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Prison Break Recap

Lookie, I have a fun new Prison Break icon! Just in case you were bored of the two that I was constantly using.

Episode 2.18 - Wash

Previously on Prison Break

Lincoln left LJ with Jane, a woman he had just met.
Evil Paul revealed he has a sister that he hasn’t seen in fifteen years.
Sara realised Bruce was the one who betrayed her when she called him for help.
Sucre and Maricruz met up in Mexico
C-Note turned himself in and agreed to find Michael in exchange for his wife’s freedom.
An NSA analyst recorded a conversation between Evil Caroline and Supposedly Dead Terrence. Daddy Tancredi was killed for it, Daddy Burrows told his sons about it. The three stooges retrieved it and listened to it. But we didn’t get to hear it.


And we STILL don’t get to hear it. But we do get to see the shocked reactions of the three who do, and hear Sara’s “Oh my God” at the end. Obviously this is big. So big that it would blow our tiny little minds.


FBI Land

Mahone is doing what he loves, drawing on photographs. He explains that Haywire’s dead and C-Note is in custody helping them find Michael and Lincoln. My Hero Agent Wheeler snarks at him, wondering what exactly the protocol is with that, so Mahone shoves his pen at him. Now, now boys. Play nice.

Four cons down and four to go. As well as the brothers, T-Bag and Sucre are still on the loose. Heartless Bitch says that there was a report from Mexico where Sucre was almost apprehended. Unfortunately for them, “almost” doesn’t cut it.

Before more can be said, Mahone is distracted by someone at the door. It’s bruised and beaten Bellick! Mahone quickly guides him into his office for a quick “hello and what the hell are you doing here?” session.

Bellick explains that he came for his reward money since he was the one who tracked down Haywire. He tries his own hand at being clever and snarky: “You see how a reward works, someone is rewarded with the money.”

Mahone is not impressed. And is even less impressed by the fact that his guy who is supposed to be on the down low has come to his office and shown his face to all those nice FBI agents.

Bellick, who still thinks he’s clever and has the upper hand, says that he doesn’t care and will go out there and “drop trou” if he doesn’t get what he wants. He follows this up by taking a seat and putting his feet up on Mahone’s desk.

But Mahone is having none of Bellick’s crap. He kicks his legs down and grinds his foot into the other man’s apparently twisted ankle. He tells Bellick “Patoshik died, you stupid son of a bitch” and explains that there’s a lot of paperwork involved when that happens, but don’t worry the reward will come. And that if Bellick ever comes to his office again, not only will he never see the cash, he’ll never see another sunrise.

I think I love you, Mahone.

But then he says he has another job for Bellick and asks if he’s ever been to Mexico.

Sorry Mahone, my love for you is gone. Leave my Sucre alone!


Chicago Hotel

The Fabulous Threesome are talking about the audio recording. Lincoln says if they take it to the media it will only be discredited like the tape. But… didn’t you deliberately make the tape look like a lie?

Michael says that there are people in the administration loyal to their father and they just need to give it to one of them.

Lincoln is very unhappy with the idea of giving the only thing that can exonerate him to the same government that set him up. He shouts about it. Michael and Sara are not intimidated because they know he’s really just a big softy at heart.

Michael says that they need to find someone they can trust. Genius! They never would have figured that out. Lincoln suggests Jane and says he trusts her. I would hope so, since you did leave your child in her care.


Somewhere in Chicago

Evil Paul is buying a sniper rifle out of the boot of a car. The man selling it to him lists a load of specifics but they all went over my head. I’m sure it’s very impressive though. He also says the serial numbers have been scratched off and the chamber scraped to throw off ballistics. Although unless you’ve managed to get a perfectly smooth chamber, which I highly doubt, I’m sure they’d still be able to match the bullet to the gun.

Evil Paul pays the man. Then shoots him. Evil Paul, I think you have a problem with this killing thing.



C-Note is in an interview room with a laptop surfing the net for fanfiction. He posted a message on saying that his daughter is sick and he needs help, but so far there’s been no reply.

Mahone is beginning to wonder why he needs C-Note at all, as Michael can’t actually see who’s actually on the computer. A fact that creepy old men take full advantage of. C-Note says that they need him because Michael’s smart and won’t come out unless he sees a familiar face. Mahone says he’s clearly smarter than C-Note since C’s the one wearing orange.

Ok, that was pretty good. I am grudgingly liking Mahone again.

The two of them bicker about it like children, shouting over each other until I can’t actually make out what they’re saying.

Mahone points out that he’s the one who got Kacee released, he’s the one who got medical care for Dee Dee, he’s the one who allows C-Note to have visits and he’s the one who can take all that away.

Yeah, and C-Note’s the one who can contact Michael. They both need each other.


Washington State.

It’s LJ! Woo! Haven’t seen him for ages.

Lincoln calls him and asks how he’s holding up, says he misses him. All the good father stuff. LJ is surprised since he didn’t know Lincoln had Jane’s number, but Linc explains that they exchanged numbers when they split up.

Sounds so… end of summer camp. Did they also promise to be best friends forever?

Lincoln explains that he didn’t call before because it was too dangerous, but now they’ve found something that could finally put all this behind them and he’s going to come and get him and they can be a family again. He says “You, me, your uncle and…”

And who?! WHO?! Is he talking about Sara? Jane? “Your aunt?” “Your stepmother?” I need to know!

Am I reading too much into this?

Stupid kid that he is, LJ interrupts his father, saying that he’s back in school now under a fake name and this is the closest thing he’s had to a home in a long time. For now he just wants to stay in one place and have something normal.

Uh… huh. A teenage boy turning down the chance to go on the run and take on a conspiracy in favour of going to school? Yep, my disbelief is officially suspended.

Poor Lincoln is pretty devastated by this and sadly asks to speak to Jane. They exchange ‘I love you’s. LJ and Linc that is, not Jane and Linc.



T-Bag has gone to see a psychologist. Huh. I mean, we all know he’s nuts but I thought he’d be the last one to admit it.



Lincoln hangs up and says that they have a name, Cooper Green, who has apparently been an ally of their dad’s forever. He hands the piece of paper with the guy’s name and number on it to Michael. Michael asks how LJ is and Lincoln just says he’s doing all right before turning away. Awww, poor Linc.

“Cooper Green’s office”

A receptionist answers Michael’s call and tells him that Mr Green isn’t available. Michael says he has important information about the sons of Aldo Burrows and this gets her attention. She puts him through to Cooper Green’s mobile phone.

Cooper Green answers and chats to Michael. He says he knows about him and knew his father, who was a good man trying to do good things. He’s also heard about the tape. Michael asks him to be at the statue of a Woolly Mammoth in the park wearing a blue suit with a red tie so they can identify him.

Lincoln asks Michael if he’s ready. Sara grabs Michael’s hand and wishes him luck. The hand porn is more sedate in the presence of the brother. After Michael leaves, Linc tells Sara that this’ll work. She seems uncertain and stares at the humidor key, her last link to her father.



Sara walks between the graves until she crouches down in front of her father’s, who was born March 7 1945. Only a few years older than my parents.

Someone comes up behind her and she turns to see Bruce approaching. He says he figured she’d show up eventually. So, what? You’ve just been hanging around the cemetery for days waiting for her to show up?

Sara’s angrily says that he’s done well for himself at her father’s expense. Bruce protests his innocence, saying that the conspiracy knew where she was because they tapped his phone. He points out that he’s known her family for years. Sara replies that this makes his betrayal all the more disgusting.

She also tells him that she’s already been tortured and it didn’t work. Bruce doesn’t even react to this, which seems a bit weird. He insists that he shouldn’t have to prove himself to her and if she doesn’t trust him then all he can do is wish her luck.

Sara looks uncertain. Probably weighing up the other people she’s trusted and have betrayed her in her life. Mainly Michael and Not Lance/Evil Paul.



In an interview room at Fox River, a prisoner is brought through the door. It’s Sucre’s cousin Manche! Who you may or may not remember from season one as the guy who did laundry and was in on the escape but was too fat to successfully make it across the wire and was immediately caught.

Bellick has come to talk to him. Manche insists that his time as a rat is over; he has protection now due to giving certain people first pick of the laundry. Prison is a weird place.

But Bellick has decided to take the honey over vinegar approach and lures Manche in with the prospect of an entertainment centre, widescreen TV, pinball and pool table at a minimum security prison. Which is where Manche will find himself if only he tells Bellick whereabouts in Mexico cousin Sucre is headed.

Nooo! Leave my Sucre alone!



Sucre and Maricruz arrive on the farm on the back on a truck. They look so happy.

And Sucre is so excited; he bounds down to the fence to show Maricruz the promised llamas. They look more like alpacas to me.

And just as I finish this thought, Maricruz says “I think those are alpacas.” See! Maricruz and I, we’re on the same wavelength. After all, we both find Fernando adorable.

Sucre: That’s what I said, alpaca llamas.

Adorable. Not too bright.

Sucre’s maternal aunt comes out to greet them. I know she’s his maternal aunt because she addresses Sucre as her sister’s baby boy, which seems like an odd greeting but maybe they do that in Mexico.

Sucre introduces his aunt to his Maricruz (so cute) and their child. His aunt is so happy. Sucre asks if they’ll be safe there and the aunt says of course, this is their home now too.

Oh god, she’s going to die, isn’t she?

(The last person I said that about was Kacee after she and C-Note talked about how happy they were. She didn’t die, but something bad did happen to her.)




T Bag says he feels like a penny on the train tracks, he keeps getting run over but he will not flatten. The therapist says the nice thing about pennies is that they have dates on, and they can be any date. T-Bag can just pick today’s date and have a fresh start as a shiny new penny.

What the hell is this shit? You can’t change the date on a penny just because you want to.

T-Bag laughs and says that he had no intention of talking when he came here but he’s actually finding therapy quite therapeutic. The therapist is, of course, confused and wonders why come in if you don’t plan to talk.

Well, Dr Stammel, my guess would be to kill you.

T-Bag says that he saw the ad on the bus stop and realised how alike the two men looked. The camera pans around to show the therapist’s face for the first time and he agrees that they are pretty similar. But he still doesn’t understand.

T-Bag stands up and grabs a conveniently placed metal statue from the windowsill right next to him. The therapist asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

God, you’re stupid. He’s going to KILL YOU.

T-Bag whacks him over the head and blood splatters his coffee cup. You know, after that nonsense about dates on pennies I’m inclined to think that T-Bag just did your patients a favour. Maybe they can now find someone who doesn’t talk rubbish.



Cooper Green stands by the mammoth when a nearby payphone starts ringing. It’s Linc. With binoculars, watching the man from his hotel window.

He tells Green to throw his suit jacket in the trash behind him. Maybe this is just an elaborate striptease.

Green is annoyed at having to throw away his $2000 dollar suit jacket. What kind of person spends that much on clothes? He deserves to be killed too.

Lincoln tells him to be at the fountain on the other end of the park in four minutes. That’s right, Green, run in your expensive suit!

Lincoln calls Michael, who tells him to make it quick since his phone is running low on battery. Linc tells his brother he was right, Green is being tailed. He watches two guys in suits through his binoculars.

The phone across the park rings. A homeless man answers but Green runs up to grab it off him. Lincoln tells him to get in the fountain. Heh.

As he does so, the two guys in suits watch and realise that the brothers want to drown any mikes they might have bugged Green with.

Green walks along soaking wet when a young boy hands him a mobile phone. He tells him that some dude gave him $20 to give it to the first wet guy he saw. I’m surprised that he actually did it and didn’t just pocket the money and the phone. Children are such brats these days. All smoking and swearing and knocking little old ladies over to steal their purses for booze money.

Oh, I’m sorry. I appear to have been possessed by the Daily Mail for a few moments. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

Lincoln calls the new phone and tells Green to go into the building opposite. Green is getting just a little tired of all these games. Linc explains that they’ve been burned too many times before and need to make sure this goes right.

The suits watch him go in and call Evil Kim. They tell him that Green went into the museum but it’s ok because they have men out the back and he’s not going anywhere.

Kim then calls Mahone to tell him to go to the park. Mahone finds it a bit weird that the brothers would come back to Chicago of all places. The only place less likely is probably the J. Edgar Hoover building.

Kim tells him not to question why the deer walked into his cross hairs and reminds him to take care of Franklin. Mahone protests that he’s using C-Note to find Scofield, but Evil Kim says that they don’t need him for that any more. What they do need is a death with no questions.

Mahone goes into the interview room to see C-Note. C-Note reports that he still doesn’t have a reply from Michael. Mahone starts getting emotional and says that he would have done the exact same thing in C-Note’s situation. He says C-Note is a good man and a good father.

He tries to rein in the weirdness and goes on to say that there’s been a change of plans. They’re not going to be needing his help finding Michael after all.

C-Note lamely jokes that they can set him free then. I’m kinda distracted by the magic chairs they have in this room, the kind with no back legs.

Mahone reminds C-Note of the deal that they made and says he just wants him to know that he’ll keep up his end of the bargain and help C-Note’s family. But he needs C-Note’s help too and it’s something C-Note won’t want to do.

Mahone returns to the emotional weirdness and swears that if C-Note doesn’t do this, he’ll have Kacee arrested and Dee Dee’s medical care stopped and he’ll hate himself but he swears he’ll do it.

Mahone: I will ruin their lives. Don’t make me.

C-Note is understandably confused. Mahone tells him that he’ll get a package in his cell later today and he has to use it. C-Note asks what’s in the package but Mahone doesn’t reply. He keeps asking, his voice rising to a shout at the end, but Mahone just leaves the room without answering.

Nooo! Don’t do it C-Note! You can’t die!



Green is in the museum lobby. Lincoln tells him to go up the stairs, across the catwalk, down the stairs and into the basement. Then through the white door on the left.


Nearby in Chicago

Bruce is telling Sara that he wishes she’d come to him first since he and Green go way back. He says that if anyone can help Michael and Lincoln, it’s his buddy Coop.

They walk up to Green’s receptionist and ask if he’s in. The nearby door opens and a man, who is not the guy from the park, comes out and greets Bruce. Bruce tells him that he can help with Scofield and Burrows. Green is all “who with the what now?”

Meanwhile Green #1, or Fake Green as we shall now call him, is wandering down the basement. He is once again getting annoyed, but Lincoln tells him that he’s in a whole other building now and the second door on the right is his final destination.

Back in his office, Sara is introducing herself to Green #2. She says she trusts that he’s met with Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows today but Green says he’s sure he’d remember that. Sara realises that if this man is Green, then who’s with Michael right now?

And right now Michael is introducing himself to Fake Green, who immediately asks if he has the tape. Michael shows him the USB Drive of Freedom.

Sara calls Lincoln to frantically tell him that the man Michael’s with right not is not Cooper Green. Run, Linc, run!

Fake Green tries to take the USB Drive of Freedom and tells Michael that it won’t be long before the Conspiracy knows he’s in town so he has to come along quickly so they can make sure the tape ends up in the right hands.

Michael asks whose hands those might be. Fake Green says a friend, but Michael wants him to be more specific. Fake Green says a federal judge, is that god enough? No, Michael needs a name. Fake Green tells him Judge Scott Warren, a lifetime appointee who has no job to lose, no loyalty to Evil Caroline and who wants to see her gone just like them.

Fake Green tries to get Michael to go back to his car. Michael says he was tailed so if there’s going to be a meeting the judge will have to come to them. Green whines about his clothes and says that Lincoln made sure to get rid of any tails. Also, he’s asthmatic and in about ten minutes he’s going to have a hard time breathing cos his inhaler is in his jacket pocket that he had to throw away.

Well, why didn’t you take it out then? Weak excuse.

He says he has a spare inhaler in his car so please can they go now.

Lincoln bursts into the room but the two have already gone.

Michael and Fake Green are walking out of the building. Michael asks him “Albuterol, cortisone or prednisone?”

I must digress here and point out what a hard time I’ve had with this. I’m sure he says cortizade, but that’s not a word or a drug. Cortizide is the closest thing I can find, but cortisone makes more sense in the context.

Anyway, Fake Green is a bit thrown by the question and Michael explains that his mother was asthmatic and he wants to know what Green uses in his inhaler. Fake Green says he’s a real piece of work and asks how many times he has to prove himself to him. Michael says just one.

Fake Green gives in and answers cortizade.

Bzzzzt! Wrong! But thanks for playing.

Michael signs, seemingly in relief and says sorry, but if he knew what they’d been through... Fake Green says he understands but can they please go to his car. They start walking and Michael knocks him out.

Lincoln runs up, a bit late.

And now for the drugs round up:

Albuterol is indeed used in inhalers to treat asthma. I find it a bit weird that Michael gave him a possible correct answer to guess. Surely it would have been better to give him three fake ones and a real asthmatic would know enough to say none of them.
Prednisone is an immunosuppressant. And may also increase the sex drive.
Cortizade isn’t anything.
Cortizide is a diet pill
Cortisone is a steroid hormone that elevates blood pressure and also suppressed the immune system.


Birmingham, Alabama Airport

T-Bag is at the counter buying a one way ticket to Bangkok, where the underage hookers live. The ticket lady says there’s nothing until tomorrow unless he’s willing to take a connection in Chicago and one other international stop. T-Bag wants whatever leaves first.

She asks to see his ID. Surely more specifically than that she needs to see his passport? Which brings up the question, did Dr Stammel keep his passport at the office or did T-Bag go to his house?

A baggage man comes up and grabs T-Bag’s bag saying he’ll check it for him. T-Bag grabs it back and some of the money falls out, which he quickly stuffs back in. This is to remind us that he has the five million. It’s been a while since it was mentioned so we may have all forgotten.

He insists that he’ll be carrying it but the man says that the bag is too heavy for that. T-Bag argues for a bit, saying that it makes no difference whether the weight is above or below but the man says it’s a violation of FAA regulations.

He assures T-Bag that his bag will be safe. Yet when he puts it on the conveyor belt nobody puts any kind of label on it. How safe is that? It could end up anywhere! Quick people, let’s all go to the airport to check for random bags full of money!



Evil Paul is sitting in his car listening to the radio talk about Evil Caroline’s upcoming speech this evening. He’s also fingering a bullet, which is kinda creepy.


An Office Somewhere in Chicago

A woman is telling a new guy to use both sides of the legal pad since the Comanche Tribe used all parts of the buffalo. Yeah, because that’s the same…

Evil Paul appears behind her to inform her that actually most Indians were very wasteful in their farming practices and the idea of them as conservationists is a myth created by white liberal guilt.

The woman is Evil Paul’s sister and they go off to have a cup of coffee. Kristy says she hoped she’d see him at dad’s funeral but Evil Paul says the man died long before his heart stopped and the funeral was merely a formality.

Kristy says that’s not fair and asks him if he wants to know how their mother is. Evil Paul says that just because someone spits you out of their crotch, it doesn’t make them your mother. Ah, Evil Paul. Your way with words is so beautiful.

Evil Paul goes on to say that the woman is insane. He asks Kristy if she remembers what she did to them or has she repressed it all? Kristy insists she knows and she was there every day, unlike Paul. Evil Paul says that he was there for eighteen years. Kristy is still upset that he left when she was ten and he was all she had in the world.

I’m starting to think of a Prison Break/CSI fanfic crossover with Sara as Evil Paul’s sister. Weird.

Evil Paul says he’d have taken her if he could and he thought about her every day. He also says that he’s not the brother she remembers, he’s changed in a really bad way to the point where he doesn’t know what good or bad is any more. He tells her that he’s going to do something that a lot of people will think is wrong, and he wants her to remember the brother she grew up with. He says he loves her then he leaves. She looks confused.


Chicago Park

Mahone, the Suits and Fake Green are in a circle talking. Fake Green says he was out cold and doesn’t know where the brothers went. Mahone wants to know if it was their idea to meet in a park in the middle of Chicago and Fake Green confirms that it was.

Mahone walks away to call Evil Kim, who answers the phone ‘Mahone’, which is kinda funny.

Mahone tells Evil Kim that he brought him in too late and the brothers are gone. Evil Kim says they’ll find them. Mahone wants to get this straight, the brothers return to a city that’s fifteen miles from the prison they escaped from. He wonders why they’d do that.

Evil Kim suggests it’s because Evil Caroline’s there. Mahone still finds it weird that of all the people there they want to meet with somebody from the Attorney General’s office. Evil Kim wonders what his point is. Mahone says Burrows is innocent.

Wait… he didn’t already know that?

Evil Kim snarks that Mahone is good, as advertised, but no one is truly innocent and Mahone of all people should know that.

So now that Mahone knows Lincoln is innocent does this mean he’s going to have a moral dilemma? Maybe help the brothers? Yes, I’m still holding out hope for that scenario. I know it didn’t pan out the last time I suggested it, but maybe it will now.


Hotel Room, Chicago

Michael realises that the person who betrayed them had to be the receptionist since he didn’t talk to anyone else.

There’s a knock at the door which has Michael and Lincoln looking worried. Surely they realise Sara’s not there and will need to return at some time. Or do they not even care that she’s gone?

Michael looks through the peep hole then looks back, uncertain. He opens the door to Sara who handles the introductions. “Michael Scofield, Cooper Green.” They walk in and Michael looks slightly unhappy. Probably because he’s so used to being the mastermind he can’t handle the fact that his girlfriend found the man he couldn’t. And, of course, now he can’t formulate another one of those elaborate plans that he likes so much.



The library cart’s coming round. Do they just get handed random books or does the guy know who wants what?

When the guy reaches C-Note he pretends to hand him a book, but actually gives him a book-shaped cardboard package. From Amazon?

Sighing, C-Note rips it open to reveal a rope with a hangman’s noose at the end.

Oh come on! That is going to be way too suspicious! People in prison hang themselves with their shoelaces or bed sheets. Do you really think nobody is going to wonder how exactly he got a proper piece of rope and tied a proper noose at the end? Evil Kim specifically said a “death with no questions.” This is going to be full of them.

Needless to say, C-Note looks shocked.


Scure and Maricruz are in bed. Sucre wants to get as much loving in as possible before the baby gets there. Maricruz asks why and Sucre says that once the baby’s growing in there, doesn’t it get kinda wrong? Ah, sweet, innocent Sucre.

They kiss a bit more then Sucre jumps back saying he felt the baby move. Maricruz laughs and says that’s not possible. Sucre insists he knows what he felt and Maricruz says that the doctor did tell her that the baby could become active after certain activities. Yeah, the baby knows when mommy and daddy are having sex. Woo.

When it happens again, Maricruz feels it and calls it a flutter. Sucre says “Flutter, my ass!” and announces that his kid is strong and is going to become captain of the national soccer team. He tells the foetus that as soon as he’s born, he’s going to put a soccer ball in his hands.

Maricruz protests that their son is going to have books. Sucre says fine, books about soccer.

Sucre tells Maricruz that he loves her, that he told her everything was going to work out, they’re out in the middle of nowhere, the baby’s doing great and everything’s going to be perfect.

Noo, Sucre! You NEVER say things like that! Everything’s going to go wrong now.


On a plane to Mexico

Bellick bothers a stewardess, asking her when the meal’s coming. She explains that in order to lower ticket prices they have eliminated meals from their service package. When Bellick asks what’s on the package she says pretzels and bags of Crispety Crunch. And the way she says that is so very amusing. Or maybe it’s just the existence of something called Crispety Crunch.

Bellick asks for pretzels and the stewardess tightly tells him just a few minutes. She then walks in to first class and who happens to be there? None other than T-Bag himself. He hands her his glass and asks her to freshen him up when she gets a chance. She smiles and says “Right away Dr Stammel” because, unlike Bellick, he is rich enough to matter.


Prison Visitors Room

Kacee tells C-Note that Dee Dee’s going to be ok thanks to him. C-Note seems very upset and says he needs to know that Kacee forgives him. She says of course she does.

He tells her about the time when Dee Dee was four and wanted to watch a video, but he was watching the game and snapped at her. He says she went into a corner and he didn’t even say anything to her. Kacee wants to know why he’s beating himself up over something that happened years ago.

C-Note starts crying and wants Kacee to tell Dee Dee that she means everything to him. He keeps repeating it and Kacee looks confused by how emotional he’s getting. He asks Kacee to tell her every day.

A guard comes in to say time’s up. C-Note is still repeating his request. He leans into Kacee, hugging her as best he can with his hands cuffed, and obviously not wanting to let her go. She kisses his head. I’m surprised that he doesn’t tell Kacee that he loves her too during this final desperate goodbye.

Kacee leaves and C-Note looks devastated.



People are lining the streets in anticipation of seeing Evil Caroline. They have pictures of her, but again no actual president to be seen.

Evil Paul approaches a secret service agent up on a balcony. He flashes his badge and bullshits him with orders to go somewhere due to a Boom Charlie or something. Whatever, it doesn’t matter cos he shoots him anyway.


The Park

Mahone dips his hand into the fountain water. Why, I’m not sure. Is it going to reveal its magic secrets?

He wonders why they chose that fountain specifically and not the one across the park. He looks at the map and the places where they brothers made Fake Green go. He realises that they wanted to keep him in their sights and works out that they were watching him from the hotel.


In Said Hotel

Green listens to the audio, which we still don’t get to hear. He asks the others if they know what they have here. No, they just risked their lives for fun! Michael says they have a pretty good idea.

Green starts writing down all the unique date from the memory key so they can identify it from any other, label it, start a proper chain of custody and get it to people he trusts. Looks like things are finally going the brothers’ way for once!

But wait! There’s a problem. The time stamp is the copy date not the recording date. Without a time stamp of when the conversation took place, they can’t prove it happened after Terrence was killed. The conversation could be from a year ago. It can’t be authenticated so it can’t be admitted to any court as evidence.

Lincoln is understandably unhappy with this turn of events. He says that people died because of this tape, his family died.

That strikes me as bad English, it implies that his entire family died and clearly Michael and LJ are still around. Also, Sara’s father died for this as well. Don’t exclude her! Unless of course you are counting her, and by extension her father, as part of your family. In which case, carry on.

Green says sorry, but legally speaking this tape is useless.


Lobby of the Hotel

Mahone enters and go to the reception desk, flashing his ID. He shows the woman there pictures of Michael and Lincoln, asking if they checked in. She says not that she’s seen. He then shows a picture of Sara. The woman says yeah and looks up her records. Wow, she must have a really good memory if she can remember exactly who someone is just from a picture. And lucky for Mahone she was working when they checked in.

She tells Mahone Sara’s in Room 1006 and he runs up the stairs.


Hotel Room

Michael says it’s not over, not when they’re this close. Lincoln is more pessimistic, saying that Green already said it, it’s done.

Green says actually he said the tape couldn’t help exonerate them in a court of law. Maybe it can help them outside the law. Lincoln asks how and Green replies that they all heard the conversation.

Oh, that’s nice. Rub it in that we still don’t get to hear it.

He continues on to say that there’s more to the tape than just proof of Lincoln’s innocence, it also contains proof of Evil Caroline’s guilt. Guilt of something she doesn’t want anyone to know anything about.

Michael realises that they should blackmail her. Green says he’s an officer of the court and said no such thing. Sara ignores this and asks him what they should blackmail her for. Hmm, what could they want? Money? New shoes? A city named after them?

Of course not. Michael states the obvious, they want a presidential pardon.

Lincoln: So the woman who set me up is going to set me free.

Michael thinks she’ll even sign it with her own hand.

That is if she can…

Chicago, Balcony

Evil Paul is all suited up and ready to snipe away with his sniper rifle. An announcement says the president will be arriving shortly and the secret service earpiece reveals that Evil Caroline will reach home base in T minus two minutes.



In his cell, C-Note is standing on his bed with the rope tied to the conveniently placed pipe running right above his bed. Whoever designed these cells is a moron. He places the noose around his neck.


He steps off the bed, saying “I love you.”

Noo! No, you did not just do that! Hopefully Mahone will run in and bring him back to life. It’s not that great a drop; he probably won’t break his neck so there’s still a chance to save him.

My Thoughts

I spent a lot of this episode shouting “Nooo” at my computer. You can’t kill C-Note or Sucre! I wonder though, if one of them will live. They’re both pretty similar, family men who just want to live the rest of their lives with the woman they love and their child, so perhaps it will be a case of two opposite outcomes. One gets his happy ending, one doesn’t. And sorry C-Note, but given the choice I’d much rather save Sucre.

Of course this is Prison Break so it’s highly likely they’re all going to die.

Annoyingly the one con who doesn’t appear to be in any danger at the end of this episode is T-Bag. The only one that I would be quite happy to see die. He used to be fun to watch in his repulsive evilness. Now he’s just dull.

Mahone. Ah, Mahone. He showed no obvious change in behaviour after finding out about Lincoln’s innocence. If he still goes on the same as before I will be very disappointed. But I wonder if he’s going to burst into the Fabulous Threesome’s hotel room and instead of killing them, will offer his help. This news has to affect him somehow. Lincoln is being used by the conspiracy just like himself.

Not so heavy on the Misa this week. I like that. This isn’t the Michael/Sara show but we still get hints that show they’re supporting each other and have a good relationship. And a few scenes here and there that focus on them. It’s how I wished Sydney/Vaughn went in Alias and how I hope Grissom/Sara goes in CSI. If the pairing is made a major part of the storyline, the writers feel the need to make up some stupid contrived plot to split them up and “keep the story fresh.” Yes, I am still bitter about the ridiculous “Sydney goes missing for two years and Vaughn gets married to an irritating British blonde” storyline that ruined Alias.

That’s not to say I would oppose some angst, you know, putting characters in danger, splitting them up so they have to find each other. Just as long as they’re still together relationship-wise and haven’t split up for their own good or some such rubbish.
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