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The Return

I have returned! I shall now update you all on my weekend:

Saturday began with some mutual stalking. A guy at Farnham train station asked me about how to get to Waterloo. Then I saw him again in the underground at Waterloo, and then again after getting off the tube at Oxford Circus. But then we really did go our separate ways. My way involved meeting up with Bill, Cat and Pooka and going to Colchester Zoo where we saw various animals, including a really lazy white tiger who barely moved and penguins who just stood around pooing and wouldn't swim.

Then it was onwards to Canterbury for Bill's birthday meal at the Chinese place. Once again a vegetarian corner was set up and we guarded our food from bits of duck that went flying everywhere because people are apparently incapable of moving it from the middle of the table to their plate without spilling it.

Pub followed but I was le tired and didn't know half the people. Wii followed that, which was a lot of fun and kinda makes me wish I had one. Although it is definitely a group thing.

Sunday involved a lot of lemsip to try and counteract all the horrible symptoms of a cold that were plaguing me. Cat and I went to lunch and then to a coffee place where I beat her at Battleships and Chess. Possibly more happened, I don't know. I was pretty doped up.

Monday saw cold symptoms turn into raging headache and lemsip replaced with ibuprofen. It also involved pancakes, which were awesome, and Orange Street music provided by various performers including our very own Bill, which was also good. ;)

Which brings me to today, my trip back and my very first library rejection letter. I'm sure there are many more to come.
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