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Driving Woes

Things that were not good:

1. "Remember I said to keep your foot over the clutch unless you're in fourth gear." No, actually. You said to keep my foot over the clutch in built up areas. Also, ow.

2. Stupidest woman alive, who probably won't be alive for much longer if she keeps going the way she is. I'm in Farnham at the crossroads that aren't really crossroads cos it's a one way system so you can either come from a road or go down it, but not both. The pedestrian light has turned red and our light is now green, so what does this woman do? Walk out in front of me. But she can't actually cross the road cos the person next to me is not a dithering learner like myself and has actually begun driving away. So what does stupid woman do? She stands right in front of me in the middle of the road and looks around like she can't work out what to do now. She only moves when someone else calls her back to the side of the road.

3. Guy who beeped his horn at me. I have no idea why you did that, but my instructor swore at you so I guess I didn't actually do anything wrong and you were just being a jerk. Thanks so much.

4. Roads that don't go anywhere. With cats that look terrified and make you paranoid that you're going to hit them even as you move agonisingly slowly to turn the car around.

5. Reversing round a corner. Leaning around to see out the back makes me dizzy. I think it's a low blood pressure thing since it happens even when I'm not driving. But knowing that doesn't really make it any better.

Things that were not so bad:

1. I got up to fifth gear.

2. A car drove past me playing Christmas music.

In other, but still driving related news, I have important information for people coming to my house in the dark. For years my house has been easily identified by the lone white light out front in a row of orange. But alas, the light has been struck down and is now lying broken on the pavement. I really hope that when it's fixed they use another white light so we'll still be easily identifiable. But the point is that for the moment, our house is now the one next to the gap in the lights.
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