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Presents! Yes, Presents!

I have been Christmas shopping. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. And I got to see Paul in his tres chic Waterstones T-shirt.

I still don't really feel Christmassy though, so I have a plan. It is a plan I have been thinking of for a while actually. I want to meet up with people, exchange gifts, have drinks, bake cookies and watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. And any other Christmassy movies/activities other people bring along/suggest.

This will probably only work as an overnight thing, since that not only gives us enough time to do all the things I said but also allows everyone to drink. Since this is my idea I offer my house as the meeting place unless people would prefer someone elses if that's ok with them. (Not that I'm trying to invite myself over anywhere, but it may be easier for other people and I don't want you to think you have to come here, far out of the reaches of civilisation.)

What do we think? Feasible? I have a cookie recipe book and Christmas shape cookie cutters that will be very sad if they are not used.
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