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I Hate the Future

My head hurts and already I want to kill myself. And that's only after filling in two application forms.

I'm giving up on the third one because Warwick are fucking stupid. How am I supposed to list all my qualifications from school, college, university and professional bodies when they've only given me twelve spaces?

Whatever. I didn't want to go to Warwick anyway.

But it's still really depressing to have to skip over all the employment sections of these forms because I am so fucking useless I've never actually had a proper job. Also the fact that most of the things I put down as "relevant achievements or activities" are about ten years old gives away the fact that I am a complete and total loser.

And I've just realised I missed the deadline for the Institute of Classical Studies Library. Not that they would have wanted me anyway, but I thought it was worth a shot cos it seemed really interesting.
Tags: librarian, unhappy, work

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