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The Technological Conspiracy

This is annoying. I managed to get on sd-1 long enough to write a PM and reply to one thread before it stopped working. And my computer is clearly against music. First the headphones connection messed up so I only get sound in one ear, then I had to tape it in in order to hear anything. Then Windows Media Player stopped opening so I started to use Real Player. Now Real Player won't open either.


I'm currently using QuickTime. Any guesses on how long it'll take for this to mess up?

While I'm here:

A is for... asexual, could you live without it - Although I've not had it yet I'm going to say no.
B is for... bisexual, well are you? - Yes. :D
C is for... can of worms, what's the latest one you've opened - Um, possibly my religious ranting.
D is for... doubt, what do you doubt - Everything. Life, existence, religion, the government, myself.
E is for... evil, how evil are you - Corrupting Americas youth? Pretty evil.
F is for... friends, would you die or kill for them - Die, yes. Kill? I don't think so, but then I can't be certain what I would do in certain situations.
G is for... greenery, what's so good about nature - It's beautiful and magical.
H is for... history, how hard is it to let go - Too hard sometimes.
I is for... icons, who are your inspiration - My mother.
J is for... job - what do you do / want to do - I'm leaning towards being a librarian.
K is for... kids, do you want them, how many & when - Yes, when the time is right. I prefer to let things happen naturally than plan too far ahead.
L is for... love, do you believe in it - Yes, I believe it's the most important thing in the world.
M is for... money, is it the root of all evil? - No. Sometimes I think religion could be though.
N is for... nice guys, would you date them? - Sure, if I liked the guy as a person.
O is for... operations, ever had one? - Nope. But I have had teeth extracted and ingrown toenails cut out.
P is for... penises, opinions please! - Rather ugly and strange, but useful in some cases.
Q is for... queens, love em or hate those gay queenie boys - Depends on what they're like as individuals.
R is for... reading, what book have you got on the go at present - Memoirs of a Geisha (still) I hope to read The Da Vinci code soon.
S is for... sleepwalking, do you do it? - least not that I know of.
T is for... threesome, would/have you do/done one? - No, to me sex is a deeply personal thing between me and the person I love.
U is for... untimely, who met an untimely end and what message would you send - Well, the only people I was close to who have died have been my grandparents and they were old and it was their time.
V is for... video, have you taped yourself during sex, or would you - No, I'm too paranoid there's no way I'd risk anyone seeing it.
W is for... waterfalls, any thoughts about them you wish to share - They're pretty and it sounds like there's one going on right now outside with all this rain!
X is for... ex's, what percentage of them do you keep in contact with? - 50%.
Y is for... yawning, how many times have you yawned today so far - You know, that's not something I keep count of. Wonder why. Although now I've yawned about five times thanks to this.
Z is for... zoology, i.e. beastiality, would you go there - Definitely not. And I wonder if all the zoologists in the world know about this?

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