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Busy, Busy

Ok, so I never got around to updating again yesterday. I was just so very tired, and actually I'm still quite tired today. Must be all the blood loss!

But yes, Wednesday, quick overview:

* Canada is booked. As in really, truly, non-refundable-ticket booked. We're actually going! And Halifax is definitely one of the places we're visiting so I should be able to meet up with Zero. Which will be awesome!

* Crinoline was bought. A skirt was too. I'm so happy with my purchases, in fact I'm wearing the black satin skirt with the mid-length petticoat right now and I love it! If anyone wants to see, This is the crinoline petticoat and This is the skirt, except mine is black.

* Cocktails were drunk. This is a very good thing.

* Lots of time was spent with Paul. This is also a very good thing, although it does mess up my 'C' pattern for this list. Oh well.

Moving on to today, I went to the PDSA shop for my meeting with the manager about volunteering there. I'm going in for two half days next week to see if I like it and if I do I'll increase my hours. I get to wear a cool little badge that says 'volunteer'. Go me!

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