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Minnie made it through the operation and came home today. Funnily enough, it's exactly two years after I got her and brought her home for the first time.

She's doing well, the vet said he didn't expect her to be quite so good already. One of her ears is now down by her leg as a result of the operation, which is quite cute. She has stitches and I need to give her antibiotics twice a day, which isn't going to be fun. She really doesn't like them as I found out before.

But so far she seems ok.

Yay Minnie!

I also have the latest Prison Break recap done...

Episode 2.15 The Message

Previously on Prison Break:
Michael did something pretty damn stupid.
Haywire obsessed over a picture. (And you know what him being in the ‘previously on’ bit means, don’t you? He’s gonna be in the episode!)
Sucre arranged to meet Maricruz in Ixtapa.
Sara went to NA meetings.
Terrence mocked Evil Paul for proposing to Evil Caroline. Then he shot himself.

And now…

We interrupt this programme for a Fox News special bulletin! You know, this fictitious bulletin on this fictitious show probably has the same amount of truth in it as the average Fox News report.

But that’s not the point! The point is Lincoln is on TV proclaiming his innocence!

Six hours earlier…

The three stooges are still in the room with Dead Terrence. Evil Paul suggests that the next time Michael wants to call a media circus, to do it from a room that has a back door.

Good job, idiot.

No choice now but to go out the front. Where there are reporters and police eagerly awaiting their big moment.

Evil Paul bluffs his way out saying he’s FBI. The local police seem very confused as to why he’d be there, which seems a bit weird. Surely they know the real FBI is looking for these guys.

The cop is still suspicious though and asks to see Evil Paul’s Fake ID once again. There is a scuffle and Evil Paul grabs the cameraman and points a gun at his head. Michael orders around the reporter lady, telling her to get keys and open doors. Chauvinist pig.

The three stooges, plus Camera Guy, hop in the car and drive off. Eluding the police once more. With law enforcement like this I have no idea how any crime is prevented in that country.

Mahone returns to the FBI, where his fellow agents have baked him a cake and put up party streamers to welcome him back. Ok, no they haven’t. They actually greet him with wariness and the oh so exciting news that Bellick and Mrs C-Note have been arrested. Mahone is not impressed.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, someone calls to tell him all about the latest blunder in the farce that is this manhunt.

Lincoln, meanwhile, is driving their newly acquired car with Michael next to him and Evil Paul and Camera Guy in the back seat. Evil Paul shows his nice side by promising not to blow Camera Guy’s head off as long as he doesn’t move a muscle.

Sara is mentioned. Good to see they haven’t forgotten her existence.

Michael tells his brother to pull over at a big empty building thing and gets out the car. Lincoln wants to get rid of Evil Paul. Michael cryptically says they can still use him.

Over in Fox River we see Bellick in the infirmary. Guess his beating happened off screen, although the evidence of it is still clear on his face. One of the other inmates is around, cleaning up and telling Bellick that there’s still more to come. Not good.

In Montana, Camera Guy is sitting against a wall while the other three confer on the other side of the room. All through this Camera Guy has seemed strangely calm and not at all scared for his life. There’s none of the terror that I would expect would accompany being held captive by three people with guns, two of whom are convicted criminals.

As the guys stroll back to where Camera Guy is sitting, Michael just happens to casually mention going four hundred and fifty miles in six hours.

Sucre has found a new lady, Norma. Norma is the bus that he is currently on taking him through Mexico. You can tell it’s Mexico because everything is colourful, there are religious icons everywhere and chickens ride on the bus. And Sucre sticks out like a sore thumb,

A nice old man starts chatting to Sucre, who tells him that he’s heading to Ixtapa, which is apparently a thousand miles away. When the man asks Sucre what’s there, he replies “Everything in my life.” Awww, Sucre you old romantic.

The man correctly deduces that Sucre is talking about a woman, to which Sucre responds “The woman.”

DOGGY! Personally I love dogs and this alone is enough to make me happy. But I also know whose dog that is and finally, after many weeks of “what about Haywire?” he’s here!

He’s also rooting around in a dumpster with an apple in his mouth muttering to himself about his raft and why it didn’t float. So… would you ask this obviously mentally disturbed man to buy you beer? If you’re the two teenagers who approach him to do just that, yes. Yes you would.

The girl is played by Kaley Cuoco so I’m torn between calling her Bridget and Billie. Bridglie? Billget?

Anyway, Haywire asks if he can buy some food for his dog too, which is very nice of him. Go Haywire, you crazy murdering psychopath, you! The teens tell him whatever, he can even keep some of the beer if he wants. Haywire declines, saying that his dad drinks.

Camera Guy is back! He walks through the newsroom in kind of a daze, which I would describe as more happy than post-traumatic so I wonder if maybe the reason he didn’t seem too scared before is because he was stoned. He hands a tape to the reporter, telling her she’ll want to see it.

As Mahone and his guys are doing whatever it is they do with that giant map of theirs, their attention is drawn by the TV. Aaaand we’re back at the beginning of the episode. Linc is proclaiming his innocence. This time he goes into more detail about his wrongful imprisonment and Whiny Terrence killing himself.

The camera pans to include Michael, who begins talking about the conspiracy and their wicked ways.

And who else is watching this breaking news story? SARA! Oh yes! Also, Evil Kim. Who is seriously rattled by what’s going on. He actually looks scared and starts shouting at a nearby agent, spit flying from his mouth, demanding that the tape be stopped. The agent points out that it’s already on TV. Evil Kim tells him to set Florida on fire or whatever he has to do to make the number one story something else. Are we looking at yet another potential member of the Crazy Club?

Down Mexico way, the bus pulls into Calomatillo, where the old man gets off wishing Sucre luck. It doesn’t seem to work though, since the driver has noticed that Sucre has been getting a free ride and kicks him off. Poor Sucre looks so heartbroken I want to give him a hug.

But all is not lost! Nice Old Man comes up to him, asking Sucre to cook his chicken in return for a place to stay. Sucre originally refuses (and calls Nice Old Man ‘boss’…) but changes his mind when he sees the car outside the guy’s house. Oh Sucre, please don’t steal from Nice Old Man.

In FBI-land the agents are watching the brothers’ video message, looking for clues. Crazy Mahone wants a transcript and someone to talk to Camera Guy.

Then Michael mentions the man himself, Alexander Mahone, ratting him out for all those pesky murders he committed. The other agents look at him warily but Mahone dismisses the claims, saying “the guy’s nuts.” Pot, kettle…

Haywire returns from the shop and actually managed to perform the task asked of him. Impressive. After handing off the beer he starts gathering the wood he has collected. The teens ask him what it’s for and he explains that he’s building a raft to Holland and takes them to see it.

I wonder if he’s planning on using their dead bodies to keep it afloat.

Billie-Bridget asks if he even has a map. Haywire says he does and shows her the painting. Rather than saying “That’s not a map, moron.” she tells him she hopes he makes it and explains that she often thinks of just leaving herself. She’s impressed that he’s actually going to do it.

When someone is impressed by Haywire’s plans you know there’s something very wrong with the world.

They laugh for a bit and when she goes to grab another beer he notices the bruises on her wrists and grabs her hand. He seems genuinely concerned when he asks her about them and she just says that her dad drinks too. The concern becomes creepy, however, when he refuses to let her go.

The male teen (who doesn’t get a nickname cos I have no idea who he is) calls Haywire a freak. Has it really taken you this long to notice?! YOU FOUND HIM IN A DUMPSTER!

Bellick is still in the infirmary, looking longingly at the window where Michael and co escaped from. Nurse Katie (Woo! She’s back!) comes in and he tries flirting with her. It’s painful. He asks her not to move him back to Gen Pop so quickly and she seems to be thinking about it. Then he blows it by asking her to leave the door open for him when she leaves. Moron.

Camera Guy is talking with an agent, detailing how his impromptu shoot went down and dutifully relates what Michael said about four hundred and fifty miles in six hours.

Mahone draws a circle on the map with a four hundred and fifty mile radius, trying to work out their next move, when his phone rings. It’s Evil Kim, wanting an update. They discuss cities and realise that the three are going after Evil Caroline, who’s speaking in Denver six hours from when the tape was made. Wait… wouldn’t that be now?

A close up of the map reveals that Denver is indeed on the line of the circle. In fact it’s EXACTLY on the line, which annoys me to no end. There’s no way it would work out that perfectly.

In the car, the stooges are listening to the radio which has details about the latest big story, dismissing the tape with just a few words. Lincoln mentions that it’s going to be difficult to get to her, but Michael says that’s the easy part. It’s what they do after that that’s the problem.

Now, when I watched this I immediately assumed they were talking about Sara. But it has since been brought to my attention that we’re supposed to think they’re referring to Evil Caroline. Maybe I’ve been watching this show too much. Or maybe it’s an indication that they should stop with the fake outs since we’re all on to them by now.

Mahone though, doesn’t seem to have caught on yet, and sends people to watch Evil Caroline but not make their presence obvious. Agent Wheeler objects to using the president as bait. Mahone asks if he has a problem with him. And what does Agent Wheeler say? Does he go “No sir, you’re right as always.” No he doesn’t. He says “Yes.” Go Wheeler!

Wheeler also tells Mahone that Internal Affairs has asked that all of his moves be run through them first. Well, that’ll take forever!

Mahone pretends this doesn’t bother him and goes off to sulk.

Evil Kim is giving Pad Man an update. No, that’s not a nickname I made up; he really is referred to on the official website as Pad Man. He’s the guy who only communicates by writing on his notepad. They talk about the various merits of informing Evil Caroline that people are coming to kill her but in the end decide that if she can’t be bothered to return to the show for more than a few voiceovers then she doesn’t deserve their time.

Sucre and Nice Old Man eat their chicken that just a few hours ago was happily clucking away on the bus. Nice Old Man tells Sucre that his wife used to cook for him but she died a week ago. Aww, poor Nice Old Man! He directs Sucre to the bedroom, but the escaped convict is more interested in the car keys he’s seen nearby.

He really does it. He steals Nice Old Man’s car. Oh, Sucre.

Mahone is watching the tape again, with a small army of agents and some guy who apparently analyses things like this. He points out that all the brothers’ body language indicates that they are lying about being framed and Terrence killing himself.

A quick flashback shows that this is exactly the impression they are trying to give, as Evil Paul coaches them on the proper tells for dishonesty. Apparently this will keep the feds busy, unlike the truth.

Michael is very obviously tapping his hand on his leg but for some reason Mahone only just seems to notice this rather than immediately jumping on it the first time the video was shown. It’s Morse code for ‘the water is warm’, which another flashback reveals to be meaningless jibberish that Michael hopes the FBI will take a while trying to work out.

Indeed, one of the agents starts going on about rivers and changes in water temps, but Mahone has it sussed. He realises that the secret service agent they’re travelling with has probably let them in to all the profiling secrets and this is all a distraction for what’s really important on the tape.

And who’s important? Sara’s important. Michael directs his next bit to her, saying he knows he can’t ask for another chance, hopes she’s found her safe haven and that he regrets taking her to the place that’s every doctor’s nightmare. He’s considered many ways to apologise to her but in the end he can only arrive at one.

Sara herself is in the fanciest library ever, watching the tape over and over again on YouTube. Just so she can hear Michael’s voice. Or, to work out what he’s trying to tell her.

It obviously means something to her because you can almost see the light-bulb go on above her head as she reaches into her bag for a blue book.

Mahone meanwhile has noticed that Michael seems more sincere when addressing Sara than on the rest of the tape. That’s because he loves her!

Mahone realises that this is all about Sara and orders his lackeys to get everything they have on her, up to and including anyone who has ever sent her a thank you note. Right.

Sucre is speeding along in his stolen car when flashing lights appear behind him. It’s the police! Is this the end of the road for our beloved Fernando?

Apparently not. The police return Sucre to Nice Old Man explaining that they recognised the car but not the driver. Nice Old Man thanks them, saying that it’s good Sucre came back since he forgot to give him gas money. Then he hands over a wad of cash that he just happened to be holding after being woken up in the middle of the night.

The police ask if they should bring the car back but Nice Old Man says no, Sucre can walk to it. Then he tells Sucre “Find your girl. Then find grace.” I like to think he sees himself in Sucre and is doing this for the memory of his late wife. Nice Nice Old Man.

FBI Agent Lang, who I really should name but I keep forgetting who she is, tells Mahone about Sara’s life based on her credit card receipts and doctor’s appointments. Apparently our dear doc has not had sex in quite a while. And I find it so creepy that the FBI knows that.

Lincoln is perusing a newspaper, which details how they killed an innocent janitor up in Montana. Evil Paul assures him that once this is over everyone will know the truth.

Evil Paul wanders away to give the brothers some time to talk. Lincoln brings up the point that this might all be a ruse on Evil Paul’s part in order to reach Sara since he knows she has something. I’m still waiting for the big reveal of what he’s already done to Sara that will hopefully have Michael beating the crap out of him.

Back with Haywire and the Teens. Billie-Bridget says goodnight to her nameless boyfriend and goes into her house where Drunken Abusive Dad is waiting. DAD grabs her arm and when she storms off he decides to teach her some respect and, in order to facilitate this, grabs a fire poker. Fortunately for Billie-Bridget, Haywire is there to whack DAD round the head and beat him with some kind of blunt object.

I would say that he’s projecting his own abusive father onto hers and is doing to this man what he wishes he could do to his own father but can’t. Except I’m pretty sure he killed his parents.

Mahone is back in Fox River, asking Nurse Katie about her friendship with Sara. Don’t help him Nurse Katie!

Nurse Katie doesn’t have anything to offer, but Bellick might. In exchange for a move to Ad Seg. I’m ashamed it’s taken me this long to work out that Safe Haven is probably a reference to Narcotics Anonymous. I only think about that now cos I remember that Bellick and Sara first met at a meeting so he’ll probably know the reference.

And indeed I am right, almost, Another Chance and Safe Haven are out of the big Alcoholics Anonymous book. Although the internet informs me that NA doesn’t actually use the AA book, so this bit doesn’t really make sense.

Also, does Michael carry a copy of the book around with him? I doubt it, so how does he know all these references?

Anyway, Another Chance, Safe Haven and Doctor Bob’s Nightmare are chapters in the book and in the latter chapter is mention of St Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio. Once again, HOW WOULD MICHAEL KNOW THIS?

A big sign shows us that Michael and Linc are indeed standing by the entrance to St Thomas hospital. And by this I mean, they are standing in full view of the public with people just strolling past them. And they’re doing this right after releasing a video that most of America has probably seen, giving a pretty good idea of exactly what they look like. They’re still wearing the same clothes for crying out loud!

Lincoln, ever the pessimist, suggests that perhaps Sara doesn’t actually want to come. After all, she left him in Gila. But Michael hears a call over the PA system, announcing that Michael Crane has a phone call at the front desk.

He walks up to reception, talks to the receptionist and is still not recognised. He takes a deep breath before answering the phone and my shipper heart swells with joy as Michael and Sara talk again. And, you know what? I’m just going to copy and paste the whole conversation because it’s so good:

Michael (answering phone): This is Mr. Crane.
Sara: It sounded better than ‘origami’.
Michael: Even if you got the message, I wasn’t sure you’d respond.
Sara: I couldn’t get to you in time. This is the only thing I could think of.
Michael: I swore I’d leave you alone. But I had to contact you.
Sara: Because I have something?
Michael: How’d you know?
Sara: Michael, back in Gila, I was coming back to you. Somebody…grabbed me, and they, um…they told me that my father had given me something.
Michael: Did someone hurt you?
Sara: Uh, I got away. Uh... (sighs) Michael, I want for this to be over.
Michael: That makes two of us.
Sara: Do you think that’s possible?
Michael: With your help, yes. It’s just a question of looking at whatever it is your father gave you.
Sara: It’s just…it’s just a key.
Michael: Well, we’ll figure it out. Together.
Sara (sighs): I like the sound of that.
Michael: Me too.

I love that Sara was smart enough to pick something so relevant to them. And I really love that Michael gets riled up at the idea that someone hurt her. And I really, really love that she likes the sound of them working together. Hopefully this means no more separation. Yay!

Outside, Evil Paul has a call of his own. It’s Evil Caroline telling him to come back, all will be forgiven and she’ll sex him up like he always wanted. Ok, so she doesn’t say the last part but you can tell that’s what he’s thinking.

Personally, I think it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t really her on the phone but a composite made of other things she’s said, put together in a very professional way. But perhaps she just has a weird voice.

I’m sticking by my theory that this is a ruse concocted by Evil Kim and Pad Man though, and that Evil Caroline has no idea what’s going on.

Michael emerges from the hospital after having arranged to meet up with Sara. Police cars are approaching so they quickly drive off. Evil Paul asks if Michael talked to Sara and Michael says that in a few days this will all be over, one way or another.

Evil Paul gets a look on his face that does not bode well.


My Thoughts:

Michael and Sara! Michael and Sara! Michael and Sara! I really hope their reunion is good and not a horrible let down.

Best line of the episode has to go to Mahone during his conversation with the video analyst guy:
“His voice. Would you say he sounds sincere when he’s talking to her as opposed to when he’s talking about their crimes?”
“I guess you could say that.”
“I did say that. Would you say that?”

The AA book is the same one that Sara kept the origami cranes in that Michael sent her at the beginning of season two. She kept them in the Safe Haven chapter. So much symbolism there…
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