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Customers are...interesting.

I was sorting jewellery at the till when a woman decided to help me match earrings. She spent about an hour standing there with them all spread out over the counter and I couldn't think of a polite way to ask her to stop. She seemed to be having fun. Although I was annoyed when she said "no, you should have done this" regarding how I was putting the sorted things to one side. I'll sort the jewellery how I darn well please! It's my job, not yours. And of course my manager told me off for having too much stuff on the counter.

Later on, a man came into the shop, walked straight up to the till and said "life's too short to be bored. It takes all kinds to work in shops." He then said some stuff about the trouble with being his age and that when you're young you can do things. Then he left. So I guess he just wanted to tell me that, probably going from shop to shop and telling everyone who worked in them.

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