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Prison Break Recap

I present to you the latest Prison Break recap. The next episode isn't until the 19th. But it's ok. I'll get through the wait by listening to Michael say my name over and over again. ;)

Episode 2.19 - Sweet Caroline

Last time on Prison Break

We saw Pad Man giving instructions to Evil Kim, thus indicating that he is a high-up uber-important member of the conspiracy.
Michael, Lincoln and Sara came back to Chicago, which piqued Mahone’s suspicions.
Evil Caroline also came to Chicago to meet her adoring public.
Cooper Green declared the tape that people had died over to be legally useless, but pretty damn useful as blackmail for a presidential pardon. And thus, the Presidential Pardon Plan was born.
Mahone sent Bellick to Mexico to catch Sucre, who was living with Maricruz at his aunt’s house.
Bellick and T-Bag ended up on the same fight, with T-Bag’s stolen $5 million in checked baggage.
Mahone found out where Michael, Lincoln and Sara were staying.
Evil Paul declared his intention to take down Evil Caroline because she ruined his life.
Mahone coerced C-Note into hanging himself

And now the exciting continuation…

Apparently the guards heard my shouting from last week. They run into the cell to save C-Note, who isn’t exactly appreciative of their efforts. But yay, no dead C-Note! Yet…


Over by a hotel, a crowd has gathered to welcome their beloved President Reynolds. Or Evil Caroline, as we know her to truly be.

Somewhere nearby, Evil Paul loads his beloved rifle just waiting for the opportunity to kill his former beloved Evil Caroline dead.


In a different hotel, the Fabulous Threesome are thanking Cooper Green for his help and trying to get rid of him before he catches the unfortunate bout of Death-itis that seems to afflict everyone who comes into contact with them.

They then go on to discuss what to do now, while Mahone is dashing up the stairs. Because taking the lift wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic, even though it is ten floors up.

Michael is off to blackmail Evil Caroline while Lincoln is meeting an old friend in order to secure a way out of the country. Just in case the Presidential Pardon Plan doesn’t pan out. Which it totally will. Because everything goes according to plan on this show.

Michael arranges to meet up with Sara on a street corner later (Mind, get out of the gutter…) and tells the other two that no matter what happens, he loves them both.


Michael and Lincoln head off, while Sara hangs back for a bit. Linc gives Sara a bit of a look just before he leaves. Probably still thinking about what Michael said about loving them both.

Mahone reaches their floor and gets a key off of a conveniently placed hotel maid. Strangely, this really fancy looking place still uses metal keys rather than electronic cards. Weird.

Mahone then opens the hotel room door, but it stopped by the latch. This really bugs me. Who set the latch? Did Lincoln develop super powers and reach back through the door? Sara’s the only one there, but she didn’t do it. She’s still packing her bag… with cans for some strange reason. Or is this hotel so rubbish that latches automatically swing on, leaving many customers locked out of their rooms?

But going back to the actual storyline… Mahone manages to bust the door open and comes in, gun drawn. But there’s no one there! There is, however, a computer wire on the floor, which he notices, and a Sara under the bed, which he doesn’t.

Sara watches his feet walk around the room, then leave, and hears the main door close. Obviously this means that the coast is clear and she crawls out from under the bed and flips open her phone before walking round the corner to come face to face with the barrel of a gun.

Oldest trick in the book, Sara. I’m very disappointed with you.

Mahone is clearly disappointed with his catch, but figures she’ll do. He orders her to sit and doesn’t believe for a moment her protestations that Michael left her behind for her own safety and she really doesn’t know where he is because it’s over now. Just like it was over when she flew to New Mexico to meet him, and like it was over when she met up with him at the train station.



T-Bag is very anxious to be reunited with his pilfered millions, but just as he spies his bag he spies something much less welcome as well. Bellick.

The bag travels the whole distance of the conveyor belt and heads back through the black hole of doom, never to be seen again. At least that’s what T-Bag seems to think. While any sensible person would wait for Bellick to leave and pick up the bag when it comes around again, T-Bag decides that the smart thing to do is to go back into the employees only area and draw far too much attention to himself by grabbing the bag from back there.

Of course, the plan doesn’t end well. An airport employee notices him trying to take the bag and asks what he’s doing. Again, this is an easily resolved situation. It’s actually T-Bag’s bag so he should have the claim part of the luggage label (or he would if they’d put any kind of label on it back in Alabama). But instead of proving his ownership and making up some bullshit story about getting lost in the airport, T-Bag whacks the employee round the head with another piece of luggage.

They fight, and as a result the employee ends up sprawled out on the conveyor belt. The money bag goes back through to the main area before T-Bag can grab it, and the unconscious employee soon follows. This leads to much screaming and confusion, which means T-Bag has to make a break for it. Without his millions.


Lincoln walks through a loading dock and comes up on his old friend, Derek Sweeney. They skip the how’ve-you-been part of the reunion and get straight on to the you-owe-me-one part. Lincoln gives Derek a list of what he needs and Derek agrees to help Lincoln out.


C-Note wakes up, chained to the bed, and pleads with his guard to let him use a phone because there’s a very bad man out there who wants to hurt his family. The guard is sceptical, but C-Note says that he knows the rules and wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t an emergency.

This obviously sways the guard, because next thing you know Heartless Bitch is picking up the phone in FBI Land and it’s C-Note asking to speak to Mahone. My Hero Wheeler takes the call instead.

C-Note asks Wheeler to tell Mahone that he’ll do what he wants, he just needs a bit more time, and please don’t hurt them. This intrigues Wheeler, who is obviously wondering what underhanded things Mahone is up to and if this is the chance he’s been waiting for to steal his job.


While all this has been going on, Evil Paul has been waiting patiently with his rifle on his balcony. His patience pays off as the motorcade appears and Evil Caroline steps out. Yay, Patricia Wettig is back!

Evil Paul follows her movements with his gun scope. There are a few options for shots, but most of the time annoying things get in the way, like campaign signs or children.

Evil Caroline goes along the line, smiling widely and shaking hands as she does so. But one hand won’t let go, and her smile fades as she looks up to see Michael staring intently at her from the other end of the arm.

Secret Service agents pull him to the ground and Evil Paul follows the movement with his gun scope before giving up and packing the rifle away.

Once inside the hotel lobby, Evil Caroline looks at the piece of paper Michael slipped her: “We have the tape.”


The Secret Service agents drag Michael down a hallway, his ugly green coat pulled up over his head for some reason. They take him to the kitchen and sit him down, handcuffed, in a chair.

After briefly worrying that someone in the press might have got a picture of them tackling Michael, Evil Kim orders everyone out of the kitchen. He goes through the motions of asking questions that we all know Michael’s not going to answer, mainly about Lincoln’s location, and ignores Michael’s request to see Evil Caroline.

Evil Kim then goes into storyteller mode, regaling Michael with his military academy education where they taught him to value his country and how to beat the crap out of people. Which he happily demonstrates.

Millions of girls gasp in horror at the audacity of this man daring to damage the pretty.


Down in Mexico, things are going better.

Sucre and Maricruz are in bed (do they ever leave?) watching the news. Maricruz is happily munching on cherries and discovers that half the fun of pregnancy cravings is being able to send your man out to fetch you whatever food you desire at any time.

As Sucre gets out of bed, a news story catches his attention. Apparently an airport employee was assaulted by a blurry T-Bag. Sucre listens to the story and wonders why T-Bag would steal when he has five million dollars. He then shows more intelligence that we’ve seen from him in a long time and realises that T-Bag lost it there.

Maricruz is not pleased with this line of thinking and tells Sucre to forget about the money. Because Sucre is a good-hearted family man, and not a greedy selfish bastard, he agrees and heads off to get his woman cherries.


Back in room 1006, Mahone still hasn’t got any answers out of Sara. His hands are shaking as he sends a text message to Heartless Bitch. Interestingly, her number is down as Agent Lang (Work)… hmm, does this mean that Mahone has her personal number? Interesting…

He pops one of his pen pills and Sara points out that it’s really not hard for junkies to recognise each other. Some kind of junkie-dar, obviously. She asks what he’s taking and he throws her a pill. It’s a hard-core tranquiliser and she says that he must feel like he’s walking underwater. Mahone agrees, saying that it’s quieter down there.

Sara brings up his headaches, says he probably doesn’t sleep any more and informs him that he’s going to destroy himself. Mahone is all, yep, probably.

He then moves the subject away from drugs and says he hopes they hear from her boyfriend.


Unfortunately, said boyfriend is currently coughing blood all over the kitchen floor. That’s unsanitary.

Evil Kim informs him that he’s not Mahone. While Mahone would keep him around in order to get Lincoln, Evil Kim will just kill him now and go after his brother next.

But, before the show can completely destroy itself, Evil Caroline steps in and demands to speak to Mr Scofield alone.

Evil Kim is not happy about this and wants to stay in the room. Evil Caroline is all, “Me President, you lackey. So GTFO, bitch.”

Once Evil Kim has gone, Evil Caroline addresses Michael. She says she’s impressed by the things he’s done for his brother. Michael says that he could say the same for her, but under the circumstances he really won’t. Really.

He then informs her that while he doesn’t have the tape with him, he can arrange for her to hear it. He explains that it’s a conversation between her and her brother, Terrence. Evil Caroline isn’t too concerned yet, she’s had thousands of conversations with him. Michael gives her a hint – it was recorded after his so-called death and refers to something that she will really want to keep in the family. Really.

Evil Caroline is obviously freaked out by the implications of this.

He tells her that he’s made twenty copies, all hidden in different locations, and if she wants to hear it Lincoln can play it over the phone. Evil Caroline suggests Linc come to them instead.

I guess Evil Paul and Evil Caroline are a good match. They both apparently think Michael is a complete moron.


Up in the motel room, Mahone is having a mini-breakdown and Sara tries some junkie to junkie bonding. Mahone is not impressed by the comparison. He doesn’t think having to stay up all night during your residency is quite the same as killing a guy and burying him in your back garden.

Sara points out that she’s seen people die too, but Mahone is still unimpressed since she didn’t, you know, kill them herself.

Mahone pulls out his gun and says for Sara’s sake he hopes her boyfriend calls back real soon.


In Mexico, Sucre returns to the house with a bowlful of cherries only to find it strangely empty. He moves from room to room, only to come face to face with Bellick and his strange, laser-quest looking gun. A taser, according to the internet.

Sucre begins freaking out, asking what he’s done with the women, but Bellick assures him that they’re just outside picking apples and unless he wants Maricruz to end up on the receiving end of the taser, he’ll come with him.


In an office on the loading dock, Lincoln sits in wait. The phone rings and it’s Evil Caroline.

Lincoln decided to take this opportunity to bitch about the fact that he was on death row for 242 nights but Evil Caroline just wants him to play the damn tape.

He does so and finally, FINALLY, we get to hear what was so shocking that we couldn’t hear it before. It starts off pretty innocuous, Whiny Terrence whining about being trapped up in Montana with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Tape Caroline assures him that it’ll be over soon. There are references to Lincoln’s frame-up, but only in terms of “his trial” being over soon and “his appeals” being exhausted.

Whiny Terrence wishes that he could see her and says that he thinks of her…. In bed.


Tape Caroline says she does too and Terrence goes on to talk about her warmth, her touch…

Evil Caroline slams the phone shut before we can hear any more.

So that’s the big secret that they’ve got to blackmail her with. Incest FTW!

Evil Caroline turns back to Michael to ask if Terrence died quickly when he committed suicide. Michael says he died faster than Daddy Burrows, who was shot in the back and died in his arms.

Evil Caroline says she just wants to know what happened. Michael tells her that Whiny Terrence apologised and offed himself. He assures her that it was quick and his decision. And now, she has to make hers.


My Hero Wheeler has arranged a meeting with C-Note, who is not exactly confident in Wheeler’s ability to stop Mahone. Wheeler asks C-Note to trust him and takes out a tape recorder, asking him to tell him exactly what Mahone told him. He says that if C-Note gives him Mahone, he’ll give C-Note his life back.


Down Mexico way, Bellick is escorting Sucre out of the house while regaling him with the story of Haywire’s suicide. He talks about all the money he’s going to get from this and says that if Sucre behaves himself, he might even send some bills Maricruz’s way.

Sucre asks how much he’s getting for them and, seeing an opportunity in the man’s greed, informs Bellick that he knows where he can get five million dollars. Substantially more than the reward money. Bellick wants to know where and Sucre says he’ll make a deal - he’ll take Bellick to the money if Bellick doesn’t turn him in.

Bellick again asks where, so Sucre informs him that T-Bag’s in town.


Evil Caroline is moving through the five stages of grief villainy. Having moved through Manipulation, Scheming, Murdering and Absolute Power, she is now on Sympathy, wherein the villain attempts to prove to the good guy that they’re not so bad after all, just misunderstood.

She laments that she just wanted to do what’s best for her country and she’s really just a pawn in the conspiracy’s game too. Honest. Because Michael is not a complete idiot, he ignores all this and instead gives her his terms. He wants to be released, without being followed, and a presidential pardon for him and his brother. No mention of Sara, who is also facing hefty prison time for her role in all of this…

Evil Caroline tells him that he’s out of his mind, she can’t just grant pardons willy-nilly. Michael tells her that she’ll be sent a file and all she has to do is sign it and file it with the Attorney General. But to make sure that she doesn’t go back on her promise later, he wants her to go and announce the pardon now, on live TV.

Evil Caroline relents but wonders how she can be certain that he won’t release the tape anyway. Michael says she can’t, she’ll just have to trust them. Then he calls her ‘Caroline’ and I’m a puddle of goo for the rest of the episode. He says it in a really breathy way and if I close my eyes I can imagine a completely different scenario and reason for his voice to be like that.

Er… carrying on with the story…

Evil Caroline heads into the hallway and tells her agents to let Michael go and announces her intention to pardon the brothers. Evil Kim is really, REALLY not happy with this turn of events. Evil Caroline pulls out the “I’m the President” card one more time.

A battered and beaten Michael walks out and exits the hotel, keeping his eyes on Evil Kim.


There is a knock at the door of the office that Lincoln has commandeered. I assume Derek is the manager of this site and that’s why no one else has come in this whole time. Derek brings with him three tickets, one cabin, one way. Is it ridiculous that I love this so much? I mean, there was never any question of Sara going with them but I just love how casual and normal it seems when put like this. I’m not sure I can explain it properly, because it doesn’t really make sense, but I love it.

He also brings with him beer and a $50 bill. Apparently when Lincoln first escaped, Derek’s friend bet him $100 that Linc would be caught within a week. Obviously that didn’t happen, so he figured he’d share his winnings.


Michael, clutching his ribs obviously in pain, walks down the street to the place where he arranged to meet Sara. He checks his watch and the road signs but no sign of his girlfriend.


That’s because his girlfriend is still on the sofa in their hotel room. Mahone begins some spiel about how he really doesn’t want to do this. He puts the gun down and fumbles around for his pills.

Suddenly the phone rings and Mahone orders Sara to pick it up. Instead she throws it at him and grabs his gun. Keeping Mahone at gunpoint, she takes her phone back and leaves the room.

Sara has escaped! Yay!

But, wait…

Mahone reaches into his jacket and reveals the clip from the gun. He phones Heartless Bitch and asks her if she got his message.

Heartless Bitch is standing in the lobby, watching as Sara comes down. She did indeed get the message. Mahone tells her to follow Sara, she’ll lead him to Scofield.


Evil Kim hurries down the street and gets into a limo. Pad Man is already there. Evil Kim tells him that pretty soon Evil Caroline is going to cock everything up by announcing a pardon for the brothers. He says that they need to take action.

Evil Kim is a bit perturbed by Pad Man’s lack of concern. Pad Man responds by slamming down a file labelled SONA.


Michael finds a payphone and calls Sara again. This time she answers, while sitting in her car. Michael tells her that their plan worked and they arrange to meet. Sara pulls out, and Heartless Bitch follows her.

Lincoln opens the office door to Michael, who happily tells him that they did it. Lincoln expresses concern for his little brother’s beaten up visage

He also tells him that Derek got them tickets to South America, which they totally won’t need now. They celebrate their impending freedom with a beer.


Just as Evil Caroline is about to take the stage and finalise the Presidential Pardon Plan, Evil Kim blocks her path. He tells her that the conspiracy knows her secrets too and really, which is scarier, Michael Scofield or a shady government organisation that has already killed countless people?

Evil Caroline realises that she is completely and utterly screwed.

She takes the podium and all the worry falls from her face and her voice is suddenly strong and confident. A true politician. She thanks Illinois for their support and goes on to say that a situation has come up. She says that as President it is her job to make rational decisions when given facts. Decisions that are in the best interest of the country.

Everyone waits for the big announcement. Lincoln, Michael and Evil Paul and watching on TV, Evil Kim is waiting at the side and Sara is listening on the radio…

…As Evil Caroline announces that she has been diagnosed with a highly malignant form of cancer and will therefore be stepping down as the President of the United States effective immediately.

Evil Kim looks constipated.

Evil Paul looks devastated.

Michael looks like someone just killed his puppy.

The brothers realise that if Evil Caroline isn’t the president then the tape is useless. She can’t pardon anyone.

There’s only one thing they can do now, and that is disappear forever.


My Thoughts:

I love how Michael said he loved both Lincoln and Sara. Not just because he openly declared he loved Sara (although that is great too) but because he placed the two of them together, on an equal footing. In the beginning it was all about Lincoln, he was the most important person in Michael’s life, but now Sara is just as high on his list. She’s his family now too.

But what will she do now? She has to notice that she’s being followed. Will she sacrifice herself so that Michael and Lincoln can get away? Lead the FBI in the wrong direction while the brothers escape? I think she loves Michael enough to do so. I kind of hope that she does, but in the end manages to get away and meet them in Panama or on the boat (or however they’re getting there.) Maybe sneaking up behind a really miserable Michael to surprise him. And this means that he doesn’t have to go back and break her out himself, because there’s no way he would abandon her. No way.

What is with Evil Caroline? Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on with her. I can’t remember why she was involved in the conspiracy in the first place. Why was Terrence involved? Did the Company help her get into power in the VP position and she let them use her brother in exchange for that? And what does she want now? If power is all she wants, there’s nowhere to go but down now. Her brother is dead, the Company has power over her by knowing her secrets, there’s nothing she can do, really. Seems like her only option is to disappear as well.

Which brings me to my next question, who’s the president now? Did she ever name a VP of her own? I know that Prison Break land is moving much slower than real life (it’s only been a couple of weeks since the end of season one), so maybe she doesn’t have one yet. I don’t know the protocol for what exactly happens when a person becomes President through the death of their predecessor rather than being elected.

I hope Sucre is ok. He and Bellick can go find T-Bag, things happen and in the end T-Bag dies, Bellick is arrested and Sucre lives happily ever after. Without the money, because I think he’d be happier without it. Maybe he could take it with him then give it to Michael, Sara and Lincoln when they pop in to visit on their way to Panama. C-Note can have some too.

Speaking of whom, yay he’s not dead! And it looks like he might help My Hero Wheeler bring down Mahone. Trouble is that the legitimate FBI seem like non-players in this game and it kind of feels like an annoying extra butting into the big dramatic scene with the stars. Nobody cares, we want to see the big guns!
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