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Prison Break

I had my first appointment with my new psychologist today. She's much better than Beany but I still prefer Nicola. Maybe she'll grow on me.

But more exciting than that, I saw the latest episode of Prison Break and, as I promised to keep Paul up to date, I present to you my recap of Episode 2.08 - Dead Fall.

When we last saw our favourite convicts, Sucre had gone nuts and announced that he was going to run off with all the money, much to the dismay of Michael, T-Bag and C-Note. Evil Paul actually seemed quite human in his concern for Sara, who was next on the Evil Conspiracy’s ‘to kill’ list. Lincoln decided that as one of America’s most wanted men, the smart thing to do would be to go find his son, who was probably being watched by so many FBI and Conspiracy agents they could fill a convention hall. And fully on the side of the law Agent Mahone showed that perhaps he’s not so law abiding after all by shooting that irritating little brat Tweener repeatedly in the head. But maybe he’s just nuts.

And now, the exciting continuation:


Setting: The women’s garage. Where Sucre is currently holding a gun on Michael, T-Bag and C-Note

Sucre: I have finally cracked! Look into my eyes, are they not the eyes of a madman! This money shall be mine, all mine! *evil laugh*

Michael: Sucre! Baby! After everything we’ve been though, this is how you repay me?

Sucre: Um, yeah. See ya.

*Sucre Exits*

C-Note: Bastard.


Setting: The living room, where the two lovely ladies from last week are still tied up.

*Michael gives the older lady a knife*

Michael: Here, you should be able to cut yourself free in about an hour. Giving us just enough time to high-tail it outta here.

C-Note: So, what now?

Michael: Now I tie up T-Bag with this electrical cord and leave him to the police. I’ve been thinking about it and I realised that maybe letting a murderer/paedophile/rapist on the loose wasn’t the smartest thing I ever did.

*They return to the garage to find it empty*

Michael: Of course, leaving said murderer/paedophile/rapist alone while I went to find some wire wasn’t too bright either.


Setting: Sara’s apartment. Lots of drug paraphernalia on the coffee table.

Sara: What the hell?

*blond guy appears*

Blond guy: Hey doc. Don’t mind me, I used to work with your father you know. Sorry he kicked the bucket.

Sara: He didn’t commit suicide, did he?

Blond guy: Wow, you’re so much smarter than Veronica

*Sara smashes up the place to make it clear that she didn’t commit suicide either*

Blond guy: Now, now, tantrums never solved anything. We can always make it look like you skipped town.

*Sara sprays him with bug spray and runs out the fire escape.*

Blond guy: Bitch.


Setting: In the woods. Michael catches up to Sucre.

Michael: Hey! You bastard!

Sucre: Yes?

Michael: You were wonderful, darling.

Sucre: I know, I should have been an actor. Now let’s split this 5 mil and be on our merry, rich way.

*Sucre opens the bag*

Sucre: Huh, since when does money look like National Anthropology magazine?


Setting: Inside T-Bag’s car

T-Bag: Heh, and they say Michael’s the smart one. *pets money*


Setting: Arizona. LJ is being let go on a random street somewhere with the clothes on his back and a $note that would be much easier to recognise if American money didn’t all look the same.

Guy: So, wanna come with me in my creepy conspiracy car?

LJ: Um, no.

*Guy calls Evil Paul to tell him LJ’s walking*


Setting: In the woods. Michael and Sucre are discussing what to do next.

Michael: I really hate T-Bag.

Sucre: So, now what?

Michael: Well, we got five grand. That should get us a lot of cheap beer in Mexico.

Police radio that Michael took from house: Fox River guys confirmed at those two ladies’ house. Time to block every available exit from town.

Michael: Ap-cray


Setting: FBI Field Office. Mahone has been pulled in for a meeting with a guy from Internal Affairs.

Mahone: This isn’t fair! I wanna be back out in the field.

Internal Affairs Guy: So, Shales. That push your buttons?

Mahone: Bastard.


Setting: Some bar. Bellick and Geary walk in.

Bellick: Can I use the phone?

Geary: I want clean underwear.

Bellick (on phone): Mommy, I need you to come pick me up

Reporter on TV: Fox River guys in Tooele. Dug up a garage. Have they finally snapped?

Bellick (on phone): Hey Mom, cancel pick up.


Setting: Pay phone. Sara is making a call.

Sara (on phone): Bruce! Help me, they killed my father and they’re trying to kill me because they think I know something but I don’t know what I’m supposed to know that they think I know that I don’t know!

Bruce: Ok, just give me your location so I can send some nice, safe men to pick you up.

Sara: Payphone. Third and Harper. I really hope you’re not a bad guy now I’ve told you that.


Setting: Pawn shop. Lincoln is trying to hawk some golf clubs.

Pawn Shop Guy: Give you $80 for them.

Lincoln: $80! These are premium clubs, man! Just look at them.

Pawn Shop Guy: Yeah, they’re also ladies clubs. I’m guessing they’re hotter than a monkey’s jockstrap. (A/N – I didn’t make that line up, he actually said it.)

Lincoln: Fine. $80 and, um, that cooler!


Setting: A river in the woods where Michael and Sucre are on the run.

Micheal: You can’t take the bike across the river.

Sucre: Aw man, Petey’s gonna kill me.

*They cross the river on a tree trunk, but Sucre slips and somehow gets his foot trapped between two trunks. Michael dives in to save him.*

Michael: You all right, honey?

Sucre: I can’t move my leg!

*Michael tries to free him and fails*

Michael: Well this certainly puts a crimp in our plans.


Setting: Near the payphone. Sara is waiting for Bruce to come get her.

*Random Woman walks past to use the phone. Evil Conspiracy car pulls up and shoots Random Woman in the back.*

*Sara manages to look very sexy while looking round the corner, shocked at what just happened, before running to Random Woman’s aid*

Sara: It’s ok, I’m a doctor. You’re going to be ok.

*Random Woman dies.*

Sara: Maybe not.

*Sara decides not to waste this opportunity to steal Random Woman’s purse.*


Setting: The river.

*Michael attempts to lever the trunk off but fails.*

Michael: Wow, who would have guessed that when a small branch goes head to head with a huge trunk, the branch will snap in two.

*Loud noise*

Michael: Hey! It’s the dam! We’re saved, the water level will rise and the wood will float right off.

Sucre: Yeah, or it could rise above my head and DROWN ME!

*Police radio comes to life indicating that the coppers are hot on their tail.*

Michael: It’s ok, it’ll take them at least an hour to find us here.

Sucre: Are you sure?

Michael: Uh, yeah, why not?


Setting: FBI offices. Mahone and IA Guy are talking.

Mahone: Hey, Abruzzi wasn’t my fault. He was armed, ask anyone. I had to shoot him.

IA Guy: You do know you’re supposed to catch these guys, not kill them right?

Mahone: I went by the book, with both Abruzzi and Tweener.

IA Guy: Wow, I didn’t know ‘the book’ advocated shooting unarmed teenagers at point blank range.

Mahone: Hey, that wasn’t my fault either! It was self defence. He grabbed my gun. While I was driving. Out of my left hip holster. While handcuffed.

IA Guy: Riiiight.


Setting: Under a bridge somewhere. Sara is sitting on the ground with the paper birds Michael sent her.

Sara: So, origami birdies. What do you have to tell me?

Origami bird: Tweet.


Setting: Offices of the Evil Conspiracy. Evil Asian and Evil Paul are talking.

Evil Paul: Well, your plan went tits up, didn’t it?

Evil Asian: Shut up. Do you have a better idea?

Evil Paul: I still have one of the origami birds Scofield sent to Sara. That should lead us to him no problem.

Evil Asian: In your dreams.


Setting: Arizona. LJ’s wandering around.

Evil Conspiracy guy: Still no sign of Burrows.

*Lincoln is watching LJ and the highly conspicuous Evil Conspiracy car parked nearby.*

Panhandler: Hey, spare some change?

LJ: No, sorry.

Panhandler: Bastard. *punches LJ*


Setting: The river.

Sucre: It’s not fair. I broke out to have life with Maricruz and the baby and now I’m going to have to get a job at Burger King and spend my life with my head over a deep fat fryer.

Michael: You could come with me and Linc. I’m sure we could have…fun together.

Sucre: Nah, I don’t go in for threesomes. You’ve got Sara meeting you down there, don’t you?

Michael: I hope so. And since when do you call her Sara?


Setting: Further up in the woods.

Policeman: We got merging tracks, they were definitely here.

Policedog: I hope I get treats for this.


Setting: The river

Sucre: Water’s getting higher.

Michael: I know.

Sucre: Tree’s still not moving.

Michael: I know.

Sucre: You should go. Leave me here. Let me be the hero for once.

Michael: No, you’re too hot to die.


Setting: Under a bridge somewhere. Sara is still sitting on the ground.

*Mobile phone rings. It’s Bruce.*

Sara (on phone): Bruce, they killed a woman at the payphone! How could they have known exactly where I would be?

Sara’s Brain: Duh, wait a minute…

Sara: Oh my God, it was you!

Sara’s Brain: See, we are SO much smarter than Veronica. She’d have told him where she was, what she was doing and the PIN numbers to all her bank cards.

*Sara pulls the battery out of the phone, throws it away then holds the phone up to her forehead in photogenic despair. That’s when she notices….letters under the numbers!*

Sara’s Brain: Hmm, dots on original message…numbers on origami birds…letters under the numbers…Oh Michael, you romantic.


Setting: Arizona hospital

FBI Guy: Hey, excuse me; can I see LJ Burrows by any chance?

Nurse: No.

FBI Guy: You’re mean.

*Panhandler is escorted down the hall by two policemen.*

Panhandler: Hey, it’s not my fault. Some guy paid me to hit the kid!

Other FBI guy: Hey…do you think that could have been Burrows, by any chance?

*inside LJ’s room there is a touching father/son reunion and then the two are peeling out of the car park while the FBI can only watch.*

Lincoln’s car: Squeeelll SUCKERS!


Setting: Tooele, Utah. Bellick and Geary approach the older lady from the house.

Bellick: Hey, I know I’m being really, really creepy, but tell me – did the cons find what they were looking for?

OLFTH: Yeah, the Spaniard left with a backpack, as did the creepy southerner. But the creepy southerner was the only one who shoved a hundred in my bra.

Bellick: Right, well, we’ll be keeping that. Evidence. Heh.


Setting: Evil Conspiracy Computer Lab

*Evil Paul and Some Computer Guy are running the numbers from the origami bird Evil Paul stole from Sara*

*And while they’re using a fancy computer, Sara is doing the exact same thing with a pen and paper. If she did as many puzzles as my mother does, she’d have solved this in no time. *


Setting: The river. The water is so high that Michael now has to hold Sucre’s head up.

Sucre: They say you have a reason you’re alive. Maybe mine was to help you break your brother out of prison and go to Mexico to make sweet, sweet love to the doc.

Michael: No. You’re going to live dammit!

Sucre: It’s ok, I’m ready to die.

Michael: Wait! I have found a possible way out of this.

Sucre: Oh great, you couldn’t have thought of this before the water was so high I couldn’t breathe by myself any more?

Michael: It’ll be fine, just wave your arm when your air runs out.

*Michael ties the rope to the trunk, round a tree branch and to the motorcycle.*

Sucre’s hand: *waving*

*Michael gets on the motorbike*

Sucre’s hand: *waving*

*Michael tries repeatedly to start the motorbike.

Sucre’s hand: Goddamn it Michael, I’m drowning over here!

*Michael successfully starts the motorbike*

Sucre’s hand: *sinks*

*The police in their funky shades are closing in. Michael uses the motorbike to pull the trunk up enough for Sucre to pull his leg free, then returns and finds he can’t see him*

Michael: SUCRE! Don’t die on me! I love you! You can’t die!

Sucre: *breaks water gasping for breath* What was that?

Michael: Um, I said I love pie.

*Sucre and Michael make a break for it as the police appear further up the hill*


Setting: Evil Conspiracy Computer Lab. Evil Paul has come to check on the progress/ Intercut with Sara under the bridge.

Some Computer Guy: I was thinking, what if it’s not a number but the letters that correspond to it. With three letters per number that’s a hellava lot of combinations. Fortunately we have the super duper computer to help us.

*Some Computer Guy shows Evil Paul the list of letter combinations.*

Some Computer Guy: As you can see, only one of the combinations spells out a word.

Evil Paul: Pendextoup. Of course, it’s so obvious now. But what does it mean?

Some Computer Guy: Er, no, the one above it.

*MEANWHILE! Sara, without the aid of the super duper computer has also discovered that the word in question is ‘rendezvous’*

Evil Paul: The question is where.

*Sara though, has more origami birds with more numbers to help her discover just that.*


Setting: A used car lot. Michael and Sucre are trying to nab a hot ride.

Sucre (on a payphone): Hey Petey, I did something bad.

Petey: You ruined it!

Sucre: How do you know that?

Petey: Everyone knows. Hector’s gonna kill you.

Sucre: What does Hector care about your bike?

Petey: I’m talking about Maricruz standing him up at the wedding. Wait, what about my bike?

*Sucre hangs up*

Sucre: Change of plans. Maricruz didn’t marry Hector! I’ve gotta go get her.

Michael: That’s great. Here, take this if you get in trouble down the road.

*Michael gives him a small white something*

Sucre: *tearing up* Thanks for not leaving me to drown, man.

Michael: *tearing up too* Good luck with your girl.

Sucre: I love you, man.

Michael: I love you too.

*There follows a manly hug*

Michael: Hey, salesguy. We’re going to need another car!


Setting: Inside Bellick and Geary’s car

Bellick: So, you’re T-Bag. An insane murderous paedophile. Where would you go with five million dollars?

Geary: Thailand?

*But no, T-Bag is actually going to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend who had the audacity to turn him in to the police after finding out that he was wanted for raping and murdering several teenagers. Woman can be so unreasonable like that.*


Setting: Lincoln and LJ’s car

LJ: Couldn’t you have found a way to come get me that didn’t involve me getting four stitches?

Lincoln: You’re a man now son. Here, put some ice on it. I knew there was a reason I got that cooler.


Setting: Under the bridge. Sara has decoded more of the numbers.

Sara: Sundown/Hot?

*Flashback to Sara at home, looking at another letter from Michael but not opening it.*

Sara: Crap, there’s another bird.


Setting: Sara’s apartment

Evil Paul: Hello, what’s this then? It looks like that origami bird Sara just remembered in the last scene! How convenient for us.


Setting: FBI offices.

IA Guy: So, you had a sucky childhood huh? Lots of beatings by your father. But, more interesting than that, you went from being a pretty mediocre military office to special ops to leading the largest FBI manhunt ever. Wanna tell me about that?

Mahone: Nope.

*Random FBI guy comes in with phone call for IA Guy who takes it in the next room*

*IA guy packs up and leaves*

Mahone: Aw, leaving so soon? *smirkity smirk smirk*


Setting: Outside the FBI buildings.

*Mahone gets into the passenger side of a car. The drivers seat is occupied by (dun dun dun) EVIL PAUL!!*


*Evil Paul gives him the origami bird*

Evil Paul: Letters refer to numbers, yada yada yada, only this time none of the words make sense. We think it’s a location, and you get the honour of working it out.

Mahone: What if I don’t wanna?

*Evil Paul makes veiled threat about keeping up appearances*

Evil Paul: So, you remember what your role is?

Mahone: They all die.

Evil Paul: Exactly.


End credits


AND SUCRE IS NOT! I knew my Sucre would never betray Michael.


Because I am extremely sad I decided to try and solve the last bird myself, so I went back and made note of the number, then paused the episode so I could see the dots on Michael's original note. I struggled at first cos it didn't seem to make any sense. But then I thought that maybe the first two dots were meant to be taken together even though they're kinda far apart. Lo and behold I come up with - ELGILANM63. Putting it all together - Rendezvous Sundown Hotel Gila NM 63.

Using my awesome powers of deduction, I am guessing that he wants to meet her at the Sundown Hotel in Gila New Mexico, room 63. Or possibly on the 3rd of June, but I prefer the room idea.

I hope this is right. I'll feel so smart if it is!
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