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Prison Break Recap

Episode 2.13 - The Killing Box.

Previously on Prison Break:
Sucre boarded a plane to Mexico and visions of Buddy Holly flashed through my head.
Dr Sara escaped Evil Paul with creative use of an iron.
Evil Kim deleted Evil Paul from existence, reducing him to his alias – a man named Owen who sells jerky.
Bellick was arrested.
Susan confronted T-Bag all the way back in season one.
Kim subtly threatened Mahone’s son.
Michael called Sara but was unable to talk to her thanks to Crazy Mahone smashing his car into theirs.
Mahone is ready and willing to shoot Michael and Lincoln…

And now…

The standoff is still going. Mahone wants to shoot them in the back, because he has no honour. Lincoln wants him to let Michael go (sure, that’ll happen.)

Mahone screams “I WANT MY LIFE BACK” complete with crazy, crazy eyes that alas cannot be truly captured in The Sims. You’ll have to watch the episode to truly appreciate the Crazy.

Michael: And would you kill two innocent men to get it?
Mahone: Oh yeah, definitely. No doubt.

And, just as it looks like curtains for our intrepid heroes…

The US Border Patrol shows up and ruins all of Mahone’s plans. They take the brothers into custody.


On a plane, somewhere over the US/Mexican border, Sucre is thirsty. However the pilot has bigger problems what with Border Patrol jets coming to shoot them down.

He tells Sucre that the only way out is to jump. So Sucre gets a really, really short crash course in parachute operation and they’re away.


Kim is watching TV, waiting for Sesame Street obviously, when he happens to notice the story about Michael and Lincoln being taken into custody. That does not make him happy. Then he hears the bit about Mahone being the one to bring them in. That really does not make him happy.

Elsewhere, Evil Paul and the guards at Fox River (where the prisoners escaped from, in case you’ve forgotten) are listening to/watching the same story.

In the FBI headquarters, it is again announced that Lincoln, with Michael this time, is in custody. That didn’t work out too well last time, now did it?

Evil Kim is then called in to see “him”, a shadowy figure that fills even the incredibly evil Evil Kim with dread. Yes, he actually looks scared!


Over in Kansas, T-Bag has found a veterans bar and notices some of these guys have shiny prosthetic hands, unlike his unsightly stump. He asks a very rude ex-military guy where he can get one. The guy says that if T-Bag can figure out how to make his hair stay up in that nancy way, he can figure out how to get a hand.

T-Bag agrees, and might he just say that your hand is looking mighty fine at the moment.


Michael and Lincoln are in a holding cell. Woe is them.

Mahone wants to take them to Fox River himself, or at least be in the transport van. The New Mexico police are having none of it. Even cherries on top won’t sway them.

Michael just wants to call Sara. He thinks if he can do that, everything will be ok. She’ll find the USB Drive of Freedom, Lincoln will be proved innocent and the authorities will conveniently forget his own criminal offences.


There is a new warden at Fox River who promises that things will be a little different around here! For one thing, there will be no more glaring opportunities for prisoners to enact elaborate escape plans. Also Lincoln is going to be executed as soon as possible and Michael will be spending the rest of his life behind bars.


Evil Kim calls Mahone to complain that the brothers are a little more breathing than he hoped. He tells Mahone to put a bullet in their heads, now. Mahone points out that doing so in the middle of a police station full of armed cops might be a bit of a bad move for him.

Evil Kim responds by rattling off the address and description of the house where Mahone’s family live. See, Evil.


Back in Kansas. T-Bag, complete with pilfered prosthetic hand follows a drab woman into a bar and sits next to her while she eats her lunch. They flirt over food on face and wine. Apparently telling a woman you had broccoli stuck between your front teeth for a day is a sure fire pick up line, who knew?

The lady is charmed by T-Bag, despite the fact the he looks a complete mess.


In a Kansas courtroom, Bellick is denied bail and once again that ill thought out phone message comes back to haunt him.


Over in the police station, Mahone wanders around an abandoned room full of things that make it impossible to recreate in The Sims. But the important thing is it looks like he’s about to commit suicide. But he doesn’t.

And then it looks like he’s going to go out and shoot the guys in the holding cell. But I bet he doesn’t.


Sara is walking down a street in her torn clothes revealing bloody wounds. And nobody bats an eyelid.

She calls Michael and her speech makes my heart go all aflutter because not only does she need him to be ok, she just needs him. She also tells him that she didn’t leave him in Gila, something happened, and he’s the only one she can trust.

Awwwww! Now, I know she’s desperate and he is probably the one person she CAN go to right now, but this seems like so much more than that. She actually WANTS to go to him.

Also, when this was happening, we saw Michael’s phone ring in the police station, right where he could see it, taunting him.

Lincoln: Who do you think it is?
Michael: Can only be one person.
Lincoln: Telemarketer?


Evil Paul phones Kim and they have a snarky exchange. The mysterious man is there and communicates to Kim by writing on a notepad.

Anyway, Evil Paul reminds Evil Kim that he knows all about the naughty things Evil Caroline has done and could be a far worse threat to her administration than Lincoln.

But it’s ok. He’s not there to threaten. He just wants to prove himself, and will do so via his sneaky plan involving an inside man in the New Mexico police.


T-Bag and his Ladyfriend have just done it. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Ew. I am surprised he didn’t just kill her but I guess that just means he still needs her for something.

The Ladyfriend laments that she’s a loser. She says she’s plain and all her relationships are with married men who just want something on the side.

Well, Ladyfriend, maybe that’s because they know you’re so easy you’ll sleep with a creepy guy you just met in a bar a few hours earlier!


Mahone, having failed to get in the transport van, is in a nearby car talking with Evil Kim on the phone.

Evil Kim explains that Evil Paul has a plan to stop the transport outside Albuquerque (which, as I’m sure you’ll remember, is one of the places that Mahone mentioned a couple of episodes ago, saying he’d catch up with Michael whether it was today in Gila, tomorrow in Albuquerque or down the road in Panama) and kill the brothers.

Evil Kim goes on to say that Mahone’s job is to make sure that in all the confusion, Evil Paul finds himself with a bullet in his head.

Crazy Mahone says that makes him Jack Ruby and I’m not sure you want to be so obvious about your role in a murder when there’s a guy right next to you. Just because he’s driving does not mean he’s deaf.


Inside the van, Lincoln and Michael are bonding.

Lincoln: Hey man, thanks for everything you did to break me out.
Michael: No problem, you’d have done the same for me.
Lincoln: …You think?

Lincoln drifts off into flashback mode and we see that it was his delinquent behaviour that got him and Michael kicked out of foster homes. Current Lincoln is regretful that he’s always getting his brother in trouble. Michael points out that he got him out of some too.

The brotherly bonding makes them uncomfortable and they look away, only to notice that the padlock for their chains is undone. Can these guards really be that stupid?


Back in the courthouse, Bellick’s lawyer is advising he take a deal which will send him to prison for 25 years because otherwise he might get the death penalty.

Because…the fact that he was at the hospital at the time Geary was murdered isn’t enough of an alibi? What the hell?

Bellick agrees, on the condition that he serves his time in Chicago so he can be near his mother. I’d have thought he’d want to be as far away from the convicts he used to torment as possible!

And may I take this opportunity to point out that Bellick in an orange prison jumpsuit and chains is a glorious image.


Still wandering around in her bloody, tattered clothes and drawing no attention whatsoever, Dr Sara comes across a television shop.

And all her hopes are dashed by the sight of the news that her future husband and brother-in-law have been recaptured and are on their way back to Chicago.

Guess you’re on your own now, Dr Sara. Is the desperation setting in yet?


The prisoner transport van has been stopped in a tunnel by another vehicle blocking the road. Lincoln and Michael have been left alone inside, the padlock unlocked, the door open and the guard’s keys sitting right opposite them.

Michael: Either New Mexico has the most inept cops EVER or this is a trap.
Lincoln: Woo hoo! Inept cops.
Michael: I was thinking the other way, Linc

Mahone is out in the tunnel, urging them to take the opportunity. Because he knows that Evil Paul is nearby ready to shoot their brains out.


Over in Kansas, T-Bag has arrived to pick up his Ladyfriend for dinner. She is so surprised that he actually came and I would feel sorry for her if she were not so stupid. T-Bag asks her if she could go to the computer to look up a forwarding address for him. See, the reason he chose her was that she works for the post office and has access to things like that.

But would a woman on the run from a dangerous criminal leave a forwarding address? Apparently yes.

Once T-Bag has the address, he has no further use for her. So it’s no surprise that it’s at that moment she sees the wanted poster behind him and realises who he really is.

Not long later we see T-Bag leaving the post office…

And Ladyfriend’s legs sticking out from under her desk. It’s probably for the best that he killed her. I’m not sure I could live knowing that I’d had sex with someone like T-Bag.


Bellick has been taken to Fox River. He seems to be under the impression that he can just hang out with the guards, watch sports and get on a work release program in a year. When you put it like that, his decision to do his time in Fox River doesn’t seem so stupid.

Except the new warden is a hard-ass and wants to make an example of him. So, Gen Pop it is.

And his new cellmate?

Avocado. Who you might remember from season one. If not, here’s a quick recap:

When Tweener wouldn’t tell Bellick what he wanted to know, Bellick put the teenager in a cell with Avocado knowing full well that the guy would rape him six ways from Sunday. After a bit of this, Tweener could take no more and took a razor blade to a very important part of Avocado’s anatomy. Not that he didn’t deserve it. Fortunately for Tweener, he escaped before Avocado recovered.

Now, the trouble with the Sims is that you can’t show differences in height and size very easily, but let me just say that Avocado looms over Bellick. The ex-CO is really not in for an easy ride here.


Sara is in a bathroom staring at herself in the mirror. Then she takes a razor blade and attacks her reflection. I don’t know why. The only reason I can think of to do that would be to dull the blade, but I don’t see why she would want that.


Sucre is running free through the Mexico desert. The pilot…not so lucky.


In the transport van, Lincoln manages to convince Michael that escape is their best option. Sure, it’s an obvious trap but if they don’t take it then they’re going to end up back in Fox River with no chance of escape. And Lincoln will be dead within a week.

He also says that Sara may be dead already, which is a horrible thing to say to your brother, Lincoln. Michael looks suitably devastated by that idea.

They run to the door behind the railings and are quickly followed by shouting law enforcement officers. Except Mahone, who slips off the other way.

There is a lot of running through stone hallways, while Evil Paul hangs around outside trying to look cool.


Elsewhere, T-Bag has found Susan. She also seems to be a bit stupid. I mean, come on. The guy who explicitly threatened to come and find you has just escaped from prison, thus proving he is pretty resourceful, and you just throw the door wide open without bothering to see who it is. And THEN you don’t even look up for about ten minutes because you assume it’s the food delivery guy and are trying to find your money.

But, as T-Bag says, Teddy’s home!



The tension is high. Mahone is pursuing Michael and Lincoln through the stone hallways. Light and shadow combine to enhance the atmosphere.

Mahone seems to think that them going up to a different level is “improvising”. I’d have said this whole escape thing was improvising, myself.

Michael says that if he doesn’t make it, he wants Linc to find Sara. My interpretation of this is that his concern is for both of them. He knows that Sara has what Lincoln needs to prove his innocence, but he also wants her to be protected and wants him to find her before the others do.


But now, let me take a moment to mourn the great loss of this episode…

Sara’s hair. It is no longer long and red, it is shoulder length and darker.

Actually it’s not too bad; in fact it looks quite good on her. And I am so very relieved that she did not go short and/or blonde. If she had I think I might have cried.

But back to the story, Dr Sara is at a bin, throwing away her old life. There is a poignant moment when she looks at her Fox River ID and the old Dr Sara smiles up at her before she too is consigned to the bin. This Dr Sara will never be her again.

Poor Sara, all alone. I really hope she and Michael reunite soon.


In the stone tunnels, Crazy Mahone and Evil Paul have cornered Michael and Lincoln. Evil Paul pulls out his gun, takes aim and…


Shoots Mahone!

He goes on to explain that Evil Caroline ruined his life as much as she did theirs and he wants to help them take her down. He will be their man on the inside.

I’m not sure about that, since I always thought an inside man had to actually be inside and Evil Paul is definitely persona non grata with the conspiracy.

And I don’t think Dr Sara is going to be pleased when they’re reunited to find her boyfriend working with her torturer.

And does Lincoln remember Evil Paul from season one? You know, when the guy tried to kill him?


My comments:

Not too bad of a cliffhanger. I can live with that for a few weeks.
I really hope Sara and Michael meet up again soon though, and STAY TOGETHER this time.
I’m not sure what Michael and Lincoln will make of Evil Paul’s offer. I’m certain they won’t trust him, but will they try to use what he’s offering? Although they don’t have any evidence that he’s not been put up to this by the conspiracy, they don’t know he’s fallen out of favour with them.
Yay Sucre! You go get your girl, papi! Then, after everything has died down, you and she can live next door to Michael and Sara in the Central American Village of Prison Break Happiness. Lincoln will be nearby, maybe he’ll have someone with him. Hopefully not Jane. LJ will be dating the local girls and the C-Note family can come too. Once they’ve broken Mrs C-Note out of prison, of course.

I must also say that I loved Evil Kim’s funny lines. And the lawyer had a great line too. I wonder who wrote this episode?

And as regards Bellick, I now want to re-watch season one and all his scenes where he’s rude or nasty to the convicts, knowing that soon he’ll be one of them. I also want to see if I can work out which cell he’s in.

Sim comments:

Making a Sim Story is harder than it looks. But it can provide some amusement, and I’d like to share what I found to be the best bits:

In the first house of Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Mahone, Guard, Evil Paul and Evil Kim, the only one capable of taking care of herself was Sara. All the others wandered about complaining as their bars went further and further down.
Evil Paul wants to be a criminal. Makes sense.
The new Warden’s lifetime want is to be a criminal mastermind. Makes less sense.
Lincoln was always walking around in his underwear, which made taking pictures difficult cos I’d have to make him get dressed first.
Bellick and his lawyer had a pillow fight.
Sucre wouldn’t run. I had to make him skip to get the picture.
One of T-Bag’s fears is being enemies with Susan. I think that’s inevitable, T.
In the house of T-Bag, Ladyfriend, Susan, Sucre and the pilot, they managed to set fire to the kitchen THREE TIMES.

And, well, you know how I was critical of the Ladyfriend being so easy in the episode? Well, Sim Ladyfriend obviously took note and it took FOREVER to get her in bed with T-Bag. They just didn’t want to fall in love…or even like each other most of the time. Just as I was building their relationship bars something would happen and they’d drop down again.

Finally, a demonstration of the kind of weirdness you can get when you use cheats to set things up:

Overall, I’m not very happy with the pictures. I didn’t think to resize the camera or change the picture quality, which would have made them a lot better. And now I can see things in the pictures that I thought I had kept out of the frame but were obviously concealed by the bar at the bottom.
Also I realise there were quite a few instances when I should have zoomed in further. Either the problem came because I was trying to show too much of the surroundings (I was very proud of Ladyfriend’s bedroom and wanted to show it off) or because I just gave up trying to fight with the game. It gets really annoying after a while of trying to move in slightly only to find yourself looking out the back of the Sim’s head.

Oh well, lessons learned for next time. If there is a next time!

Yes, I know it’s rubbish. Sorry.
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