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Here it is, the first installment of the Great Canadian Adventure.

Canada card 1 003

So, we start in Montreal which is, as I'm sure you're aware, in the French part of Canada. Fortunately most people spoke English, and the ones that didn't were pretty easy to understand since it was mostly simple things like how much something cost. (I'm thinking mostly of the little shop near our hotel where we went both nights for snacks.)

But anyway, when we first got there it was pretty much straight to bed because OMGTIRED! Then the next day was spent walking around the city itself.

Things I learnt that day:

It rains a lot in Montreal.
Nothing opens before 11am.
A croissant with peanut butter is actually quite nice.
Montreal was founded by France, Scotland, England and Ireland. This is shown on the flag.
Nobody wants to go on a boat tour in the late September rain.
The clock tower with great views closes early September.
Chuchai does a really nice vegetarian 'duck'.
Pass the Pigs in French is Jeu de Cochons.
Walking 23 miles makes your feet hurt.

Yes, you read that right. We walked twenty miles in that one day.


The hotel where we stayed, Anne Ma Soeur Anne:
Canada card 1 001

The view from our room:
Canada card 1 028

Pretty things in Montreal:

Canada card 1 004

Canada card 1 009

Canada card 1 006

Next up...Halifax!

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