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I had a good weekend. Robert came home and Emma came round, both on Saturday night so we had a full house. My parents sent us down to the pub to get rid of us and bring them back food. We won £3.50 on the Deal or No Deal game, then later when we played again we turned down an offer of £4 and ended up going away with 10p. We now know the anguish of the contestants, albeit on a much, much reduced scale!

Back at home we played more games, this time for free, and I proved to be the Pub Quiz and Trivial Pursuit champion, while Emma kicked our arses at Name That Tune 80s Edition. Who Wants to be a Millionaire was a bit of a shambles and we lasted about ten seconds of playing it seriously before descending into chaos. A lot of laughter was the result...

But alas, we are not as young as we used to be and had to give in to sleep. (Although to be honest I think I could probably have gone a bit longer...)

Today was devoted mostly to NaNo. I have finally, FINALLY reached the wordcount for this point in the month. This is the first day I have done so and I am very pleased with myself. (This probably doesn't make much sense if you don't do NaNo yourself...)

Voila! Behold the greenness of my wordcount! Oh yes - Clicky-Clicky

You know, when I started this I just wanted to take part. I didn't think I'd have any chance of getting anywhere near 50,000 words so I didn't really care much about winning. Now I really want to.
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