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Prison Break Recap

Episode 2.16 Chicago

I feel nervous posting this recap due to my love of the episode and my knowledge that anything I write will pale in comparison. But I have done so anyway, and have included the longest 'My Thoughts' section so far because I had so much to say about it.

Alas, there is no new episode tonight, we still have a week to wait, so the next recap won't be for quite a while.

Previously on Prison Break.

Evil Paul gave Sara an unwanted bath.
Michael sent his girlfriend a secret message in a video.
Bellick snitched to Mahone.
T-Bag played happy families.
Haywire took a quick detour on his trip to Holland to bash an abusive father to death.
Dee Dee was sick and the trip to get her medicine resulted in the arrest of Mrs C-Note.
Sara and Michael had a nice phone conversation about keys.
Evil Kim announced that the president could be useful.
Evil Caroline phoned Evil Paul.

And now…

Sara emerges from the train and wanders over to the station where Michael and Lincoln are waiting, while Evil Paul stands around the corner also watching her approach. He then gets a phone call from Evil Caroline, telling him that she’ll fix everything if he’ll fix the brothers.

Sara walks straight up to Michael and into his arms for a hug. No awkwardness, no uncertainty. Straight in there. And thus begins the Awesomeness.

After this wonderful moment, she shows him the key and explains that she doesn’t recognise the insignia on it. He doesn’t either, but he knows someone who might. Sara turns to see who he means and spots Evil Paul for herself.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is in bed with Susan, practically plastered to her back, and it is so very creepy. But just when you think perhaps this is getting too much to watch, the tension is broken by T-Bag’s comment that he’ll unlock the kids and make breakfast, which is one of the funniest lines ever and definitely in the running for best line of the episode.

T-Bag then cuts Susan’s own bonds tying her to the bed after quashing her suggestion that she get the kids instead. He’s nuts Susan, not stupid.

Stupid Susan then tries a different tactic, saying that Patty from the neighbourhood welcoming committee will be coming by later. Perhaps it would have been better not to warn him since now he has time to come up with a plan. Ah., I see. Stupid Susan’s own plan is to tell Teddy that she’s worried about him, if Patty recognises him it’ll all be over to the best thing would be for him to just run away now.

Are you seriously stupid enough to think he’s going to fall for that?

Before I can get too angry with the woman, the scene shifts back to Michael, Lincoln and Sara walking towards Evil Paul. I am sad that we missed the reveal, but pleased when the guys pounce on Evil Paul and Michael attempts to strangle him.

See, Michael is not just randomly beating him up. There is a logic to this – Evil Paul tortured and tried to kill Sara by cutting off her air supply, so Michael is doing the same to him.

Michael grounds out “You didn’t tell us you left her to die!” Which kinda implies he did tell him about the torture part. But we’ll just gloss over that for now.

Evil Paul tries to weasel his way out of it, saying that he was totally going to come back and pull her out. Honest. Sara keeps her cool and snarkily replies that no, he left her there.

But Evil Paul does have one thing going for him, he knows exactly what the key around Sara’s neck is for and where. Guess they have to keep him after all.


Haywire is back on his boat, being nutty.

Mahone is in his offices, being nutty. He wants wanted posters on all the gas pumps because maybe when the guys stop for gas, they’ll see the poster and realise that they’re wanted criminals and turn themselves in!

My new hero, Agent Wheeler, tells him that they have a lead on Haywire. Mahone doesn’t care about no stinking Haywire. Wheeler points out that he has killed a civilian. Mahone doesn’t care about no stinking civilians.

He gets a call from Evil Kim, which he takes in a room which still has all the codes up from ages ago. Evil Kim tells him to eliminate Haywire. Noooo! He says it’s because Haywire knows things about Michael’s escape. I really don’t think you have to worry about him spilling the beans though. The poor guy just wants to get to Holland. And even if he did tell anyone, would you believe him?

Back with the trains, Evil Paul escorts Michael up to a conductor and tells him he needs a whole carriage to himself to escort a fugitive. Again, one of the most wanted men in America is not recognised and the conductor asks what his crime is. Evil Paul says “Killing people.” Sorry, T-Bag. We have a new contender for best line.

Lincoln and Sara, meanwhile, are still by the station. Sara is sitting on a bench and Lincoln sits beside her. I squeal with joy because I have been hoping for a scene between these two for MONTHS! I think they’d be really good friends and I really want them to have more screen time together.

Lincoln assures Sara that once Evil Paul has outlived his usefulness, he’s gone. He also apologises for her involvement in this and says that it means a lot to him that she’s helping them. He puts his hand on her arm reassuringly, in the same way that she did to him back in season one just before his (failed) execution.

Aww, the future siblings-in-law are so cute together. I think this is also him approving of her being good enough for his baby brother.

Once Michael and Evil Paul have their empty carriage, Lincoln and Sara join them. Michael is already sitting in the middle, Lincoln moves to sit at the very back like a loner, Sara sits facing Michael (yay) and Evil Paul sits just across from them so he can stare at Sara smugly.

Sara is also fiddling with the drawstring on her hoodie a lot. I wonder if she’s nervous.

Mahone goes to visit his good friend Brad. He’s having a bit of trouble getting him into Ad Seg but he has a better proposition, pointing out Bellick’s previous skill at locating fugitives. Bellick replies by talking about wiping his arse. I wonder if he suffered brain damage during that beating.

Mahone offers to get him out if he finds some cons for him. Only this time it’ll be done unofficially. What? As opposed to before when he tracked them down for money?

Mahone says that he needs a dog. Bellick agrees that he is one.

Over at the Creepy House, Patty is complimenting T-Bag on his cooking. T-Bag explains that it’s a family recipe for hobo chicken, containing real hobo. You laugh, Patty, but this is T-Bag. He’d really do that.

Zach tries to lure Patty out to the garage under the pretence of showing her his new bike. Apparently stupidity is genetic if he thinks that has a hope in hell of working. It’s no surprise when T-Bag makes him sit down and finish eating.

T-Bag goes on to espouse the importance of discipline, saying that without strong guidance a boy could end up in prison. Well, if anyone would know about that...

Back on the train, Sara is flashing through her history with Evil Paul. From pies to lies. Lincoln is asleep so she asks Michael to get her some water and wanders to the end of the carriage. As she passes Evil Paul he tells her that it wasn’t personal, in that really smug way of his.

Coming up behind him, Sara attempts to strangle Evil Paul with her hoodie drawstring. Guess she’s forgotten her Hippopotamus Oath. She’s really going at him. Lincoln runs down the aisle and Michael returns and grabs her waist to pull her off. Lincoln then grabs Evil Paul to stop him from lunging at her and the result is quite amusing.

Evil Paul tells her that she gets one of those and if she tries it again he’ll…

Michael’s all “Yeah? You’ll what?” I love Michael.

The conductor knocks on the door, saying that two guys in the other carriage saw fighting. Evil Paul tells him to go away and stop paying attention to pot heads.

Once things gave calmed down, Sara heads out to the other part of the carriage, but not before pointing out “It’s nothing personal, Paul.” New best line? New best line.

Out by Fox River, Bellick is a free man in Illinois. Inside his sparkling new car he has a folder of information along with a gun and badge. He gets a crazed look in his eye thanks to the badge, because he is a small, small man who needs things like that to feel important.

Over at the Happy Family House, T-Bag is escorting Patty out the door. Patty says “Me and the girls” get together for a book club and I am overcome with the urge to slap Patty senseless. It’s “The girls and I”, woman!

T-Bag is also so enraged by this grammatical error that he declares the whole family has to move.

Elsewhere, C-Note and Dee Dee are in a diner. Dee Dee is sick again and just as C-Note is about to carry her out the front door, a guy with a gun comes in. If this happened to Michael or Sucre, the irony would be delicious. As it is, it’s still pretty tasty.

On the train, Sara has done what all teenage girls do when they’re upset and locked herself in the bathroom. Michael knocks but she tells him to go away.

Michael and Lincoln discuss the potential burial of whatever they find with this key, but Michael says that’s why they have Evil Paul.

Speaking of whom, Evil Paul makes his way out into the back part of the carriage to call Evil Caroline and discuss terms. She keeps going on about the brothers, which Evil Paul is not happy about. He’d much rather discuss what he gets out of this. She offers to make him Chief of Staff.

Back in the diner, Guy with Gun is being edgy and demanding. He wants money and he’s quite willing to hit the man who makes a break for it across the face with his gun. C-Note transforms into Negotiator Extraordinaire and takes charge of the situation, making the diner appear closed and moving all the people off to the side.

On the train, Michael knocks again and is this time invited in to what has to be the fanciest toilet on a train that I’ve ever seen. I would concede the possibility that since America is a large country and trains have a long way to travel, that the bathrooms would be nicer, except I have travelled on trains going across the second largest country in the world and they had nothing like this.

Seriously, it’s not only huge; it’s an attractive red colour and is probably nicer than many motel bathrooms.

I should probably get over this and move on with the story but damn, that’s a nice bathroom.

Anyway. Sara is lamenting all that she’s done wrong in the last few weeks, but at least she’s not using. Which is very impressive. Michael says that everything can go back to normal. Both Sara and I have a hard time believing this. Michael says that he has faith that things will be all right because it’s the only thing that keeps him going. Ever the optimist.

Personally I don’t think you can ever go back. But the two of them can build a new life together, and now they have each other to keep them going.

Sara says there are two things that keep her going. One is revenge for her father’s death and two is probably not something she would have said before. She then goes on to say that the first thing they tell people who take her job is never fall in love with an inmate.

Confetti falls, party hats appear and everyone drinks champagne! In my mind anyway. Because Sara has just confirmed that she loves Michael!

Michael responds to this by kissing her and it’s so good! They obviously both want this and feel the same and Sara’s smile when she looks at him is amazing. Proof that even in this terrible situation they still have comfort and strength in each other. I am so freaking happy right now, you wouldn’t believe it.

I do not even mind when the carriage jerks, interrupting the moment. Mainly because the moment had happened and there was nowhere else for it to go. Train bathroom sex is just tacky and not something these two would do, I’m sure.

It turns out there’s a block of police cars up ahead. The four of them make their way to the engine room, but it’s locked. So Lincoln climbs out and onto the train’s roof to get in through the side door.

Linc on a train. Awesome.

He lets the others in and they order the driver to speed up and ram the roadblock, which is really more of a track block but whatever. The block is made up of cars and amazing disappearing policemen who are there in one shot, then not, then there again and finally not…

Which is a good thing, since the train ploughs straight through them.

Elsewhere, Bellick is once again proving how he is really just a small boy playing dress up by sitting in his car practicing ways to introduce himself as an FBI agent. One of his options is to call himself a ‘federal’ but TV has taught me that a real federal would say ‘fed’.

He settles on “Brad Bellick, I’m with the Bureau.” I’d be more likely to associate furniture than the FBI with this, but then I really don’t like Bellick.

Anyway, the point of all this is to introduce himself to Billie-Bridget and point out that she’s a liar, liar, pants on fire since she said that Haywire was a beggar who was often found in town, but since the guy has a fear of crowds and strangers that’s not likely.

Aww, Billie-Bridget’s protecting Haywire. Those two should run off with each other and live in a windmill together.

But apparently she cracks, since Bellick calls Mahone to say he has a lead. Mahone is then snarky to Wheeler. Ooh, boy. It is on!

At the diner, C-Note is collecting valuables from the other customers so that Guy with Gun can just take what he wants and leave. Unfortunately Guy doesn’t want to go along with this plan and orders everyone into the storage room.

C-Note reveals himself as a wanted fugitive, much to the shock of all the other customers, and begs Guy to let him and Dee Dee go. Guy decides that criminals should look out for each other and allows them to leave.

But, just as they’re going, Guy grabs the waitress and tells her she’s going with him. C-Note, being such a good guy, can’t let this happen and tackles Guy, breaking his arm in the process.

Just then, the police arrive and it looks like all hope is lost.

When the cops come in and find Guy writhing in pain on the floor, they ask who did it. And the man from before steps forward to proudly take the credit. Nobody contradicts him. Yay, people! Meanwhile the waitress is leading C-Note and Dee Dee out the back door. Yay, waitress!

Haywire is rummaging through his stuff when Bellick appears and shouts at him to freeze. Haywire’s first action is to tell his dog to run, which is so sweet. He soon follows.

Back on the now slow train, the conductor calls up the driver and tells him that there are four jumpers, three men and a woman, and to call the police.

The four run through the trees and across a stream with the police in hot pursuit. They seem to be running very strangely. It’s not long before the police are close enough to shoot and order them to turn around.

Decoys! Always with the decoys on this show. One of them, the conductor, explains that they were told to jump off the train and keep running or they’d be shot.

Meanwhile, the actual four are able to just casually saunter off the train at the next stop. Right in front of the police.

Haywire runs and finds a grain silo, which he climbs. Not too bright, Haywire. Bellick finds him and calls Mahone. Noo! Mahone will kill him! He always kills them!

Michael and co have now decided to add stealing cars to their list of crimes and search for an unlocked one.

Evil Paul whips out his phone and calls Evil Caroline, wanting to know if she sent the police. She says pretty much exactly what she did before. And Evil Paul, we find out, is not stupid. He asks where they spent his thirty-fifth birthday, which of course Not Evil Caroline cannot answer.

Evil Paul: “Whoever this is, tell Bill Kim that he screwed up. Big time.”

Go, Evil Paul!

Haywire’s sit-in up on the silo has attracted an audience, much to Mahone’s chagrin and my delight. You can’t kill him with witnesses, Mahone!

Mahone climbs up the silo himself, popping another pill along the way, and I suddenly know what it is he’s going to do.

Mahone and Haywire have a heart to heart on top of the silo. Haywire desperately doesn’t want to go back to prison, he just wants to go to Holland. Awww. Haywire is breaking my heart here. Seriously. And Silas Weir Mitchell is amazing.

William Fichtner is also amazing as Mahone tells Haywire that he doesn’t have to go back to prison, but he can’t go to Holland either. And there is a way out.

Just as I’m about to burst into tears, we cut to the four stooges, who have made it to the Cigar Club where Sara’s key will work on a private humidor in the back. Evil Paul points out that since he is the only one in the car who is not a wanted fugitive, they should give him the key.


Michael just looks at Sara and says they should go for a walk.

My spirits lifted, we then return to the silo of despair. Haywire cries that he wants to go now and Mahone tells him it’s ok. Haywire climbs over the side and throws himself off.


Scenes of his extraordinarily long trip to the ground are inter-cut with Michael and Sara approaching the club.

When they reach the door, Michael stops her and says “Sara, about before… me too.” Yay! He loves her too! Although I do wish she looked a bit happier about it.

And finally, we see Haywire. Dead on the ground, his lifeless eyes staring into the camera, which then focuses off of him and onto his picture of his beloved Holland.


My thoughts:

I have already made it clear that I think this episode is awesome. The only weak points for me was the T-Bag storyline, but even that was made bearable by the occasional funny line.

I’m so pleased that Michael and Sara have acknowledged their feelings for each other and are facing whatever comes at them together. Now I just hope the writers don’t make up contrived scenarios to push them apart. There’s enough tension in the show already and it would be great to see the two drawing strength from each other and their relationship.

C-Note is such a good guy. In the first season he was a rude, racist bully, but now you realise that he only acted like that in order to survive in the prison environment and in reality he’s actually a very caring, moral character. At the beginning of this season he was one of the cons that I didn’t really care about being caught or killed but now I really want him to escape safely.

Evil Paul has gone up in my estimation for catching onto Evil Kim’s ruse so quickly.

Sara is an amazingly strong character; she didn’t collapse into a blubbering wreck at the sight of the guy who tortured her. But she’s also not a cardboard cut-out tough girl (yes, Jane, I’m talking about you) and we got to see that what happened did affect her and she couldn’t just let it go. I love Sara, I really do.

Haywire. Oh, Haywire. At least you’re finally free. Gone to that big windmill in the sky.

No Sucre. But I didn’t actually realise this until hours later, which just goes to show how great the episode was.

Best lines:

“I’ll unlock the kids and make breakfast” – T-Bag
“What’s he wanted for?”
“Killing people”
- Train conductor and Evil Paul
“It’s nothing personal, Paul” – Sara
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