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I really should go outside more often, I've just been in the garden and it's beautiful. There are forget-me-nots everywhere creating a lovely purple blanket on the grass by the middle path and strawberry flowers poking out between the cracks on the steps. There are gooseberries on the gooseberry bush too, I tried a couple but they're not quite not-quite-ripe yet. (I like to eat them before they've ripened completely.)

There are also pigeons fighting on the patio. I guess it's not all beautiful!

In other news, I can't get to sd-1. Probably because there are so many people there most likely complaining about Alias not being shown till January. I would feel sorry for them, if we didn't have to wait till March to see the new season. And that's assuming there'll be a channel willing to show it at all!

What else? Oh, I've had some feedback of my story on my writing course. Mostly positive, which is good but quite a few people want to know how the stalker could intercept her post. I think the problem is I said "house" when I meant "student accommodation where incoming letters are placed in sections in the entrance for the recipient to pick up themselves."

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