s throat. T-Bag laughs, saying that they both know Michael doesn’t have it in him to kill him. Michael responds by raising the knife above his head and bringing it down swiftly, causing T-Bag to scream in pain.


Courtroom, Chicago

Sara enters the courtroom, has her cuffs removed and sits with Doctor Defender at the Defence table. It seems that she has decided to accept the plea offer as Doctor Defender is instructing her on how to handle it. He tells her that she will be asked if she left the door open in Fox River and she is to say yes. Then she will be asked if she gave aid and comfort to Michael and Lincoln while they were fugitives and she is to say yes. Heh, I know what kind of “comfort” she wants to give Michael!

He also tells her that the Prosecution will ask that she serve her time in a maximum security prison, which the judge will probably agree to. I’m not so sure that’s appropriate, she isn’t a violent offender and poses no danger to others. Or are they expecting Michael to dress like a woman and get himself sent to prison to break her out this time?

Sara asks how much of her sentence she can expect to serve with good behaviour. Doctor Defender tells her nine years. Sara comments that she’ll be out before she’s forty. And what a horrible realisation that must be, to know that you’ll be spending your thirties, a large part of the prime of your life, in prison.

At that moment, Doctor Defender’s co-counsel comes in and tells them that a credible witness just came forward and is willing to testify. He says he’ll corroborate everything Sara’s said about a conspiracy. Sara asks who and they all look over to the courtroom door as it opens to see….

Evil Paul! In that moment all my previous feelings for the man melted away. I love you, Evil Paul!


Panama Jungle

A couple of police officers make their way to the house, where they can hear a man screaming in pain. They go inside and find T-Bag on the ground, attached to the floor with a knife through his other hand. Ow. Ow, ow, ow.


Christina Rose

Michael returns to the boat with the bag of money. He calls out for Lincoln, but receives no response. He produces a satellite phone from somewhere and begins calling hospitals to try and find Sucre but is interrupted by the beep signalling another call coming in. His satellite phone has call waiting? It’s Lincoln, who opens with an apology before handing the phone over to Mahone.

Upon hearing his arch nemesis’ voice, Michael threatens to kill him if he’s hurt Lincoln. Mahone tells him to pipe down and informs him that Lincoln couldn’t kill a man either.

We then flash back to earlier, just after Lincoln had demanded Mahone’s handcuffs. Mahone followed up by kicking Linc in the knee and regaining control of the gun, which he then turned on Lincoln before tossing him the handcuffs.

Back in the present we see that Lincoln is indeed handcuffed to a pipe. Michael asks Mahone what he wants. The answer is the five million dollars and his boat. So, not too demanding then? Mahone gives Michael five minutes and hangs up the phone. I hope that’s five minutes to decide and not five minutes to get there because there’s an unreasonable demand if I ever heard one.




My Thoughts

Not the best episode. Hopefully the finale will be the big exciting end to the season that we’re all hoping for.

I really did like the parallels between Mahone/Pam and Michael/Sara . But once again it makes Mahone a far less sympathetic character since he never seems to recognise that the things he’s doing to others are exactly what the conspiracy is doing to him.

There was a serious lack of Michael/Sara in this episode, which will hopefully be rectified next week. Along with Sucre/Maricruz because I still love them and I really want them to live happily ever after.

I’m so pleased Evil Paul did the right thing in the end. It really does make me like him a lot more now. Of course it doesn’t change the fact that he did do a lot of Very Bad Things in the past but it is probably the best thing he could do to make things better.

Speaking of Evil Paul, are you wondering what the medals were that he was awarded? It would take a really sad person to bother to look them all up… so here they are: The Silver Star, The Purple Heart, one I can’t find, The Army Achievement Medal, The Bronze Star and The Army Commendation Medal, although from what I can see the medal shown is actually more like the one for the Navy and Marine Corps rather than the Army.

Then there are the ribbons on his uniform. On the left side: (Obscured), (Obscured but most likely Silver Star), Legion of Merit, (Obscured but most likely Soldier’s Medal), Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, (Obscured but most likely Army Commendation Medal), Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Govt. of Saudi Arabia) and Kuwait Liberation Medal (Govt. of Kuwait.)

On the right side he has two unit awards- Army Presidential Unit Citation and Army Valorous Unit Award.

On his shoulder he has the insignia for the Special Forces and rank of Major.

Some people might say I need a life….
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