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Prison Break Recap

Episode 2.20 - Panama.

Last time on Prison Break

Michael has The Tape, a fact he uses to exhort the promise of a couple of Presidential Pardons from Evil Caroline.
Wheeler made a deal with C-Note to bring Mahone down.
Sara managed to escape from Mahone due to her clever plan of him letting her go.
T-Bag had to leave his millions at the airport after assaulting an employee.
Sucre agreed to take Bellick to get the money.
Lincoln got tickets for three to South America
Evil Caroline ended up not announcing any Presidential Pardons but stepped down as President instead.
Michael realised that the only thing left to do was disappear forever

And now…


The episode opens on a load of bags waiting to be claimed at the airport. A pair of legs has E Stammel’s ticket and is given T-Bag’s bag. We then follow the legs over to where T-Bag himself is waiting. He gives Legs a few bucks for his trouble.

Just then, Sucre and Bellick walk through the doors and see just the man they’re looking for conveniently placed right there in front of them. A chase ensues. T-Bag jumps in a taxi and it drives away. Sucre runs after it and reaches in the open window, trying to grab the bag. He pleads with T-Bag to give him the money, even going so far as to offer to marry him, but it ultimately unsuccessful.

The taxi drives away, leaving a dejected Sucre holding the bit of luggage label he managed to tear off the bag.


Ship Yard

Michael and Lincoln are walking along, about to board their ride. Michael is upset that they’re running again and haven’t proved Lincoln’s innocence. Linc is just happy to be alive.


Sara’s car.

Sara is listening to the radio story about Evil Caroline’s resignation when her phone rings. It’s Michael, asking if she’s all right. She says she’s fine and she heard about the gianormous snag in the Presidential Pardon Plan, so what’s the new plan?

Michael says it’s time to go. He tells her that he and Lincoln are on a ship and this is it, no turning back. He knows it’s not what she wanted from her life but if she’s still interested there is room for one more.

Sara: Michael Scofield, are you asking me to sail off into the sunset with you?
Michael: It’s more of a freighter, but yeah.

Sara says she’ll be there. Just like that - no doubts, no hesitation. She’s in this for the long haul now. She’s with him. Michael says he’ll see her soon.

Unfortunately, Heartless Bitch is still following her and tells Mahone that she’s heading west. Mahone gets in his own car.



Sucre shows Bellick the torn luggage label. He is not impressed.

Sucre suggests asking the cab company where Mr Stammel was dropped off.. Bellick thinks this is a good idea, although I don’t think cab drivers generally make note of the names of the people they’re transporting.

As he’s walking past though, Sucre grabs Bellick’s gun and asks how much it’s going to take for Bellick to forget he ever found him. When Bellick rejects this idea, Sucre threatens him with the gun.

Bellick tells him that this is a bad idea, since he’s the only one that knows where Maricruz is tied up and if Sucre kills him then she’s as good as dead.

Sucre thinks he’s bluffing until Bellick reveals the crucifix necklace they made such a big deal of showing around Maricruz’s neck last week.

Bellick says that she’s in The Hole, with enough food and water to last three weeks and he won’t tell Sucre where until he gets his money. Which he guesses makes them partners.



Michael is worried because Sara hasn’t arrived yet. He watches the empty dock, wondering where she could be.


She is, in fact, still in her car.

And, although her mind is probably taken up with thoughts of herself and Michael in a hammock in Panama, she still has enough presence of mind to notice the suspicious looking car following her and the suspicious looking guy in a suit driving next to her who stares at her intently only to look away when she turns to look at him.

She drives up to a Stop sign next to a closed donut shop and waits. Michael calls her, wanting to know what the matter is and to tell her that the ship is leaving.

The car pulls up behind Sara and she looks at the sign in front of her, pointing to different piers in different directions.

Sara: Michael…
Michael: What’s wrong?

She looks at the car behind her and at the sign, as though deciding what to do and what to tell him. Eventually she lies that she’s already onboard and they must have missed each other. He tells her they’re on the deck and she says she’s on her way up. She sounds so sad and ends the call with “Love you.” Awww, poor Sara.

On the freighter, Michael hangs up and looks at his phone. Lincoln asks if they’re ok and he says yeah.

In the car, Sara checks herself in the mirror one last time before getting out with her hands up. Agents surround her as Heartless Bitch makes the arrest.

Mahone arrives, very unhappy with this result. He asks her where Michael is, saying he knows she was going to meet him. Sara denies this. Mahone is all, right, so you were just compelled to flee the custody of a federal agent for fun?

Not too far away, the ship is about to leave. Michael’s searches have yielded no pretty doctor and he informs Lincoln of this. They look over the railings towards the dock and see police cars with flashing lights.

Michael realises they’ve got her and announces that he has to go back. Lincoln tells him that there’s nothing he can do, not this time.

Over by the cars, Mahone says something to Sara that I cannot make out and is driving me crazy. One of the words is ‘Scofield’ so he’s obviously asking about Michael but I don’t know what exactly he’s saying.

Sara says she just wanted some donuts.

This is all it takes for Mahone to transform into his super alter-ego, Crazy Mahone! Crazy Mahone shouts for someone to get her a donut, get her a dozen donuts! While apparently ripping something to pieces, possibly his sanity.

He tells them to lock her up and she is escorted to a police car.

While his girlfriend is being taken into custody, Michael looks at the dock, leaning over the ship’s railings in despair. Lincoln puts a hand on his shoulder briefly in the worst attempt at comforting ever.

The ship sails away. Without Sara.



Words at the bottom of the screen tell us this is One Week Later. I guess Michael and Lincoln’s Freighter Adventures weren’t exciting enough to show.


Crazy Mahone is sitting on the floor in a small room. The walls are not padded, but are rather covered in papers, photographs and post-it notes all related to the Fox River breakout. Choppy, overlapping, blurry and stretching camera shots all combine to show that he is indeed crazy Crazy Mahone.

Mahone: What did you do, Michael?


In another building somewhere, My Hero Wheeler is talking with another man about Mahone. Apparently our favourite Crazy FBI Agent has been MIA for a week. Wheeler thinks it might be because he knows they’re on to him.

They head into an interview room where C-Note is waiting. Wheeler introduces the other guy as Richard Sullings, director of Internal Affairs.

Richy explains that this means that when one of his men does something naughty, it’s his job to make it right. C-Note wants to know how right, but Richy reminds him that he IS a convicted felon so he shouldn’t push his luck.

C-Note isn’t too impressed by this and reminds them that the last time a fed offered him a deal there was a string attached. One that was supposed to go around his neck.

Richy offers to reduce his sentence from eighteen years to eighteen months. C-Note points out that with Mahone after him he probably won’t last eighteen days. He refuses to help unless his family is protected.

Richy gives in and offers to set him free and place him and his family in Witness Protection. A fresh start with a clean record. C-Note jumps at the offer.


Crazy Mahone’s Crazy Room of Craziness

Mahone is looking at sketches of tattoos in a crazy fashion. Heartless Bitch comes in to ask if he’s ok.

Mahone shows her the ‘English, Fitz or Percy’ tattoo and points to a symbol in the corner, asking her what she thinks it is. She says triangle. Very good. Soon her class will be moving on to learning colours!

Mahone then shows her a barcode tattoo and points to another symbol, which Heartless Bitch identifies as the mathematical symbol pi. 3.14. I, of course, cannot resist adding 15926535897

Heartless Bitch suggests Michael may be in Missouri, area code 314. Mahone obviously thinks this is a stupid idea.

But that’s because he has already worked out what the symbols mean. The triangle is delta and pi is the letter not the symbol. Heartless Bitch comments that she doesn’t recall seeing any symbols on the photos of Michael’s tattoos. Mahone tells her that they aren’t in the tattoos, these are the sketches pulled from Michael’s hard drive.

And that brings up a point that STILL bugs me. Michael is a freaking genius. Surely he would have disposed of such important information properly. Smashing the drive up into tiny pieces then throwing it in the rubbish so by the time anyone thought to try and find it all the bits would be long gone, perhaps. But no, he just throws it in the river, intact, where it can sit and wait to be found by the FBI months later.

But back to the storyline, Mahone informs us that Michael numbered his escape and points out other steps in his plan and the Greek letters to which they correspond. So now what they need to do is work out his omega.

Which is a tattoo of a rose with the face of Jesus in the centre and 617 on the stem. They suggest a biblical interpretation – chapter 6 verse 17, but then realise that today’s date is the 15th June, or 615 in stupid American dating system, and so whatever his last step is, it’s going to happen in two days.



Sucre is talking in Spanish to a guy at the information desk, who says they have no record of a Mr Stammel in the system. He suggests they check with the bus company and car rentals.

Bellick asks what the guy’s saying and Sucre tells him the same as all the others. Bellick whips out his Badge of Manhood and threatens the guy with the INS. Sucre tells him not to be stupid, they’re in Mexico now and Bellick’s the illegal alien here. Bellick says that the guy probably has relatives in the US though.

Sucre again addresses the guy in Spanish, telling him that he hates “this gringo” but needs him cos his girl and baby are in trouble and the man they’re trying to find is the only one who can save his family. He gives him a number to call if he knows anything.


Mexico City

T-Bag is sitting in a hotel room with a woman he calls Susie-Q serving him lemonade. She calls him Teddy Bear and it is so very creepy.

T-Bag goes on about how the day he met her was the day he was born. She tells him they’re out of time. T-Bag tries to continue the fantasy but she really wants to be paid. He pouts that she ruined it and calls her a brainless street whore. Unsurprisingly this does not go down well with her; she pulls her wig off and says it’s no wonder this Susie-Q bitch wants nothing to do with T-Bag.

He, in turn, is not happy with her insulting his True Love and, in true T-Bag style, kills her for it.


Pretty Beaches which turn out to be Panama.

Michael and Lincoln are walking along. Lincoln is happy they made it but Michael says not yet, there’s still someone to see. He looks at the Rose Jesus tattoo on his arm.


FBI Land

The agents are gathered around, discussing what the Rose Jesus tattoo might mean. Wheeler is conspicuously absent, which Mahone comments on. But he doesn’t dwell on it for long because he has more important things to worry about. Various ideas are thrown about, including groups that use Christ in a Rose as their symbol, historical depictions of Christ as a Rose and, of course, the well known belief that Christ rose from the dead. Heartless Bitch suggests that this may be tied in with the fact that this is Michael’s last step to his new life.

Heartless Bitch mentions that it was a codename for a counterattack by the Nazis and suggests that Michael may have gone to where that took place. I think you may be over-thinking it just a tad, HB.

While these ideas are being thrown around, a random agent writes them up on the whiteboard with very juvenile handwriting. Crazy Mahone approaches the board and the camera flashes into negative, to show that his crazy brain is working frantically to solve this latest puzzle.

He suddenly asks for Scofield’s file and flips through it until he reaches the part about his parents.

Father – Aldo Burrows (Unknown)
Mother – Christina Rose Scofield (Deceased)

Eureka! He goes up to the whiteboard and writes ‘ina’ in between Christ and Rose to demonstrate his amazing new discovery. How lucky is it that Mummy Scofield’s name lends itself to this so easily? I can’t imagine many names could be easily rendered in picture form.

Heartless Bitch says that she thought the woman was dead. Crazy Mahone responds excitedly, “Oh, so did I.”


Mahone and a couple of agents are then walking through the offices. Mahone mentions Michael’s first post-prison step of grave-robbing and tells the agents to find out where the mother is buried. Why? To see if she is buried, of course.

He also wants to know about Panama, since the hard drive was full of information about it. Heartless Bitch thinks Michael would be smart enough to stay away from a country where he knows they’ll be looking for him.

Ah, Mahone points out, not if there’s something there that he needs. Or someone.

He asks her to find out if Christina Rose had any family or property in Central America.


Speaking of which…


Lincoln and Michael are on a bus. Lincoln is as giddy as a schoolboy. He tells Michael that the last time he was on a bus like this, it was on the way to Fox River. He gushes about how amazing and beautiful the country is and wonders what that smell is.

Michael dully tells him that it’s bananas and sugar canes, Panama’s biggest exports.

Lincoln doesn’t like his brother bringing down his buzz. He points out that Michael has been talking about Panama and bumpy bus rides ever since they broke out and now they’re actually there.

Michael interrupts him, saying that she should have been there. Lincoln says that have all the time in the world and some time down the track he and Sara…

Michael interrupts him again, wanting to just get there.



A maid is changing the sheets in T-Bag’s hotel. She sees the wig on the floor by the bathroom and picks it up holding it away from her as though it’s the most disgusting thing she’s ever seen. That opinion is quickly altered by the sight of the dead prostitute in the bathtub.

Mr Murderer himself, meanwhile, is in the lift with muzak playing. It’s a wonderfully surreal change from the horror of the previous scene. After exiting the lift, he walks casually through the halls. The guy at the front desk gets off the phone and hurries out the front to call the police in.

As T-Bag goes to leave, one of the policemen recognises him and turns, calling out to the others. T-Bag runs out while the police give chase.


Mahone’s Office

Heartless Bitch comes in to inform him that there is no connection between Mummy Scofield and Panama, but there are some hits on variations of the names Christina and Rose. Mahone tells her to cross reference them with 617, suggesting that maybe it’s not a date but an address, PO Box or something.

He tells Heartless Bitch that if anybody pops she should call the embassy and have them pick up the woman for questioning. Heartless Bitch points out that they can’t just go around arresting foreign citizens. Mahone is all, sure I can. Thanks to the Patriot Act he can arrest her grandmother for missing a stitch in her macramé if he wants. Thank you, Agent Mahone, for summing up why America is a fucking scary place.


Land of Bananas. So many bananas!

The brothers are in a shop. Michael goes up to talk to the woman at the counter. She tells him off for being late then hands him a piece of paper saying that he will find Christina Rose there.

Michael thanks her and they go to leave, but before they reach the door he tells Linc that he forgot to ask the woman something and he’ll meet him outside.

Turns out the thing Michael forgot to ask is “Do you have a phone so I can call my incarcerated girlfriend back in the States?”

As he’s telling the international operator the number, Lincoln slams his hand down on the phone’s base to cut him off and asks what the hell he’s doing. Michael laments that they don’t even know if she’s alive or dead.

Lincoln becomes the level-headed one for possibly the first time in his life and points out that if she is in custody then they have her phone. Does Michael want to get caught?|

Michael storms out. Aww, poor baby.


Mahone’s Office

Mahone is staring at the pictures of the escapees when his phone rings. It’s Evil Kim who has decided to inform him of the three things he hates – traffic, hockey and calling Mahone with the same question over and over.

Mahone points out that the obvious answer is not to call him then. He doesn’t offer any solutions for the other two problems though. What he does say is that he believes the brothers are in Panama and begins to explain his ingenious tattoo deduction.

Evil Kim says that while he’s thrilled Mahone has narrowed it down to a country, this is actually about the fact that C-Note is still alive and kicking and about to be released from custody.

Mahone says that’s not possible since they would need permission from his office to do that. Evil Kim snarks “Good to know you’re on top of things” and hangs up.

Crazy Mahone looks over at Wheeler’s empty desk and demands he be found.



Evil Kim is standing on a wooden dock. A man tells him that “He’ll see you now” and pats him down. Evil Kim seems to find this quite uncomfortable.

“He” is Pad Man, who is currently sitting out at sea in a small row boat. Evil Kim joins him in the boat but suggests that maybe they’d be more comfortable in his office.

And then… Pad Man speaks!

He says that he thought they needed to speak freely and for the next few hours this will be what the intelligence community refers to as a blind spot, something to do with the position of the sun disrupting long distance recording devices.

Evil Kim again apologises for the unfortunate outcome with Evil Caroline but assures him that they’ll move forward. He also tells him that the brothers were able to flee the country and Mr Mahone seems to believe they are in Panama.

Panama. Where goats walk down the streets!

Michael and Lincoln are walking in the opposite direction as the voice of Pad Man overlaps the picture, asking if Mr Mahone knows exactly where.

Back in the boat Evil Kim says not yet. Pad Man asks how much he knows about SONA. Evil Kim says only what he has clearance for. Pad Man suggests a change in strategy might be in order.

Dramatic slow-mo of Michael walking along.


Underground Parking Garage

My Hero Wheeler is pulling in, chatting on his phone. Ok, not so much chatting as asking about Mahone’s impending arrest warrant, which shouldn’t be long in coming. He’s also scared to go in alone in case Big Bad Mahone is there and sees right through him like the squealing little tattle-tail he is.

Richy tells him to suck it up and act normal, otherwise Mahone really will know that’s something’s going on and the last thing they want is for him to get spooked and do a runner.

Wheeler emerges from his car, only to be confronted by Mahone appearing from the shadows asking where he’s been. Wheeler gulps.

Mahone apologises before patting Wheeler down. Yeah, you love it really. Wheeler says that he’s not wearing a wire and does his best to pretend he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Mahone decides it’s story time and tells Wheeler that in Ye Olde England the punishment for a traitorous act was beheading, after which they would hold the head up. Not, as many people believe, to show the crowd the head but so that the head can see the crowd, because consciousness survives for eight seconds.

I think this story would have more impact and relevance if it weren’t for the fact that Mahone is the traitor in all this, not Wheeler.

My Hero says that he doesn’t want to do this. Crazy Mahone shouts that if he’s going to stab him in the back he could at least cover up the knife. Three visits to C-Note in a week and twice daily calls to Richy aren’t exactly inconspicuous. Did Wheeler learn nothing from him?

There is silence for a few moments before Mahone comes to the realisation that Wheeler wanted to be caught, he wanted Mahone to know it was him.

Wheeler quite correctly points out that Alex is a killer. He says that soil samples were taken from his garden in connection with the disappearance of Oscar Shales, forensics is prepared to submit a report detailing the irregularities in Tweener’s shooting and there’s his blatant disregard for protocol in the death of Abruzzi.

Mahone’s all, yep and also the escaped con who says I told him to kill himself. He asks Wheeler if he thinks C-Note’s testimony is going to send him to the Promised Land. Isn’t that Israel? Why would Wheeler want to go there?

Wheeler bravely says that Mahone can erase him too, but that won’t erase the very real fact that he’s going down hard.

Mahone says that Wheeler reminds him of himself as a young agent, something which Wheeler wishes he could take as a compliment but under the circumstances… not really.

Mahone compliments him on some fine work. He leans in and I seriously think he’s going to kiss him for a moment, but no, he pulls the other agent into a hug and tells him not to let anybody scare him into doing the wrong thing.

Wheeler offers to take Mahone in, saying that whatever mess he’s in they can clean it up. I’m not sure you really understand exactly how deep Mahone is in this, Wheelie.

Mahone says there’s only one way to clean this up. Oh, how ominous.


C-Note’s Cell. There are tally marks on the wall consisting of five vertical lines with diagonal slashes through them. I was always taught to do the dash after four lines. This isn’t really relevant, but it bugs me.

A guard comes in to tell C-Note he has a visitor but doesn’t say who. C-Note is reluctant to meet a mystery person, what with the threat of impending death around every corner. The guards are not sympathetic to his concerns and drag him kicking and screaming down the hall, looking very stylish in his socks and sandals combination.

But it’s not an Angel of Death waiting for him though the door; it’s Mrs C-Note and Dee Dee!

Dee Dee jumps into Daddy’s arms and C-Note hugs Kacee while laughing happily. Kacee asks if it’s true what Richy told her about C-Note’s going free and them not having to run any more.

C-Note confirms this. Kacee asks what happened but C-Note says not to worry, just know that your man handles things. That seems very arrogant coming from the man who was going to kill himself a couple of episodes ago and is only where he is now because of My Hero Wheeler.

Richy asks C-Note for a quick word. He sends his family down the hallway for a moment while he and the man discuss business. Richy gives him an envelope with his new address and identities. He tells him that the prosecutor will be in touch, so C-Note needs to show up when and where he’s needed in order to give his statement, but other than that he’s a free man. The music swells emotionally.

C-Note still wants to know about Mahone though, since a life of constantly looking over his shoulder for crazy FBI agents isn’t his idea of fun. Richy says not to worry, they’ll handle Mahone and C-Note should just focus on not screwing up.


So pretty
Cows being herded.

Michael and Lincoln are walking along. Michael is still sulking.

Lincoln wants to know how much further they have to go and Michael dully tells him it’s not far.

Linc points out that no one forced Sara to do what she did. Michael says whatever gets you through the night. Lincoln wants to know what the hell that means and says he didn’t ask Michael to use her. Michael says it’s not that simple.

Michael comments on how it amazes him that nothing registers with Linc, everything just rolls right off his back. They ruined Sara’s life and it’s like he doesn’t even care. Lincoln asks if that’s what he thinks and Michael says that they’re here and Sara’s back in prison, asking if that seems fair to him.

Lincoln says that none of it is fair but he objects to Michael making this about boy loses girl. Michael asks what it should be about – Dead Westmoreand? Dead Tweener? LJ? The guard who was killed in the riot Michael started?

Michael figuratively pushes Lincoln, asking if he even remembers the guard’s name. (I do! It was Bob!) He then pushes further, saying that he’s sure Linc remembers Veronica’s name.

This gets a reaction. Lincoln shoves him and shouts at him not to mention her name. Michael shouts back, this time about T-Bag, who is still out there because of them. Michael says that every life the man takes is blood on their hands, and for what?

Lincoln says that he didn’t ask Michael to do what he did. Michael points out that they were going to kill him and Linc says that maybe he should have let them. Michael is very unhappy with this complete lack of gratitude after everything he has done for his brother and rushes him.

They tumble down a small embankment, coming to a stand facing each other at the bottom. Poor Michael seems so distraught.

Lincoln walks away and looks out over the pretty sea they can see now they’ve fallen down onto the beach. He says that as bad as he feels about Sara (which doesn’t appear to be much), at least she had a choice. Veronica didn’t.

Oh, come on. Sure she did. She was stupid enough to go into a house with no back up and no idea what she was doing. She made the choice to do that, idiotic as it was.

Linc says that he listened to her die and there was nothing he could do. Aww, poor Linc. He looks so very sad. He says they’ve lost so much, they can’t afford to lose each other too.


Crazy Mahone’s Room of Craziness

Mahone leans up close and personal to Michael’s picture. Slash fans everywhere faint in delight. He tears down all the papers from the wall, shoving them into a big black sack. The fax machine behind him beeps but he ignores the papers coming out.

He opens the door to leave, only to come face to face with Evil Kim who asks if he’s going somewhere. Mahone says he doesn’t know, is he?

Evil Kim says Mahone knows he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. He walks in and looks at the empty wall. Mahone says it’s surprising the things a man will do if properly motivated, wasn’t it Evil Kim who told him that? He also says he’d kill him right now if he thought it would give him an ounce of peace.

Evil Kim smirks and asks what would give him peace. Mahone tells him that he’s been able to hold it together through all this because of the light, a life, at the end of the tunnel. But now what’s he got? Evil Kim asks what he would say if he told him there was a way to turn that light back on.

Mahone says he would say it was the same offer that got him into this, you little bastard. Heh. Go, Mahone! Then he whines that he’s going to be dragged before the public and prosecuted like some kind of murderer. Uh, Alex? You ARE some kind of murderer. The kind that shoots unarmed teenagers wearing handcuffs.

Mahone points out that there’s evidence that won’t go away. Evil Kim says yes, but they can help Mahone himself get away and right now, he’s pretty much out of options.

Evil Kim tells him that T-Bag has been apprehended in Mexico. Mahone is all, right and you want me to kill him. But no! Evil Kim informs him that there has been a change in strategy and they’re going to need T-Bag alive.

Evil Kim tries to woo Mahone with the promise of a very real finish line, saying he’s already come so far. Mahone asks how much further he would have to go. The answer? Only to Panama.


Speaking of which…


Michael and Lincoln are walking. Again. They do that a lot, don’t they? They’re walking on white sand and grass that looks very much like Frensham Ponds.

Michael says he’s trying to remember the last time their lives made any kind of sense. Lincoln says it was before their mother died, when it was just the three of them. Michael looks ahead.

Michael: Well, there she is.


Crazy Mahone’s Crazy Room of Craziness and FBI Land

Heartless Bitch calls Mahone to ask what the hell’s going on with all these suits going over his office. Mahone says he’ll explain later, which strangely satisfies Heartless Bitch. She asks him if he got the fax. He says no and rolls over on his wheelie chair to grab the paper out of the fax machine. I love those chairs.

Heartless Bitch tells him it’s information on Christina Rose that he might find interesting. Apparently she was commissioned four months before Michael robbed that bank by a builder in Panama.

Mahone is suitably impressed.



A whirly aerial shot circles around Michael and Lincoln walking down a long wooden pier. As the camera flies back we see the Christina Rose – it’s a boat!

Lincoln says she’s beautiful and asks where they’re going. Michael says wherever they want. Wouldn’t it be so cool for them to meet up with some pirates? I’m thinking season three storylines here….


Police station

The C-Note family are walking through the station. Kacee again asks if it’s really over and C-Note assures her that it is. They are buzzed through the door and as it clangs shut behind them, C-Note turns around. Kacee asks what’s wrong but C-Note laughs and says it’s nothing. He puts his arm around his girls and they all walk out together.



Sucre updates us on his and Bellick’s search. They’ve checked the train station, the bus depo and about every hotel there is. Bellick’s phone rings and he answers it but has trouble understanding the person on the other end and hands it to Sucre.

Sucre takes the phone and his face and voice light up with excitement as he talks. He thanks the person on the other end profusely before hanging up and telling Bellick that that was the guy from tourism. Apparently an E Stammel just ordered a plane to Panama City,

Bellick: What the hell’s he doing in Panama?

That is a good question, Brad. Let’s find out, shall we?



T-Bag crosses the street, passing a guy who meaningfully reveals a gun in his waistband. T-Bag looks at it then continues on.

He approaches some prostitutes and asks one if she speaks English. She says she does so he tells her to say “Good morning, Teddy.” She says something else.

T-Bag: So, no, you don’t speak English.

He loudly asks “Habla Ingles around here?” and a prostitute whistles to him in response. He tells her to say the phrase, which she does. He then tells her to say “Good morning, Teddy-Bear” which she also does. He asks if she likes wigs and she tells him that she likes anything for the right money.

He licks his lips and looks back at the guy with the gun, who nods to him, then walks off with his latest prostitute.


The Christina Rose

Michael opens the padlock on the hatch. Combination - 617. I love that no one thought anything like that in their brainstorming.

He goes down into the main area and returns with a PDA. He says there’s nothing online about Sara’s arrest. Lincoln suggests that maybe they’re keeping it quiet. He asks about the goldfinch message board.

Michael checks and reports that there’s something from C-Note and a message from Sucre. Linc seems impressed that he’s still running. Michael looks concerned, which Lincoln asks about. Michael says that Sucre says T-Bag is here, in Panama.

He reads out the whole message, which is also shown on the screen:

“The Bag’s still got THE BAG. He’s in Panama City. At the Fin Del Camino Hotel. If you’re there and want to help put that bird back in a cage – let me know. Sucre.”

It’s not exactly stealthy to use your real name, is it? Sucre should know better than that by now.

Lincoln wonders what the hell that son of a bitch is doing in Panama. Michael says he has to go after him. Lincoln tells him to just let it be, they don’t need the money

But Michael tells him it’s not about the money. He says that whatever good they do from here on out, it doesn’t matter so long as T-Bag’s still out there. He says that so much has gone wrong, if they can just make this right…

So it seems he’s after redemption and making this one act the way to get that. In his mind if they stop T-Bag then that’ll make up for all the other lives he’s fucked up.

Michael announces that Panama City is only an hour away and now they know where he’s staying. Lincoln thinks calling the police is the wisest course of action, but Michael chose Panama for the reason that they have no extradition laws. The police won’t do shit.

Lincoln wants to know what Michael’s going to do, but his brother says he’ll figure something out. Lincoln can’t quite believe this, since Michael is always so careful and plans absolutely everything.

Lincoln: Come on, look at me. I never think things out and look where it got me.
Michael: Panama and a boatload of booze.
Lincoln: You got me that; I got me a death sentence.

Lincoln suggests going out to sea, thinking things through and when the time’s right they can make things right. Michael doesn’t reply and for some reason Linc seems to take this as acquiescence.

We then see the PDA screen again and a new message:

“I’m in. Let me know when you get there. Michael.”

So, Michael is also stupid enough to use his real name? What is with these fugitives today?

At first we only see the hand holding the device, but then we see that the hand belongs not to Michael or Sucre but to Mahone! He types a message back

“I’ll be there tomorrow. See you then. Sucre.”

The music swells dramatically as he types in the name that isn’t his.

We then see that he’s sitting in an airport waiting area. A voice announces the boarding of a flight to Panama City. Mahone looks at his PDA and says “See you soon.”


The Christina Rose

Lincoln is below deck digging out the booze. My kinda guy! He emerges from the hatch to share his find with his brother, announcing that he has the booze but the limes are shot. There is no reply and he looks around only to realise Michael’s not there.

He calls out Michael’s name as the camera flies away (got to get your money’s worth from that helicopter) to show us that, indeed, Michael has gone.


My Thoughts:

Will Mahone and Michael team up against T-Bag and the conspiracy? I keep suggesting it, will it eventually come true?

I was on edge throughout all the scenes with the C-Note family. Mainly because he was constantly reassuring his wife that it was over and everything would be all right now, and we all know what happens when you say things like that (are you listening Sucre?) When they walked out of the police station I was just waiting for the bullets to fly, but it didn’t happen. Maybe they actually will get away and live happily ever after, which would be quite nice.

Or maybe they’re just lulling us into a false sense of security and C-Note will be blown up when he meets the prosecutor to testify against Mahone.

I’m thinking that Lincoln has entitlement issues. While it’s true that he didn’t ask Michael or Sara to do what they did for him, he could at least act like he’s grateful for it. He just seems to expect it. And Sara did sacrifice her freedom, and with Mahone around possibly her life, to protect him and Michael yet he doesn’t seem to care at all or feel any sort of responsibility to help her.

Speaking of Sara and Michael, they’re separated again. This isn’t as bad as the end of Rendezvous because although they’re physically apart they’re still “together” and I have faith that they’ll be reunited soon. I can’t wait!

It’s also an amazing turnaround from Rendezvous. In that episode Sara was not impressed by Michael’s plan and actually said “That’s your plan? To run off into the sunset with the two most wanted men in America?” Then in this episode it’s “Michael Scofield, are you asking me to sail off into the sunset with you?” followed by “I’ll be there.” So much has changed in just a few days.

I also loved how Michael wanted to go back for her and was going to call her from Panama. He had to have known how dangerous that was but he cares about her enough to risk the plan. The all-important plan that not too long ago would have taken precedence over everything.

I’m not sure how I feel about Michael’s attempt at redemption. On one hand it seems too simplistic, you can’t make up for everything that’s happened by bringing one man in, however evil he may be, but on the other hand it won’t be much fun to watch a season full of him on one long guilt-trip so story-wise it’s good to get this out of the way. Plus there are the issues of free will, other characters’ actions and influences and the Evil Conspiracy, all of which have their place in what happened. Michael can’t be blamed for everything that happened just because it was his plan.
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