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Prison Break

Prison Break update! Episode 2.17 - Bad Blood

Previously on Prison Break

Michael tied up Pope and whacked him round the head in order to escape way back in season one.
Sucre arranged to meet Maricruz in Ixtapa.
Michael told Sucre that if he ever got in trouble to go to C-Note overheard.
T-Bag and his new family left town.
Evil Kim subtly threatened Mahone’s family.
Dee Dee was, and still is, very sick.
Sara and Michael met up and went to a cigar club to use the key that she found with her father.

And now…

Location: Cigar Club.

Sara and Michael walk in, straight past the woman at the front and into the fancy club. While Michael waits at the bar and peruses the literature on the club, Sara goes into the back. Unfortunately for her, a man recognises her and asks to have a word. She says sure, then walks straight past him.

Michael’s spider-sense starts tingling and he heads off, though not before lifting someone else’s phone from the bar. The two of them meet up and hurry off through a back door, setting an alarm off as they do.

A police car turns up and they’re forced to run.


Location: Airport. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mahone is on the phone to his son in the hospital. The brat playing him can’t act and it’s actually very amusing to watch William Fichtner’s emotional angst-filled side of the conversation replying to the boy’s wooden line reading.

Cameron wants to know if his daddy is mad at him for not crossing the street properly. Mahone assures him that it’s not his fault the evil guys ran him down. Of course he doesn’t say that last bit.

Call waiting cuts the conversation short and Cameron hangs up before he hears Mahone say he loves him. Aww, poor Mahone.

The new caller is FBI lady, Agent Lang, who I still haven’t named. Although Heartless Bitch is a contender after this scene.

She tells Mahone that there has been a C-Note sighting in Minnesota, which is good cos he’s there, and that the daughter, Dee Dee, is sick so they’ve sent his picture to the hospitals and clinics so they can keep an eye out for him.

Heartless Bitch: With any luck, she’ll get sick enough and he’ll show his face.

You’re a horrible person, FBI Lady. You know that? Mahone agrees with me.

Mahone: You don’t have kids, do you?
Heartless Bitch: Nope!

Mahone then buys a cute ‘Get Well’ teddy bear. Awww.


Location: Outside Cigar Club

Michael and Sara make it back to the car with news of their failure. Evil Paul is not happy, no doubt thinking that if they’d just listened and let him go in they’d have what they need now. Michael says they have to make their move soon because it won’t be long before people start wondering why Sara was there.

Michael says that Evil Paul and Lincoln should wait there while he and Sara take the car for a romantic drive. Or to find the one person that can help them. Turns out that Warden Pope is mentioned on the back of the Cigar Club leaflet that Michael was reading. His favourite cigar is a Churchill.


Location: Pope’s House

Pope answers the door to find Sara on the other side. He is really not happy to see her, what with the jumping bail and evading of authorities that she’s been doing recently. Sara begs him for just five minutes to listen to what they have to say and if he still wants them to leave, they will.

Pope, being a sharp one, picks up on her use of the plural and asks who “us” is. So Michael appears from beside the door and stares Pope down with what has to be a 10 on the Blue Steel Stare-o-meter.

And I squee for ages. I don’t know exactly why, but I love this part so very much.


Location: Still at Pope’s House

Well, if he thought he was unhappy about seeing Sara then he’s going to need to find a thesaurus to work out how badly he feels about seeing Michael. Everyday words just won’t cut it.

Pope throws a tizzy, pointing out that Michael is a wanted criminal. You know, the kind of person he, Pope, has spent his life putting behind bars.

Michael points out that he puts guilty people behind bars and Lincoln is innocent. He neatly avoids the point that he himself is actually guilty.

Pope tells them to get out but Sara pleads with him to listen. He tells her that he would have said she should have known better but, well, after what she did last season he can’t really say her judgement is up to par.

Sara pulls out her big guns, figuratively, and tells Pope that her father was murdered and the key she’s holding was the only thing she could recover from his body. This seems to get his attention.


Location: Inside a car, driving somewhere.

T-Bag and his new family are on their way… somewhere. Susan takes on the usual role of back-seat child, asking where they’re going and complaining that the children are hungry. T-Bag tries to fob them off with a snack but Susan insists they need real food.

Finally they reach the promised land, a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. T-Bag mutters something about miscreants and squalor.

Susan: What is this?
T-Bag: My home.


Location: Mexico. Oh, you want something more specific? On the road to Ixtapa.

Sucre is driving along in Nice Old Man’s awesome mini car. Which conks out on him. On a deserted road with no one in sight. Crap.

But wait! Another car appears and stops when Sucre flags him down. And the driver just happens to be going to the airport too! What a stroke of luck!

Things are looking up for Sucre! That is until the driver gets a call over his giant walkie-talkie and informs Sucre that he’s airport security and an American fugitive is scheduled to fly in later that day.

Sucre looks down and puts his hat on. Yeah, that’ll help.


Location: Hospital. Minn, Minn.

C-Note guides his daughter into the waiting room then goes up to talk to the receptionist. He doesn’t get very far on account of not being a resident, not having IN-surance and not having a drivers licence.

As C-Note gets worked up about their lack of co-operation a security guard watches them suspiciously. C-Note insists that he knows the law and they have to see his little girl.


Location: Pope’s House.

Pope: I don’t give a rat’s ass about you or your brother.

Not the most promising start to negotiations.

Pope then lays the guilt on, pointing out that he took Michael under his wing, trusted him and treated him like his own son. And what did he get for this trouble? Whacked over the head and shut in a wardrobe.

Pope: What kind of man does that?
Michael: A desperate one.

This does not convince Pope, who goes to call the cops. Michael responds by pulling out a gun, literally this time, saying he can’t let him do that.

Michael: I don’t want to hurt you Henry
Pope: Said by the man with the gun.

Heh, go Pope!

Michael insists that he’s not the man Pope thinks he is and that he never wanted all this to happen, to go to Fox River and ruin Pope’s life. Pope points out that he still managed to do a good job of it.

Sara, who is also in a similar position, speaks up to tell him that he’s not saying anything she hasn’t said to Michael already. She insists that she’s looked into this and everything Michael’s saying is absolutely true. I imagine the near death experiences also helped with the convincing.

Michael: I just want my brother’s life back, for people to know the truth. I’d give anything for that, even give up my life.
Pope: Easy for you to say when you’re standing on that side of the gun.

Michael puts gun down and spins it around to face Pope.

Michael: What if I’m standing on this side?

Well, then you’re a bit of an idiot, aren’t you.


Location: Hospital

A hospital lady is trying to convince C-Note that there are better places to take Dee Dee. C-Note starts banging on about his rights again and the lady points out that this is a hospital, not a homeless shelter.

C-Note is very offended by this, although I’m not sure why. You are kinda homeless, aren’t you C-Note? Being on the run and all.

He eventually gives in though, but just as he’s leaving, Mahone turns up. There is a short chase through the hospital, wherein Mahone walks like a robot rather than running, and out to the car park. C-Note ends up on an auto train with Dee Dee clutched to him.

Mahone catches up with them but since neither of the men can convince Dee Dee to let go, and Mahone isn’t willing to risk shooting a child, the train doors close and they get away.

Just before they go, there is a wonderful moment when you can tell that Mahone sees the connection between himself and C-Note, both being fathers, and tells him not to let Dee Dee pay for his mistakes. Not like Cameron has done for Mahone’s.


Location: Pope’s House.

Pope looks shocked and says that he could shoot Michael right now and not think twice. Michael is confident he won’t though. He tries again to convince Pope, saying that they have the key to an innocent man’s freedom and they both know there’s something going on here, a cover up.

Pope says that he has no moral obligation to them and that as far as he knows Linc is guilty as hell.

Sara protests that he’s looked into this. Pope says yep, and the one conclusion that I came to is that it has nothing to do with me.

Michael pulls out his own figurative big guns.

Michael: Maybe there’s something I can offer you to make you change your mind.

Porn? Is it porn? It’s porn isn’t it.


Location: T-Bag’s House of Ruin.

The house is a dump, the windows are boarded up, there’s graffiti on the walls and a few bits of furniture scattered around the place, obviously broken and ancient.

T-Bag ushers the family inside and looks around psychotically. He pulls a cobweb covered cabinet away from the wall and removes a book from the hole behind it. It’s obviously old and well used and pretty water damaged. He holds it reverently.

Bible? No, dictionary. With words and arrows scribbled inside.

T-bag, crazy as he is, then begins to hear voices and the scene flashes back to his childhood. Little Teddy is watching TV while some men sit on the sofa having crude discussions about incest and calling him stupid.

Teddy’s father insists that his son isn’t stupid and says he’ll give them ten synonyms for any word they pick. The men pick ‘destroy’ and little Teddy rattles ten off in no time. Although I disagree with ‘mutilate’ and ‘quell’.

Teddy’s dad says that his son’s going to be president some day. Although he probably didn’t mean “of the white supremacist group, the Alliance for Purity.”

Back in the present, T-Bag smells the dictionary, before moving to a door and looking into the room to the past.

In the past room, Teddy is slumped on his bed while he father asks why he ain’t studying. Teddy says he’s tired and feels like a circus freak. His father insists that it’s in his own best interests, hands him the dictionary and touches him inappropriately.

He once again goes on about being president. But since the only studying Teddy does is apparently of the dictionary, I’m not sure that’ll be much help.

Susan’s voice calls T-Bag back to the present, asking what he’s going to do with them. In the past room, Teddy’s father gets up and closes the door on them. Ew.

T-Bag finally replies to Susan, they’re going to put down some root.


Location: On a Rooftop. Obviously.

Lincoln and Evil Paul are standing around and it would be so easy for one to push the other off, but they don’t. Instead they have a heart to heart about life and love.

Lincoln brings up the fact that Paul wanted him dead and was willing to send him to the chair for a crime he didn’t do. Evil Paul replies that he was just following orders. Lincoln wonders if maybe it was more than that, after all Whiny Terrence did say that Evil Paul was in love with Evil Caroline.

Evil Paul disagrees, saying that Terrence was crazy and that you don’t love someone who loves power more than life.

Lincoln: Bitter, huh?
Evil Paul: No offence, but you’re not capable of understanding the relationship.

Bitch fight!

Evil Paul then decides to cheer everyone up by saying that any way they look at it, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and they’re all going to die. Him, Linc, even Michael, which is a shame after all he’s done. He also says that he has a sister he hasn’t spoken to in fifteen years. I wonder if she’ll be significant later.

Lincoln still has faith. Evil Paul immediately tries to quash that with talk about a black hole that they’re all going to be sucked into. The only difference is that he’s going to make sure to take as many of them with him as he can.

Lincoln: She must have really broken your heart, Paul.


Location: Somewhere, watching Fox News.

According to the news, Evil Caroline is in Chicago for a fundraiser. But because Patricia Wettig is still busy, we only see a picture of her rather than her actually doing anything.

Evil Kim is watching the news, when a flunky comes in to tell him that Sara was in the cigar club in Chicago and that Daddy Tancredi has a private humidor there. Evil Kim calls for jet to Chicago immediately. I’d have thought that would take too long and he’d send people in to find whatever’s in there now.


Location: Ixtapa Airport.

Sucre is trying to get away from the security man as nicely as possible, thanking him for the lift. Not a minute after he leaves, another security guy comes out to show the driver the picture of the fugitive that they’re looking for. Sure enough, it’s Sucre. The driver cries out that he’s here and runs after him.

In the arrivals area, Teresa and Maricruz are looking around. Hey, it’s original Maricruz! Yay!

Teresa can’t believe that Maricruz still thinks Sucre is going to show. She says she doesn’t want to burst her bubble, but he’s let her down so many times already.

Just then, Sucre comes running up.

Maricruz: Bubble’s unburst!

Sucre grabs her and says he has three words for her. They are not “I love you”, they are “We’d better run.” He calls a quick goodbye to Teresa and they’re off. They make it outside, jump in a taxi and have some kissy kissy.


Location: In a Car Outside the Cigar Club.

Sara hands Pope the key. He asks if they’re certain about what’s in the box, Michael says no but it’s all they’ve got. Sara thanks him as he gets out and walks into the club.

Sara asks Michael if he’s sure about this, he says no. She points out that either way he still owes her dinner. When Michael queries this, she reminds him that in his first week at Fox River he told her that if he made it out, he’d buy her dinner.

I think I might die of the Misa goodness. Seriously. She remembers his week one flirting?! It must be love.

Michael laughs and says he’ll take her out for burritos. She says that anything less than filet mignon isn’t going to cut it. Michael declares it a date and they shake hands. Which then turns into hand porn, with thumb rubbing goodness.

Yep, I’m dead. No more recap.

Ahem, anyway.

Evil Paul and Lincoln are watching the entrance to the club. Ah, so that’s why they’re on the roof. Lincoln calls Michael and asks him how he pulled it off. Michael says tell you later and wants to know if Pope has gone in yet. He has. It should only take a couple of minutes so if he’s too long they’ll know something’s up.

Location: Inside the club

Pope is greeted by the man from earlier, who informs him about the excitement of Sara Tancredi turning up. Pope says he heard and, uh, next time don’t let her get away.

He heads to the back and finds Frank’s humidor. He unlocks it, takes out a small box and finds the USB Drive of Freedom. At least I assume that’s what it is. If there’s more than one USB drive of importance on this show I may go crazy.

He comes back out with a cigar and asks to borrow some guy’s laptop. The guy just lets him and goes back to his newspaper! WTF? I would not let a complete stranger waltz off with my beloved computer.


Location: T-Bag’s House of Ruin

T-Bag is clearing up beer bottles and calls for the “chidluns” to pitch in. Susan argues that he can’t do this to them, look at them!

Actually they look strangely fine for what they’ve been though.

T-Bag shuts them into a room and sits Susan down for a chat, telling her all his secrets. He says that he wouldn’t have taken her to such a sacred place if he meant her ill and that he’s not the animal she thinks he is, he’s actually the laws of karma all come down wrong, the sin of his father.

Susan does not understand his crazy ramblings and asks why he’s telling her this.

T-Bag says it’s because he loves her. He’s the last in the Bagwell line, the end of a corrupt breed, and he himself can’t have children, which gives him hope that there will be no more of his vile blood. He wants to end his blood line, extirpate it and start afresh with his new family. The children are his salvation and chance to make the world a better place.

He insists that he loves her and will do what’s needed to make this right. He just wants her to love him back, or learn to do so in time. He touches her face and asks if she can do this. She holds his hand on her cheek and actually looks like she’s wavering, but eventually says she can’t.

T-Bag stands up and actually looks shocked that the woman he tied up and kidnapped doesn’t love him back. Proof, I feel, of just how crazy he is.

The scene shifts and we see Susan calling from one of the windows at the bottom of the house, begging to be let out, while T-Bag sits forlornly in the garden. Next to an axe. Then he gives a really creepy look to camera. *shudder*


Location: Really Run-Down Clinic

C-Note takes Dee Dee inside, bypasses all the people in the waiting room who don’t complain at all (yeah, right) and when he gets no answer at the reception window, goes straight into the doctor’s room. Where the doctor is sitting at his desk, smoking.

Ok, yes, we get it. This is a bad place. No need for the anvils.

The doctor tells C-Note to wait his turn, but the $400 bribe the man offers is enough to have him looking at Dee Dee now. We find out that she has a kidney disease, PKD and that it’s normally under control but recently she’s not been doing so well.

As the doctor looks at Dee Dee, C-Note looks overjoyed that someone is finally helping him, but turns his face away and the worry comes flooding back.


Location: The Car of Love and Hand Porn

Sara is worried that Pope has been in the club for too long. Eventually he comes out, just as a car arrives and Evil Kim steps out.

Evil Kim: Hello, Henry.

Michael, Sara and Lincoln all look shocked, but I don’t see how they can tell what’s going on from their distance. Or if they even know who Evil Kim is.

Evil Kim goes the buddy route, saying he didn’t know Pope was a cigar man. Pope is, understandably confused, asking who Kim is.

Evil Kim says that they are colleagues, both in law enforcement. Pope protests that he’s not any more.

Up on the roof, Lincoln asks Evil Paul if he recognises that man. Evil Paul is all “oh, yeah.”

Evil Kim says that retirement must be fun, socialising over cigars and cognacs. But that’s not what Pope was doing, is it? He asks him to empty his pockets. Pope refuses and tells Kim to get out of his way.

Evil Kim drops the friendly routine and makes the gun he’s wearing visible. Kim demands Pope hand over whatever he found.

But, never fear! Michael is here! Michael starts the car and drives into Evil Kim (yay) before opening the door for Pope to get in. Well, if you doubted a conspiracy before, Pope, you can’t any more.

Lincoln and Evil Paul appear. Linc beats up Kim a bit more (yay) before getting in the car as well. Just as Evil Paul runs up, Sara locks the door on him (heh) and he is left on the street. Sirens sound from somewhere and he has to run.


Location: Outside T-Bag’s House.

There’s a doggy! Yay!

Dramatic music sounds as someone opens an outside cellar door. Susan and her kids jump in fright, but it’s ok. It‘s the police! The man explains that they got a call about a hostage situation. Susan is confused; no one knew they were there.

The scene cuts to T-Bag, phone by his feet, crying. Wow, I’m almost feeling bad for him. Almost.


Location: Run-Down Clinic

The doctor explains that Dee Dee is showing signs of renal failure. They can’t do dialysis there since neither the clinic nor Dee Dee is set up for it, but what he will do is put a catheter in her neck so that she can be examined by a nearby clinic.

C-Note is understandably not pleased by the idea of this guy sticking a big-ass needle thing in his daughter’s neck. He wants to know if they really have to go this far. The doctor explains that he’s doing the best he can but that Dee Dee is very sick and this looks like a desperate measure because it is.

But C-Note can’t do it. He makes the doctor stop and takes Dee Dee out of there. The doctor makes no move to stop him, even though he has no idea what C-Note has planned and that he could be endangering his daughter’s health.


Location: Outside of Pope’s House

After driving Pope home, Michael also gets out of the car, explaining that he made a deal. Lincoln wants to know what kind of deal. Michael says that if they got what they were looking for, he would turn himself in.

Lincoln is very unhappy with this arrangement. He turns on Sara, asking if she knew about this. She says not until Michael said it. But you could still seem a bit more opposed to the idea. And wouldn’t the flirting earlier have had a very different tone if you expected him to be going back to prison soon?

Lincoln says he won’t let him do this, that there’s no coming back from it. But he doesn’t really DO anything to stop it.

But Pope agrees with Lincoln, and says that Michael can’t expect the courts to show him leniency. Michael says that doesn’t matter, he said he’d hold up his end of the deal.

Pope says that he already did and that he listened to the USB drive. He thinks they really have something there, and there will be a lot of people who wish they didn’t.

Michael is touched and starts to say something, but Pope tells him to go and not to mistake this for forgiveness. Also, that he’s about ten seconds away from changing his mind. You know what, Pope? I don’t believe you. You know what the right thing to do is here.

Michael thanks him and they leave.


Location: An Alleyway, Somewhere.

C-Note is getting Dee Dee ready to go. He picks her up but then changes his mind and decides to sit and hug her for a bit longer. Right, because she’s not REALLY SICK or anything? I understand that you want to spend as much time as possible with her because pretty soon you won’t be able to, but still. She’s REALLY SICK.

C-Note: You know daddy loves you with all his heart, right? I love you so much. And I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry baby.

Rockmond Dunbar is amazing. I mean, he’s been great all along but this scene is just…wow.

He looks over to the payphone.

Elsewhere, FBI Lady, aka Heartless Bitch, calls Mahone to tell him he has a call and that he’ll want to take this.

C-Note: Is this the man in charge?
Mahone: Oh yeah
C-Note: My name is Benjamin. Miles. Franklin and I want to turn myself in…

C-Note says he’ll turn himself in if his wife goes free so that Dee Dee has her mother. Mahone says he doesn’t need to make a deal with him, but C-Note says he has something to offer.

Nooo! He’s going to tell him about, isn’t he?


Location: A Hospital Room.

Mahone walks up to a hospital bed and gives the bear he bought earlier to the child lying in it. The camera moves to show us that it’s Dee Dee, not Cameron.

He then goes to the hallway, where C-Note is waiting, and tells him that his wife was released an hour ago and will be there soon. C-Note wants him to promise she’ll be ok. Mahone tells him to just hold us his end of the deal.

C-Note: I will. I’ll get you Scofield.

Nooo, C-Note! Noooo!


Location: A Room.

Sara comes through the door with a laptop. From where? Are there just random laptops lying around, ready for her to grab? Where are they anyway? I can’t imagine they’d be stupid enough to go to her place, since her connection to them is well known, but it doesn’t appear to be a hotel either.

As well as appearing from nowhere, this is also the fastest booting up laptop in the world, ever. Seriously, they open it up and it’s ready!

The three of them gather round to listen to the USB drive. They put it in and it starts playing.

But we don’t get to hear it.

End credits.

My thoughts:

When was mentioned at the beginning, and they made a point of showing that C-Note overheard, I thought that C-Note was going to use it to get in contact with Michael and ask for his help. But it looks like he’s actually going to use it against Michael. I like my theory better, but it does have the problem that Michael is very busy with conspiracy issues now and probably doesn’t have time to go online as much as he’d like.

At one point I was also kinda hoping that they would meet up so Sara could be Dee Dee’s doctor, but it turned out that she needed a lot more than one doc with no access to proper medical supplies could provide. Shame.

The Pope/Michael reunion made me ridiculously happy. I think it’s because we never really got to see the fall out of Michael’s betrayal after it happened and now we do.

I loved the comparison between the two fathers trying to do what’s best for their children, even though it’s not what’s best for them.

I also loved the other comparison, that of Sara and Pope. They were both innocent pawns in the plan who had their lives irrevocably changed by what Michael did. But I wouldn’t say that Sara’s life was ruined, per se, since she now has Michael. Pope, on the other hand, has a case.

Having said that, however, they can both take comfort in the fact that what happened was for the greater good. This is not about one man freeing his brother any more; this is about a wide-reaching conspiracy that needs to be taken down.

There are comments online about how this episode demonstrates how badly the medical system treats poor people. Not being American, this all kinda went over my head so I may have come off a bit heartless in my comments. Sorry.

And, finally, the Misa goodness. Those two are so good together! Squee!

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