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Isn't it interesting how post can yield good things and bad things at the same time? For example today I received a jiffy bag with my recent ebay purchase in, and I am now the proud owner of Hissy:

Isn't he cute? And he will be coming to see Snakes on a Plane with us. :D

But on the negative side of post, I also got a letter from the Mental Health Service which says, and I quote, "The current waiting time is approximately 16 to 20 weeks." Great(!) The main reason for continuing this kind of thing was to help me be able to get a proper job. I can't exactly wait 20 weeks for the appointment, then however long it take me to be not so screwed up, before I do that.

My third piece of post was people offering me a credit card. That's neither good nor bad, just rubbish (in the bin sense). Although I was annoyed that they didn't include a cardboard version of the credit card. I like giving those to Minnie.

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