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Ok, there must be something seriously wrong with me. I'm eating an apple and drinking water. What, were we all out of eclairs? Well, yes actually but that still doesn't explain behaviour like this.

It's the drugs! It's those drugs Mum's been giving me! I knew I was right to be suspicious of her.

I got info from Surrey County Council about student financial aid. It just reminded me that I need to go back to uni in September. I know it's six months away but I can't help but worry. I'm going to have to find a place to live again and this time I don't have my friend to live with me. I really don't see myself being able to cope in a house full of people, let alone strangers. I wasn't able to this year, what makes me think I'll be any better next year?

Maybe I should find another psychologist. One that actually seems to know what he's talking about this time.

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