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Yesterday was a good day. It did not start out that way, what with the trip to the dentist and all, but after that it was all good. Paul and I went to our customary eatery in Guildford and had our customary chips and bread. Then later we went and had very nice cocktails. The Barnamint Baileys was quite excellent. And of course this was later followed by adventures in cooking and even more alcohol. Plus internet video goodness, many of which indicate that the average 'net user has far too much time on their hands and a very, very messed up brain.

All in all, a fantastic day. We really must meet up again soon.

Today saw a cat in our house. It was quite a surprise to see it walk by my bedroom door upstairs since, you know, it's not our cat. Current thinking is that she got in an open window in the train room. It was quite funny carrying her downstairs to let her out, and unsurprisingly I ended up covered in cat hair. I don't think my rats will be too happy about this. But then they're upset at me anyway cos I cleaned out their cage.

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