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Animal Attraction

I appear to be attracting our neighbour's pets...

When Mum and I got back from shopping, the black and white cat was in our front garden. This is quite a common occurence and she's a really friendly cat so I made a fuss of her for a while and in the process of doing so discovered she had a tick. Fortunately we still have a tick remover so I got rid of it for her and she ran off. I was kinda worried that she'd avoid me after that, but I saw her again later and once again she laid down and gave me the Haughty Cat Look as if to say "yes, I will allow you to stroke me." So I did.

But even better than that was the pony. I went down the field and gave him an apple. Now normally when I go to see him he just stays put when I leave, but this time he followed me. He stopped at the top of the field and I thought he was going to stay there, but a few minutes later he came up into the garden and walked all the way up to the top lawn. So, being the softy that I am, I gave him some carrots before heading back up the steps to the house. Then when I looked out again he was standing right at the bottom of the steps looking up. I think he would have actually followed me inside if he could!

I guess he really liked that apple. Yesterday I gave him some gooseberries from our gooseberry bush and he just spat them out. Silly pony!

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