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Poor Pluto. No longer a proper planet. And this means that My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets. What does it name now? Who knows! It could be anything! How will society survive this uncertainty?

But at least this means that when we get older we'll be able to tell our children/grandchildren/random children that we remember the good old days when our solar system had nine planets.

In other news, I now have a swooshy sealing thing and it rocks. I have also pre-ordered Lois and Clark season 3. I thought about buying it on Monday when I went to work but then remembered that it's a bank holiday and I don't have work. :)

I went to Guildford with Paul yesterday, which was fun. We really need to go to London soon to spend money and see if we can get Marmite T-shirts to identify us to Zero in Canada. We should be in Halifax around the 16th-17th September. It's getting quite close so if we could organise an actual meeting time and place, that would be great.

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