Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Capital Idea!

So, Paul and I went to London. It was awesome. I did not spend as much money as I thought I would though because everything was so damn expensive. We found a Canadian pub and had Molson for the first time in Britain. It was also expensive, but worth it.

And as if that wasn't enough, we bought some Mountain Dew. Oh yes, we had the Dew. In fact, I still have some Dew in my fridge. Woo!

Other highlights include winning £4 on the pub games machine, making cheese scones and a huge mess and watching Quentin Tarantino related episodes of CSI and Alias.

When I was at the station I saw those 'where will you find him' posters for the Myspace Is This Jesus page. Firstly - Myspace? Home of bad music and sparkly shit? So much for creditability. Secondly, with a name like Is This Jesus I'd expect a site where people can upload pictures of random stuff and everyone else can vote on whether or not it's Jesus. And then the one with the most yes votes can be our new god. Knowing the internet it'll probably end up being a cat, and we all know they consider themselves gods anyway.

In other news, it is cold and wet and the poor pony looks so miserable down the field. I took him some polos but I wish I could bring him inside. :(
Tags: canada, friends, london, religion

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