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I have added three new icons to my extensive collection, including the one I'm using for this entry which is one of my favourites.

Should be a new Prison Break tomorrow. Although since I'm no longer in Canada I'll have to download it in order to see what happens. Sara and Michael have been apart for far too long, it's about time they found each other again and head to Baja to have hot monkey sex talked.

In other news, after many years of saying I'd do it when I had time, I have finally signed up for NaNoWriMo. All the years previous I'd been too busy since it fell right around the same time essays were due in, but this year I do not have that problem. The problem I do have however is that I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to write about. Maybe Sara and Michael...going to Baja...

I have such a one track mind, it's terrible.

I am looking forward to writing it though, simply for the typing. It's strange how much I missed it. My hands feel like they have a life of their own and just want to type things. It's just that other than livejournal entries and emails I haven't really felt inspired to write much at all. I know I should get around to writing up the entries about Canada, but strangely they feel really hard to do.

(Also, my back has decided it hates me and wants to cause me pain for absolutely no reason I can see.)
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