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Gay Marriage

I see Mass. has started performing the first legal same-sex marriage in the US.

Yay for Mass. for marrying gays! It's wonderful to see people who have been together for 27 YEARS finally being allowed to gain legal status and celebrate their love in a way that straight people don't think twice about having the right to do.

But there are still people who are against it. Still people who felt the need to ruin these couples' special day by protesting the marriages. And I still don't understand WHY!? It does not hurt them in any way! No one is forcing them to be gay, or to have a gay marriage.

All it does is allow two people in love the right to marry.

The conservative Christian Republican I mentioned a couple of entries ago made a post in the Republicans thread about it, saying "Mass. is now legalising gay marriage *sob*."

Wtf? Why *sob*??? What could be so upsetting about this? It makes me so mad that people are so bent on stopping this as though it's some personal insult to them! It's not. And these are REAL PEOPLE. These are real people in love and how dare she or anyone else say that their love isn't good enough for marriage. How would these people like it if someone told them they couldn't get married to the person they loved?

Of course, being a Christian, her reasoning is the Bible. But that's irrelevant! It would only matter to gay Christians. It doesn't apply to the rest of us! I mean, I could go up to her and tell her she's not allowed to cut her hair because it's against the Sikh religion. She would, quite rightly, wonder what that has to do with her since she's not a Sikh!

Marriage is NOT a Christian institution. It existed long before Christianity did. And besides, it's only recently that it has had anything to do with love. Before it was just a business contract. And what does religion have to do with modern marriage? Nothing to everything. It all depends on the person, the couple. People of other religions get married. People with no religion get married. It's a right that everyone should have and religion has nothing to do with that.

Having said that, this is a happy time. So I'll end with YAY MASS.!!!


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