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Presents? What presents?

Christmas shopping is hard. So far I have one present for one person.

I miss Canterbury. It's a beautiful place, full of interesting little shops to get new and different presents from and I could easily get into town and back on the bus.

Farnham's pretty rubbish for shopping, as are Alton and Aldershot since I really don't want to get everyone presents from Woolworths. I think the best option is Guildford, but it's going to be so horribly busy and I'd have to get the train and with the sun setting so early it would probably be dark by the time I got back which means that Mum won't come pick me up at the station and walking two miles in the dark while carrying bags of shopping is not something I want to do.

I could do all my shopping online, but I'm enough of a hermit as it is. I need to get out more or I'll go insane.

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