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Brain Dump

Playing Megadrive games is kinda like being on drugs. It's very colourful and full of unreal situations and although I'm supposed to be in control, most of the time I have no idea what's going on.

Charles Darwin will not see Snakes on a Plane with me.

Wolverine is killing me on the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Edit: But the H$5,670 it's losing me is nothing compared to the H$33,850 that Snakes on a Plane just went down by. My portfolio go weeeeeeee!SPLAT!

Yesterday Mum and I looked for one of those swooshy sealing things but there weren't any in Homebase, which made me sad. I'm hoping we'll be able to look elsewhere tomorrow before I have to be at the shop. I want a swooshy sealing thing!

Eight days till Lois and Clark season 3 comes on out DVD! Wantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwant.

The kitchen now has saloon style doors. It's a bit weird.


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