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Prison Break

Continuing with the updates, I now present 2.09, Unearthed. As you will see, I have altered my style slightly for this recap. I'm trying to work out what way is best.

I would also like to point out that by working on this, I have been using up time that could have been spent on my NaNo novel. I really should get a move on cos I still have no idea what I'm going to write about...

Anyway, without further ado...

Last time on Prison Break, Bellick used his creepy powers of creepiness to discover that T-Bag has all the money. C-Note asked his wife to meet him at the Rainbow Room picture, leading the FBI guys to investigate New York but was actually a reference to his daughter’s bedroom, which has a giant rainbow painted on the wall. Clever. Random Woman was shot, providing Sara with a handy new identity while she tried to work out what the origami birdies mean. Crazy Mahone shot Annoying Tweener and turned out to be working for the Evil Conspiracy, who want him to kill all the escapees.

Today finds Michael in some botanical gardens, in a sadly non-sexy white top, pretending to be a volunteer in order to get…something. But the Feds are onto him and chase him right outta town, er, garden. I should also mention the very picturesque moment where he was standing in the middle of a waterfall, very nice.

Meanwhile, LJ and Lincoln are still in the car, and take this opportunity to bond over the fact that they’re now both being hunted. LJ has faith that Uncle Mike’s plan will work out. Lincoln hints that maybe LJ should take this opportunity to split, although he denies it when LJ calls him out.

Michael is having a nice glass of water in a diner with a convenient TV when he hears on the news that Tweener is dead. Crazy Mahone is there, lying through his teeth about how the boy tried to go for his weapon. Some reporters then ask him about the fact that he’s recovered Michael’s hard drive and that’s how he always seems to know what the guy’s going to do next. Mahone is not a happy bunny.

Back at the FBI offices, we find out that the something Michael went to retrieve from the botanical gardens is a box of nitro-glycerine. Each vial is a perfectly stable medication, but put them all together and big potential for big boom. Mahone arrives and has a tantrum, complete with shouting and kicking furniture, about the hard drive information being leaked. Careful FBI guys, he’s crazy and will probably shoot you if you cross him.

Michael takes advantage of the information superhighway and looks up Mahone’s wikipedia page, printing out information about his nemesis and his nemesis’s nemesis. (That’s Oscar Shales, in case you haven’t kept up.) He also clicks on his own picture and drags it onto the desktop. I have absolutely no idea why and I don’t think it’s actually possible to do that anyway…


Michael goes to a thrift store, looking for something very specific…which he finds in about ten seconds.

Back at the FBI offices, Mahone is doing the leader thing and telling people what to do. He has giant copies of the possible origami birdie words Evil Paul gave him at the end of last episode and decides they would be nice for decorating his office with.

The music that in season one signified racial tension starts up again, and we’re in a garage full of black people. This is apparently C-Note’s “crew”, who are so black it hurts. Using words like ‘bro’, ‘crib’ and ‘yo’. C-Note reminds them that it’s only because he didn’t squeal that they’re not all in prison too, so they should help him get his family back. Aiight, my homies. Word.

C-Note’s wife is intercepted by FBI woman, who is very aggressive and threatens to arrest the wife in front of her daughter if she doesn’t tell her where she’s meeting C-Note. C-Note’s wife laments about being forced to choose between her daughter and her husband, thus giving the synopsis writers an easy way to describe this particular storyline.

Bellick and Geary are checking up on T-Bag, and apparently get a lead that we don’t hear. But they do let us know that they have a lot of road to cover.

While Lincoln waits in the car, LJ goes in to get some food and coffee and ogle women. He forgets his change, which leads to cashier to come to the car, which leads to her recognising Lincoln, which leads her to running back inside most likely to call the police. Crap.

LJ is very apologetic and tries to suggest other modes of transport. Lincoln is unimpressed and the two get into a pissing contest about which one of them is better on the run.

Michael pays a visit to Mahone’s ex-wife, under the guise of running a background check on Crazy Mahone. Pam doesn’t want Crazy Mahone to know about it, because he scares her. Me too, Pam. Me too.

Sara is in a hotel room, eating fast food (and she’s a doctor!) Thanks to a conveniently placed burger wrapper she realises that Sundown Hot is in fact Sundown Hotel. A quick call to directory inquiries reveals that there are three in the whole of the USA. It’s a good thing he didn’t want to meet her in a Comfort Inn. Sara proves that she’s not just a pretty face by realising that the hotel in question will probably be the one with easy access to the Mexican border. The one in Gila, New Mexico.

T-Bag locks up his money in a bus station locker before buying some flowers from a flirty saleswoman and stealing some scissors while he’s there.

Back in the land of Extreme Blackness there are guns and backwards baseball caps the words ‘bro’, ‘nekkid’, ‘punk out’ and ‘you feel me?’

A Conspiracy lacky informs Evil Paul that Kelli, aka Sara, has booked a flight to New Mexico. He in turn tells Crazy Mahone, who starts frantically circling some of the letters on his new wallpaper. I think he just likes using the big marker pen.

Pam has brought Michael tea and stories about how Romantic Mahone suddenly turned into Crazy Mahone. She knew he’d finally lost it when he decided to take up gardening. Apparently he dug up the new sod and planted a flowerbed. Loony.

When Mrs Mahone steps out for a minute, Michael spots her funky red mobile phone and discovers Crazy Mahone’s number still in it. Jackpot!

C-Note’s wife, Casey I think, is at the merry-go-round where the picture in the rainbow room was taken, along with a vanfull of FBI agents. But of course C-Note isn’t stupid, he sends one of his homeboys to casually lean against the railing and tell Casey to run to the black jeep. After some dithering, she finally does so. Fortunately for her, the FBI team is even slower off the mark. They give pursuit but are cut off by another of the gang driving a truck in their path.

C-Note assures his wife that their daughter is being picked up by Trey, but that’s not actually going too well since Dede C-Note is in a test and the mean school lady won’t let her out.

Michael asks Pam about Oscar Shales. Pam tells him that Mahone became Crazy Mahone after the trail went cold, so it’s probably not Shales that turned him nuts. Michael decides that he has all he needs and tells Pam that he has to get back to Not The Part Of The FBI That Handles These Checks. Pam calls him out on his mistake, but he mutters some excuse about changing when the clearance level gets this high and skidaddles.

Back at the school, the teacher still won’t let Dede out of her test, so C-Note takes matters in to his own hands by just going into the classroom and carrying her out. Smart man. Again they manage to escape.

T-Bag is looking forward to stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death, probably with a bit of torture first. He has a spring in his step as he approaches her house. To the casual observer you’d think he was just another guy, excited about seeing his girlfriend after so long. Which he kinda is, just not in the usual way.

Now, most people with half a brain would move after finding out that the guy who threatened them has escaped from prison. And it turns out that the ex does indeed have at least half a brain. T-Bag seems so disappointed, and actually cries a little. It would be quite touching, except, you know, for the torture and murder aspect.

Lincoln and LJ are walking along, bonding over girls. Lincoln wants to know how long LJ has known about girls. I’m hoping he means in a romantic sense; otherwise LJ must have been a pretty retarded child.

T-Bag is still moping and remembering the good old days when he was kissing Susan, and teaching her daughter her times table. He destroys the flowers he brought and gets whacked round the head with the ‘for sale’ sign in return. I guess Bellick really likes his sunflowers.

Crazy Mahone is still working on the origami birdie code, when he notices that one says ‘ELGILANM63’ and realises that Michael wants to meet Sara in Gila on the 3rd of the 6th. This really pisses me off because there’s no reason for the decoders to have kept the last two numbers as they are since they don’t have the decoding dots. There must be a load of possibilities on his list that contains GILA NM in it yet he somehow chose the one that was exactly correct. Also, now that I’ve paused it I can see that some of the other combinations don’t actually make sense – the letters they use don’t correspond to the numbers. Ooh, I’m annoyed.

Mahone then gets a call from his wife, except it’s not his wife – it’s Michael! Michael has just called to do the adult version of sticking his tongue out and calling the other guy names. He taunts Crazy Mahone about the fact that Mahone killed Shales and buried him in his garden. Isn’t it amazing that Michael could work that out after a brief meeting with Pam but no one in the FBI has yet? Michael then goes on about digging up corpses and constant fear. Crazy Mahone sticks his own tongue out and tells Michael he’ll see him sooner than he thinks. They also include a flashback to him excitedly circling Gila, NM on the map, in case you hadn’t worked out what he meant.

Bellick and Geary do the intimidating bad cop/bad cop routine on T-Bag, teasing him about being a family man and having sex. Er, guys? That doesn’t really make you look good. T-Bag mocks Bellick for being a virgin. Bellick threatens to cut off T-Bag’s hand again if he doesn’t tell him where he hid the money, and T-Bag’s response that he spent it on “your mama” does not please him.


The C-Note family are reunited. Mrs C-Note seems to have forgiven her husband quite easily for lying to her for years and quite sensibly asks what they’re going to do now. Didn’t really think this through, did you?

Lincoln and LJ arrive at the train station. Some guy with a newspaper looks at them strangely and leaves. Has he recognised them, or does he just need the loo? Ooh, the tension!

Meanwhile, Crazy Mahone is once again living up to his name by digging a huge hole in his garden while wearing a suit and tie. And, yep, body’s still down there. Or at least, a hand is.

Michael, meanwhile, is heading to Gila and a reunion with Dr Sara. Finally, it looks like my Prison Break dreams are coming true!

The guy from the station returns with a policeman and the father and son team make a break for it. But of course they’re going to get away, right? It would be a bit ridiculous if after all this they were recaptured. I mean, you can’t have a whole series about breaking this guy out of prison only for him to be recaptu-…


Guess you can.

It seems that that car hadn’t read the script and decided that knocking down LJ would be a good plan. This causes Lincoln to stop and plead with the arresting officers that his son has nothing to do with this. He then apologises to LJ over and over again and it’s really quite touching.

End credits.

My comments:

Michael is gonna be pissed off. He goes through all that, loads of people die, Sara loses her job and her father all to save Lincoln and what does he do? Get himself recaptured. Moron.

Gila NM 63. I was right! Woo!

No Sucre? That sucks. Hopefully there will be a load of him next week to make up for it.

And you know what else there will be next week? Michael/Sara! Well, there better be. If they find another way to keep them apart I will be most displeased.

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