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I am such a girl. Livejournal introduces new styles and of course I have to leap on them. Plus, purple goodness! And a new default icon. Well, an old icon but new to being the default. I chose yellow for the information bar because the yellow and blue goes with the yellow and blue of the clothes in my icon. It's all disgustingly bright and cheerful I know.

But I like it. It's like a sparkling new journal for a new month. I think I'm also going to start using the tags feature.

Saw Snakes on a Plane yesterday. It RULES! Hissy enjoyed it too.

Work today can be summed up in one word - teapots. So many teapots! I'm thinking somebody died cos this was obviously a collection that had been amassed over many years and I can't imagine someone just deciding to get rid of it one day. We've devoted a whole table to them in the shop. I got quite a few looks as I was setting them all out!
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