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Hello December

It's December! Which means it's Christmas time! We're allowed to wear Christmas jumpers at work now and you better believe I'm rocking mine every day. I've amassed quite a collection over the years so I'm trying to wear them strategically, starting with the more generic snowflakes and penguins at the beginning of the month and moving up to the really Christmassy ones as we get closer to the big day itself.

December also means Advent Calendars and once again we're not skimping on our selection. This year we have Cadbury's, Lindt, Lego Harry Potter, Playmobil, Dogs Trust, Gin, Wine, Tea, and the reusable one that I've filled up again for Mum. This time it contains pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which she'll have to assemble in order to make a picture which is a clue to the code needed to open the combination lock that I'm going to secure her main present with. Obviously. =D

Of course December also means work gets extremely busy and stressful. I hope I can keep my good cheer going all month but I think it's going to be difficult at times.

This weekend I'm going to London to do Christmassy things with Paul. One of which is the now traditional sing-along screening of Muppet Christmas Carol. We're also hoping to get the train to Canterbury to check out their Christmas market, as well as riding the Mail Rail at the Postal Museum and checking out the Museum of Architecture's Gingerbread City at Somerset House.

I know I still have a couple of Wales photo posts to make, but they're probably not going to get done until next year now. I've also paused in writing the fic I was working on, but I am hoping to keep going with that as well when I have more time. Also, as at least one person knows, I'm planning to do a Ships of the 2010s list as a follow up to my Ships of the Noughties list and my Ships of the Twentieth Century list. So I am rapidly filling up my time after Christmas as well!

Happy Halloween!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Wales posts to bring you this year's Halloween pumpkin:



It's a witch! I carved her while watching the first four Halloween episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine last night. It was a lot of fun. And I had a little help from these guys:


No Trick or Treaters again, so we once more have a lot of chocolate that we'll just have to eat ourselves. Except for the Snickers bars. I took those into work cos no-one here likes them.
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I just want to say that I haven't forgotten about my Wales pics, I'm just being really bad at finding the time to post them! As usual I took far too many photographs so it's taking me a while to go through them all. I'm also getting more hours at work, so less time to plan LJ posts.

I also spent much of last week feeling like my mind was in a fog, which was disconcerting and unpleasant, but the fog seems to be lifting now, so that's good.

Another thing that's taking up my time, though, is fanfiction. And not just reading stories, which I already do extensively and is nothing new to me, but for the first time in ages I have a proper idea for writing one. At first I planned to write it just for me and not share it anywhere, but I'm now wondering if I might put it online. That does make it harder to write though, cos it means I feel self-conscious about the work and spend ages on research and word-choice rather than just writing whatever I like knowing no-one else will ever see it.
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In England Again

I have returned from Wales! I had a lovely time and the weather wasn't too bad. Some days were lovely and sunny, some days were grey and rainy, and a couple of times we had proper downpours but it definitely could have been worse!

I do plan to make proper posts with pictures when I feel up to it. Which may be next week or next month. Who knows with me and my procrastination? Hopefully before next year though!

In other news, Photobucket reduced their monthly rates to a reasonable amount and while I didn't really want to give any money to such a terrible site, I am incredibly lazy and still haven't moved my screencaps over to another image host and this way I wouldn't have to, so I decided to bite the bullet and pay the subscription. But despite them taking my money Photobucket haven't actually upgraded my account and so far haven't replied to my emails so I'm really not happy with them at all.
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Birthday Time!


Pretty good haul for my birthday this year!

I'm not doing much today beyond relaxing at home. Tomorrow Paul and I are heading off for our week in Wales, which should be a lot of fun. I'm hoping it's not going to rain too much, but that may be a vain hope where Wales is concerned!

Mum and I will be drinking champagne and watching the Strictly launch show later, followed by take away pizza for dinner. I feel a bit at a loss right now though, like I should be doing something to celebrate but I'm not sure exactly what.

Either way, I couldn't let this day pass without my epic poem of birthday brilliance:

Ten years ago I was in a fix
For what to rhyme with twenty six
I find I still have no idea
So I'll just say cheers, here's to another year
Sara Smile

Hello, September!

I know months are arbitrary divisors of the year invented by humans which the natural world has no concept of, but I could swear that the air felt different yesterday. Almost as though it knew it was September.

I've made no secret of the fact that I love this month. Autumn is right around the corner (or already here if you go by the meteorological calendar, but I'm a traditionalist so I wait until the Equinox to consider the season to have changed) and it's not long until Halloween and Bonfire Night!

Also, Bake Off is back which always makes me feel super autumnal (which is kinda weird cos it's filmed in spring, but whatever) and I'm already lining up my favourites. I love the goth lady who dresses her daughter as a bat. And the guy who managed to injure practically every one of his fingers in a single episode.

Strictly is back soon too. The launch show is on my birthday, which is a lovely present to me, so I'm very much looking forward to watching that with champagne and pizza. I wonder who Oti will get as her partner. I hope it's someone I like cos she's my favourite and I want to vote for her!
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Joseph, Codes and a Quiz.

On Tuesday I went to see the new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and it was brilliant. Last time I saw this musical was over ten years ago when Lee Mead was in the title role (and wow, now I really feel old!) This time Joseph was played by a total newcomer, who was excellent, but the main names were Sheridan Smith as the Narrator and Jason Donovan as Pharaoh. Both clearly having a whale of a time! The whole production was so much fun and it completely embraced the kind of musical Joseph is, never taking itself too seriously. I wouldn't mind seeing it again but it's completely sold out now, so I was lucky I got tickets when I did.

And I'm really glad I got to see a production with Jason Donovan in, even if he wasn't playing Joseph himself. I was also a huge fan of the giant guitar playing Egyptian gods that were in the Song of the King set piece!

Then yesterday I went to the Science Museum cos I was interested in their Top Secret Codes and Ciphers exhibit. It was pretty interesting, although I was disappointed that all the puzzles were aimed at children. I had been hoping for some codes to try and work out myself. The rest of the Science Museum was pretty cool too. I forgot how big that place is and managed to spend about five hours there in total.

And last night my friends and I did the pub quiz. It was great to see people again, and we won which made it all the better!
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Living in the Future

I had last week off work, which was lovely and relaxing. I've only been back a day and I'm already counting down until my next time off!

Mum's birthday was last week and, as is now my tradition, I locked up her presents and made her solve puzzles in order to get to them:


Can't make things too easy, now can we?

I've also started my Dark Angel rewatch. dustinw5220 and I thought this would be a good time to do it since it's set in the far flung future that is 2019. It's interesting to see how much I've forgotten in the years since the last time I saw any episodes. More than I expected, to be honest!